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  2. I have tried him as Poacher, Complete and even Advanced Forward
  3. Trabzonspor 16 17 save

    Olabilir benim ki 8.2.2
  4. How do I download this to iPhone 6 using a MacBook pro? downloaded the files but I'm clueless do i need a file manager or any other platforms to install it? Thanks in advance
  5. Great start mate, Ward-Prowse is a boss! I had him with about 30 assists for Braga not too long ago lol
  6. @44_veezy yeah there's a spot free, as soon as @mcandrew003 is back he will update the OP, it will likely be season 11/12 as I'm sure there's already 10 spots taken
  7. Yesterday
  8. I would like to sign up as well if there are any free spots available Guys you should just slow down a bit cause its gonna be hard beating the best tally in a few seasons !
  9. The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    Hahaha, great to be back! Would love to see how u fare when u start it! Yup I'm hoping all of us consider it at the very least!
  10. Thanks guys! Yup, we all have our own views.
  11. Best of luck mate - i hope Ward Prowse takes all corners and free kicks, he is SOOOOOOO good :)!
  12. FMM17 England save Welcome to my attempt at International management. I have never been able to make a International save stick on FM but I feel the quick gameplay of FMM will help keep my interest as there is less wait for games and no need to just holiday through. I was also inspired by Mcandrew003 article on the subject which can be found here To make the save more interesting and keep me from picking the same old names I have set myself a squad selection rule. Any player over 30 at start of new tournament cycle(first qualifying game) will not be picked for England again (even with injurys and suspensions). Rooney, Cahill, Milner and Vardy have potentially one more tournament. Leighton Baines, Defoe and Ashley Young have played there last games for England This means I will prioritize youth early to get them used to International football and may mean players like Rooney won’t get selected. I have identified three players as stars of the future and who will be fast tracked into the squad. Marcus Rashford Patrick Roberts James Ward Prowse 2016 Season My first squad Harry Kane was in squad just not photo. Harry Maguire was a surprise inclusion but a player I like the look of. I like his technical stats although I would like to see his mental stats go up although at only 23 that is still possible. Tactics This is the basic starting shape of the team. As the match progresses I will tinker. The wingers can be pushed up as inside forwards or dropped back to create a 4-1-4-1. The AP can be pushed up behind the striker or the DLP can drop back into DM. I think this shows how a basic 4-3-3 can be adapted around the circumstances of the match. I prefer a shorter passing style and trying to keep it simple at the start of a game. Instructions can change depending on circumstances. In the game against Slovenia we were one down so I pushed wingers up and went direct attacking which got us the result in the end. Results We aren’t setting the world on fire yet (after all we are England!) but it’s a promising start if you exclude the Slovakia game when we just never turned up. Its always good to put one over the Auld enemy. I was disappointed in the amount of possession we had but we did create the best chances. It was also great to see Maguire score his first England goal. Back down to earth with a bump. Im sure the tabloids had a field day after this result! A rare start for Harry Kane as he has been injured for long spells at the start of the season. Rashford looked lively as the inside forward on the left. As mentioned above I had to make tactical changes in this game which paid off in last 10 minutes as we got the win. That was Rushford’s 3rd goal for me as he scored 2 vs Poland in a friendly. Callum Wilson has started the season on fire for Bournemouth and got a deserved call up in place of the injured Kane. He rewarded my faith with a goal and MOM performance in a straight forward win over Malta. Top of the table going into the new year. In truth, we should walk the group next year but as Slovakia proved we can be vulnerable and we do have the trip to Hampden to come. I have started the 2017 season and hope to have update two out very soon Thank you for reading.
  13. World Cup So my first tournament as Portugal manager has arrived. The group stage was drawn. We are up against Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Egypt. First up, Saudi Arabia. We do image them and take the points with a 2-0 win. Also a goal for Gomes. The second group game is against Switzerland. An easy 4-0 win. 3 more points and 2 more goals for Gomes. The final group game is Egypt. 3-0 win and a clean sweep in the group with another Gomes goal. We win the group and didn't concede a single goal. We move onto the first knockout stage and have been pencilled in for a showdown with the USA. We smash them 4-0 and move to the quarter finals to face France, a tough proposition to be sure. A 0-0 draw at full time and extra time led us to penalties which we won 3-0 and we are on to the semis against Germany. We take a 2-0 victory with 2 goals from Ze Gomes and we are off to the final where we face Chile. 2 goals from Gomes are enough to give us the world cup! And Gomes hit 9 goals So that sends Gomes up to 102 international goals Club Games - 136 Club Goals - 1431 International goals - 30 Total - 1461 To 1500 - 39
  14. Bring it home pal, good luck
  15. Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    Why have the updates ceased?
  16. Thanks guys. Except you @BatiGoal you're just mean haha.
  17. The 1000 Goal Challenge

  18. European Super League

    I've the same problem, unable to unzip
  19. Ajax 1972

    does it work on ios?
  20. Look who's back with my favourite challenge!!!!!,Very glad to see this return,was really considering starting this and looks I will,after finishing my oldies challenge. Hopefully @Taff sees this......And many others.Would love to see the excitement this created last year.
  21. 50 Goals wow, I knew I should have just restarted and kept my turn lol. But in all fairness Great Season @Taff on and off the pitch. I have the save now. Time to get to work.
  22. Which 4231 counterattack?

    Personally I prefer long to direct because when I play direct the players just tend to play the ball out. Having said that I've not tried direct with a TM it makes sense and could work
  23. Unlucky dude. Still going well, I think if he stays on until 38 or so he could hit the target. You playing him as a PA?
  24. Super unlucky mate, Bilbao's keeper had an absoloutley stunning game. There is progress there, like Bati said though will you leave to join another Welsh club?
  25. Twisted 433 ( EME )

    Must be a good tactic to get the World Cup with Cameroon early on pal, well done!
  26. Zé Road To 1500 Goals. A 1.5kc

    You know we're not talking about 'ronni & messi' right? 😜
  27. I enjoyed the read too, but also would say that the " out with Rooney and in with Lukaku" is the United move for a long time attacking wise ⚽️
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