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  2. BatiGoal Transfer Bid Rejected They regard him as an important player for the future I thought we had a deal? I thought I was allowed to move on to better things for the right price? ..I'm skipping today's training!! Please tweak my happiness to strained relationship with @Kyle
  3. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Well, you don't have to worry about any of that after this group challenge added 0 minutes later Looks like I was placed in the easiest group afterall
  4. Today
  5. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Parent and feeder clubs would be nice. Would like a South American nation again preferably Argentina. Buy back clause The ability to cancel friendlies, the reason being when playing in the Northern Irish league ( smaller and weaker squads due to finance) the pre season friendly schedule hampers you with the European qualifiers I like the aove option also
  6. Chat Will you play with EME?

    It's an opinion and I hope SI see sense and get rid.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Chat LB Leipzig

    Loved using them on FM 17 great young talent and huge win for them keeping Kieta. Loved using Selkie, Poulssen, Werner, Burke, and Keita in 17 on the counter attack......
  9. I've seen him get much better than that, although he's not really a spectacular player, just a useful and versatile player to have in the engine room of the team. You're right about Southgate, no matter how badly he does his job just goes periodically insecure. I believe I've only ever seen him sacked once on this version. Excellent write up as usual, your style is a perfect blend of concision and detail. How about Jacob Murphy for the next one? Edit: Or maybe Will Hughes while you're on English centre mids.
  10. Not my finest moment Edit: I'm going to cry myself to sleep with some James Blunt
  11. Beating the Big Brother Challenge So after my 1KC save is broken, i try to do another challenge to make me feel better. So i make myself mine! It is inspired from kind of challenge people do in FM PC, and i'm sorry if someone already make the similar one. The basic concept of this challenge is to take the smaller of the two or more teams in a city, and turn them into more famous and more successful team then the bigger one. The Goals : Surpass your bigger brother by finish in better position in the league than them. Achieve more trophy than they do in last 10 years in real life. Work your way out into a World Class reputation manager. Have same or better if possible Facilities than your bigger brother. Have better stadium than your bigger brother ( can be ignored if you have the same stadium with your bigger brother ) The Rules : Starts at any club in a city that have 2 clubs or more with you choosing the smaller side team ( like FC United, Paris FC, and others ) that must be below the first division. No using Editor, IGE, and PGE at any cost. No cheating or reloading at general Advised to post career here to keep me in update Post your Evidence Good Luck and Have Fun! Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated. Leaderboard
  12. Challenges The 1000 Goal Challenge

    You're not, maybe because you dont post a career about it here
  13. yes are they are 2 different games they are different sizes in certain parts hence why the white text. the whole skin/theme would need to be modified to work with fmm17. i will be working on skysports once champions league is out. the skysports theme needs updating anyway so will work on that. if you like to be a tester let me know.
  14. Has anyone completed this challenged? If so, how? Any help is appreciated
  15. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    SAF The Renaissance Season 4 Transfers Competitions Key Player Manager Aim Conclusion So a decent first season in the North of London! Joined in January in a position of discomfort and managed to get out of the relegation zone so I'll be happy! Next season the aims have been said and let's try to achieve that! Thanks for Reading Risheek

    Having a great news for my 2 young players. Winner and runner-up for them:
  17. I'd happily pay for a "Create Your Own League" editor as DLC. So we can make European Super Leagues, Northern Leagues, and so on. Including this in the official game might not be possible for legal reasons, but as a mod it would be fine. It would also be very technically possible.
  18. Team Rish:1 Team 'gonna lose':0
  19. Career The Return Of Marseille

    Some good progress, hope you can keep up that momentum until May.
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  21. Sorry, I had to quote this, typed this all on my phone, it was easier just to do it like this
  22. Bring it on Sid the Sloth I'm the Olympic Champ so I'll kick your but on the OME for a change
  23. No problem mate,just pass on the save,but it would take me more than 3 days to finish the save if it's okay with you guys.....I have something else in the pipeline .....
  24. Sucks bad, mate. Hope you give it another go at some point.
  25. Interesting article. At this time of year with the new game on the horizon. I like to try a couple of different saves with unknown sides and a few of these maybe used. Keep it up.
  26. Very good article. An interesting insight to what the player will do for you in different situations and tactics. Keep up the good work.
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