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Football Manager 2021 Mobile


23 files

  1. Other AM21 - Assistant Manager for FMM21 (Android) - Beta Version

    This is a scouting app for FMM21 (Android), letting you:
    See the CA, PA, hidden attributes etc for any player Search for players by many parameters (CA, PA, Age, position, foot, name, club, some hidden attributes etc).  Export the current view of players to a FMM shortlist so you can import them into your FMM shortlist  NOTE: This will only work with FMM21, it will NOT work with FMM22 when it comes
    I plan to release a new app called AM22 (for FMM22). This will be released on Google Play and will not be free. 
    The AM21 version is released for free because a) FMM22 is almost here and also b) this is the first publicly released version and a little rough around the edges!
    If you find any problems with the app, please post them below. That said, I may not be able to fix them in this version (AM21), because <technical reason>
    This also means AM22 might take some time to release.
    There will only be an Android version in the short term. Longer term I'd like to be able to do an iOS version, or at least a web version if that's not possible.
    Here's an overview of the app:
    The app shouldn't cause any problems, but it is an "use at your own risk" app.
    Have fun!
    Though remember using this app is against the rules of the challenges here on Vibe if you're doing one of them.

    By Scratch




  2. Databases AFC Richmond (From Ted Lasso Series)

    For those of you who know and watch the Ted Lasso series. I created this database for you who want to bring this team into your game database.
    PS: I'm sorry for the kits and stadium name, also players name. 
    Extract the file anywhere. Then open the file named "AFC Richmond" Copy all the files in it, then paste it in your internal storage (storage/emulated/0)

    By Rafiadam




  3. Databases 1.2 FMM21 - 2021/22 Leagues

    NEW ~ Version 1.2
    - Promotions now done for;
    Denmark - 1. Division and Above England - National League and Above France - French National and Above Germany - 3. Liga and Above Greece - Super League 2 and Above Holland - 2nd Division and Above Italy - Serie A&B done Portugal - Second League and Above Russia - First Division and Above Scotland - League 2 and Above Tons of Managerial changes done all across Europe.
    I was intending this to be the final version...I could continue or wait till the next series please let me know if you want me to keep adding stuff in where I can 
    Thanks for the downloads
    Android: Copy the downloaded changes.txt file into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal.
    Itunes: Open up Itunes, Click on File Sharing and on to FM21 Mobile and drag the file across into box.
    This is still being worked on so they're will be more updates.. Thanks!!

    By FMMPlayer18




  4. Other FMMS2021 for Android

    FMM2021 Scout Tool for Android
    - Automatically detects all save files
    - Or you can select a save file manually
    - Filter the list
    - Sort the list
    - Long press any player to copy their name to clipboard

    By WalterWong




  5. Other The Busby Babes 1957

    The Story
    Matt Busby is one of the greatest managers of all time & the first manager of an English club to win the European Cup. Matt was a big fan of developing & playing youth as they could be moulded in his playing style and affirm a true feeling for the club which would last. The Busby Babes were a squad of unbelievable young players who played & were developed by Manchester United between the late 1940's throughout 1950's.The squad won the First Division consecutively in 1955-56 & 1956-57 with an average age of 21 & 22. 
    Of the Busby Babes, eight of the players sadly & tragically died as a result of the Munich Air Disaster - February 1958.

    The Squad
    I have based this tactic on the image below which turns out to be the Man Utd squad chosen for the 1957 FA Cup Final. After extensive research, I have decided on the below player roles:
    GK- Woods - Goalkeeper DC- Bryne - No Nonsense Centre Back DC- Foulkes - No Nonsense Centre Back DM- Blanchflower - Defensive Midfielder MC- Edwards - Box to Box Midfielder MC- Colman - Box to Box Midfielder MR-Berry - Wide Midfield ML- Pegg - Wide Midfield AMC- Charlton - Attacking Midfielder AMC- Whelan - Second Striker FC- Taylor - Complete Forward
    The Tactic
    This is my take on the Busby Babes tactic from 1957. The game was so different at this time with tactics being less important with work rate & effort seen as more important. Sir Matt Busby was a purest though, believing strongly in Attacking football and players having freedom to express themselves on the pitch.  
    Man Utd were known for attacking down the wings through Pegg & Berry who were wingers but tracked back to fill in for fullbacks. They were known for stretching defences & creating spaces giving defenders a nightmare. Foulkes & Bryne were strong, intelligent players who prefered to play it safe. Duncan Edwards was supremely talented & could play any position on the pitch but stated his role in his book which  perfectly described a box to box midfielder. Bobby Charlton also played higher up in his younger days & was a great dribbler of the ball. The team had Tommy Taylor upfront who was a brilliant target man as well as being great with his feet.
    The Tactic's below have been based on the highlights of the FA Cup Final 1957 between United vs Aston Villa - as seen below.

    The Results
    I have not tested these tactics properly and only briefly tested them with Celtic FC. The results appear positive & we even won a cup in impressive style. I will be interested to see other people testing this tactic.

