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  2. Vibe Needs You - A Community Scout Call

    @Brenty92 basically it's for doing the season previews; community scouts serve as the Alan Shearers on MotD with the insight on the club we're talking about
  3. I did a season with Utd but winning the league and CL is standard. Ibra was a sensation.
  4. They're doing alright aren't they? We're ahead of schedule, but I want them to step up and reach at least a semi in the next couple of seasons, otherwise it's going to get a bit boring...
  5. Okay, but to me there is no Ultimate, but call it what you want and Thanks for sharing, what other teams did you test it with :)?
  6. Welbeck! I guessed it, only about 7 seasons too early...!
  7. Stellar work as ever Taff
  8. Ah man, unlucky with the injury. It's still a good season. Hopefully he can regain his form from before the injury next year. Don't worry yet, it's still doable.
  9. New Save with Hibernian

    Thanks mate. added 0 minutes later I'm just as surprised as you mate.
  10. European Super League

    I did - and the teams reputations as well, which is vital for the game to be realistic and fun. All leagues are 15+ and all teams are 7500+, so they start with enough money to build a competitive team. Interestingly, this has also helped bring the prices of players within the league much more in line with how they would be in reality - a star on a Division 3 team is very expensive for teams above to buy, but an unwanted player is very cheap for those below. Buying from outside the leagues is also handily much cheaper as expected - all players want to be in the European Leagues.
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  12. Vibe Needs You - A Community Scout Call

    Still not 100% sure on what's necessary, is it more articles or just discussions and debates kinda thing?
  13. I'm certain he will kick on from now, he's had 3 seasons of extremely valuable experience playing in and around the best! Prediction? Ahh only 48 this year 😜 Step it up a notch Taffman!
  14. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    Good win in the cup and unlucky in the playoffs, but your doing well this season kiu
  15. Vibe Needs You - A Community Scout Call

    Team I support - Liverpool Local Team - 'The Mighty Lambs' Tamworth
  16. He has had a much better 4th season I'll get the update up at some point today Your faith is what got me the UCL Title dude, You never know dude, I failed 2 attempts before finally nailing it with Barbosa last year, and I'm still on less than 100 after three seasons, so its going to be a long road yet Cheers for the comments lads, as you know they are really appreciated
  17. Like a League 2 team πŸ˜‚
  18. I'm sure I'll have a beast of a squad by the time it gets to me
  19. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    The Cameroon job is definitely a great choice pal, @BatiGoal found out that when you manage an African nation they gain more regens each year than they would if you didn't take the job, get yourself an African team of regens to sell on in a couple years before brexit πŸ‘ŒπŸΌGreat season bud, unfortunate on the playoffs but it just wasn't to be! Looking good for this season though KIU
  20. I'll take anything you can throw dude, just trying to get through as many as I can before Holidays start and my Vibe time becomes limited
  21. Obviously Morata πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  22. New Save with Hibernian

    Smashed them off the park away from home buddy! Great job keep it up!
  23. Not bad year mate, how old is he now, 25-26? I think you can do it, that tactic looks good and he scored 10 in 5, as you said. Keep pushing mate!
  24. @AndersJ I called it 'Ultimate' to generate views 😁 This is by far the most consistent, versatile and successful tactic I have tried in EME though. Also check the budget stats. Whilst regens coming into the game helps massively I also had to endure consistently having my best players poached. Just won EPL at first attempt. I maintain it's plug and play if you are familiar with the basics of squad management. And besides, it is a lot of fun 😊
  25. I don't know why but I can not delete last few pics out of the post... sorry for that people
  26. SEASON 10 I would say a milestone. 10 years in this career and it feels like I have tried everything as far as tactics, players and their roles... And I have posted my tactic in my last update which which I thought would work constantly for me. And it did: I mean 41 goals in first 12 games it's a hell of result. I just lowered my second striker to CM cause he got 7 goals in 7 games with 5 assists. But then something bad happened I didn't mention it for 9 seasons!!! But here it is a first major injury. I am sure Kean was going for record season, like 70+ or so. Anyways, he missed 4 games and never got back... 37 goals in 37 games... I am still 501 goals away. One of two things happening here: I am not capable of making someONE score loads of goals or; Kean is not THE one to complete this mission faster then 20 seasons. You decide. Speaking of Moise and his penalties... He misses 60-70% of it. We dominated every competition starting with Dutch and Euro Super Cups walked through Dutch league winning it at 28 games mark Won World championship Dutch Cup and a pretty easy campaign in CL after kicking out Zenit and a Romanian whatever team out of group stage and letting Sevilla take 2nd place and MU you'd think SemiFinal would be harder? and... here is just one of very few penalties Kean actually scored After his injury Moise just wont score. I got tired of changing and tweaking and believing... He is still the best player in the world We'll see gow it is going to go further, I finally got him to score 10 in last 5 which is pretty good. Hopefully he'll keep it going To be continued...
  27. No worries dude, completely understand, best of luck for those exams!
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