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  2. How many formations?! Your relentless testing shows just how much time you put into your careers, looking forward to seeing the outcome of this!
  3. I've finally got it working (after uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes) I've sent the file to @Niall C (both the Dropbox one and the one direct from iTunes) so hopefully they work and I haven't screwed this up like I told @mcandrew003 I would I'll get the update up tomorrow or Wednesday But here's a preview of the striker I chose and his first 20 games I'll get the full one up soon and hope that NiallC has received the file OK
  4. The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    Please do, out of personal experience, it is very fun! It always had to come back, with excitement it aroused last year Ahaha, maybe you should once ur done with any current ones!
  5. Competition has arrived. England and 90+ is extremely hard, I'd be happy to even hit 80, but he's surprised so far, who knws what he can do! Thanks for the support!
  6. Today
  7. Season 16 Gomes is going to be 35 this year. His career coming closer to it's end. Let's see how his year went. Transfers I concentrated on the future again this year signing many young talents from around the globe. Competitions Supertaca Euro Super cup League cup Taça de Portugal Club world cup Champions league Group Stage First round leg 1 Leg 2 Quarter final leg 1 Leg 2 Semi final leg 1 Leg 2 Final League Another competition clean sweep. We won everything! The Player So Gomes celebrated his 35th birthday this year. Let's see how those attributes are holding up. A massive decrease in his physical stats but holding up quite well elsewhere. Another ballon d'or for our man. And Portuguese player of the year. So how many goals did he score? Another amazing year at club level with 74 goals in 63 games. He managed to stay fit for longer which really helped. Also the season ended in the group stage of a world cup, which I will cover fully in the next update, so he had a fair few international goals this year too. He began the year with 83 international goals and ended it with 96 meaning he netted 13 times for Portugal. Club Games - 136 Club Goals - 1431 International goals - 24 Total - 1455 To 1500 - 45
  8. Whatever happened to database editing?

    Any further news on the save editor?
  9. Bangkok -> Amsterdam.. via (unplanned) Aktobe
  10. Thank you very much mate :)!
  11. Plug n play for OME?

    Personally I don't feel like there is "one tactic" so what I would do is build a tactic around your team. If you don't want to do that i would recommend searching the forums for any OME tactics and test them to see if they work for you.
  12. I can't win the 4-2-2-2 defensive tactic

    It's fine mate
  13. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Is this finished now @Joewins? Which engine too. OME or EME?
  14. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Thanks @BatiGoal
  15. Football Strategy Football Manager Browser Game

    I had a look at the game and it seems interesting the only boring thing I've seen for now is the long annoying tutorial (I know it can be skipped) I may start playing it when the mobile app comes out
  16. Swansea Career

    Just like Bati, I'm very intrigued by your super defensive formation, all we see on vibe are mainly all out 'gung ho' attack formations lol
  17. FC fmmvibe

    WOW! 27!!!! assits from my part. Awesome!
  18. I need data file FMM 2017 ver 8.2.2

    Nobody is uploading a file for you, you need to buy the actual game. Thread locked.
  19. Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    Hmm I always seemed to concede if I left it on balanced that's why I switched defensive, whatever works for u tho, different quality of player maybe? Have u had any success managing Leeds? I've always struggled to keep them in the PL until this tactic. just finished latest season Rotated between these two IFs who both killed it but didn't get many goals elsewhere embolo only got 15 goals and sterling who had over 30 as IF last season only got 11 this season as the poacher. Won our first CL just shame about the FA cup final that would have been a clean sweep with that. Good season but the squad is unreal now so could win with any tactic probably. Will invest solely in defence this pre season and next season we will be unstoppable.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Might give this a go when I'm back from my holiday
  22. The Unemployment Challenge

    Do you have to manage all the best teams in Europe or is it just one from each nation. If so this will be an extremely hard challenge.
  23. Personally, no, I would not agree. What it adds is a wall of text that I skip over to get to the screenshots and game results. While there is certainly an audience for that, the responses in this thread show that that's probably a minority. Most people here seem to want read careers to learn about your (and your team's/players') journey, how and why you made the decisions you did, etc.. Like I said earlier, the game generates plenty of stories waiting to be told, especially if you are not a superman like Taff or BatiGoal and you actually struggle for a couple seasons during your journey.
  24. The Translator

    Unlockables can't be reversed during saves. I'll give it some thought on how to improve Part 1. Unless someone gives it a shot and manages the impossible
  25. Ah I remember reading that, he is pretty good for a freebie!
  26. Walter Kannemann

    Bloody miss iScouts I do! Used Kannemann many a time before, great value for a couple mil, solid consistent performer
  27. New Save with Hibernian

    Well..... The season has took a turn for the better and we're currently occupying top spot in the league😀 Europe is also going well and the boys in green surprised everyone by toppling Chelsea for top spot. We now face a trip to Germany to come up against Schalke which I see as a game that's definitely winnable. (Especially after beating Chelsea). And in other news.. We have retained our betfred cup beating Dunfermilne in the final 2-1. So we're currently top of the table, through in Europe and won a trophy by February. Glory, Glory to the Hibees🏆
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