    Finally, I hope you enjoy this tactic!

    By SSolas




  6. Databases Changes full

    Changes complete edition.
    - All International and Continental Competitions
    - England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and other nations, full competitions names
    - Added Guarani Futebol Clube in Brazil
    - Managers Names
    Debes copiar ese archivo en las siguientes direcciones:
    1.- Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/Normal.   
    Debes pegarlo en la carpeta "Normal" esa es la primer ruta
    2.-Android/Data/com.sega.score/files/installed/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/Normal/caches.
    Ahí lo debes pegar otra vez y borrar un archivo con terminación .skc (Erase .skc Archive)
    Para esto yo utilizo la aplicación RAR
    3.- Después de esos pasos, inicias el juego, parecerá que se queda congelado en la pantalla de las licencias, es normal/Start game and wait a little bit in the league's screen.
    4.- Después de la espera, ir a configuración y presionar el botón "volver a cargar aspecto"./ Push "Reload skin" in configuration menu.
    5.- Disfruta/Enjoy





  7. Other C# Code for FMMS 2021

    This is the source code for FMMS 2021.
    As the app is written based on MVVM, core functions are mostly in MainViewModel.cs, and LoadFmSaved() provides the decryption of a save file.
    I tried to do some translation for you guys to understand the code as possible. If there's anything I didn't make it clear, please email me at wangliverpool@yahoo.com.
    Again, thanks to everyone that supports this app and me.🙂🙂 I already quit football for a while and probably won't come back in the future. I'd love to see the app becomes better.
    Enjoy the game and the app!

    By WalterWong




  8. Databases Teams ID's

    Some team's IDs to save time of search.
    To add logos or kits, you must edit the XML, adding the team ID on your logo or kit pack.
    The size for logos must be 180x180 for normal and 18x18 for small.





  9. Other 4-2-3-1

    I'm in my third season with this tactic. It has worked very well for me. Had appreciated a little more what you think. 
    Put this in -- Documents ---> Sports Interactive ---> Football Manager 2021 Mobile ---> normal ---> tactics

    By MooseSweden83


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  10. Other The German Gegenpress Tactic with a Guardiola Touch

    Put this in -- Documents ---> Sports Interactive ---> Football Manager 2021 Mobile ---> normal ---> tactics.
    This tactic worked a dream with RB Leipzig, as you can see my trophy cabinet.

    By PepGuardiola47




  11. Databases Global Hyper Mega League

    Global Hyper Mega League!
    The biggest brands in football have launched a controversial new league, with teams competing from across the globe. Seven divisions of the world's best soccer corporations have been drawn up. These represent both the traditional giants of the game and the potential new markets for television audiences. It is truly a global game.
    For players
    This should challenge even the best FMM players - take over Al-Ahly or Gamba Osaka in the top division and scramble to assemble a team on a limited budget before Barcelona and Bayern roll into town. Or start off in the supply leagues and bring your favourite club to glory. This is a fun alternate reality and I won't be responding to any comments about where teams are placed. If you want to move a team around, get over to the Hex Editing thread and learn to do it yourself.
    This is based on @hege18's World League and advice from @NguyenDucAnh on hex editing. Thanks to them both.
    How to install
    Follow this exactly!!!
    Android only Backup your game - this will take over your version of FMM so you might not be able to continue saved games. Close the FMM2021 app. Go to android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed and create a new folder called "database". If that folder already existed, empty it by deleting the files in it. Dowload the files in this post. Paste "competition.dat" and "club.dat" in the new folder you created "database". Paste the "changes.txt" in two places: (1) android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed (2) documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2021/normal Go to android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2021/normal/caches and delete the file in there - there should only be one file and it will have a name like fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc Open the FMM2021 app. Go to Settings and then User Interface, and press Reload Skin at the bottom. Start a new game with England only. You can load as many divisions in England as you like.  
    I'm happy to help anyone who has problems but it's really important to follow the steps above correctly. When you want to go back to the original game, just delete all the new files and empty the cache again, then Reload Skin and it should be fine. Always back up your files and I take no responsibility for what happens if you don't! 
    And for the last time, don't complain if your favourite team are not as high up as you would like - learn to hex edit and change it for yourself!

    By Pete123




  12. Databases Excell Database 1.1

    Hi everyone,
    This is my 1st post ever on a forum, but i really wanted to share with you guys something.
    I have made some kind of a database in excell, where you insert your player attributes manualy and then you can compare your players per role on a chart.
    Im not an expert in FM neither in database making (and speaking english), thats why i would appreciate if you dear people take a look on what i've made and give me a feedback about what you think. Is it usefull or useless? What could i add or change to improve it?
    Im waiting for some answers
    All the best in 2021 from Croatia 

    By Herst




  13. Databases FMM21 World Super League

    This is the World Super League for fmm2021.
    The database is based on version 12.1.0
    All clubs keep their "home country", so the young people will come from their home country.
    Installing Instructions :
    Unzip this file and paste the database folder and "changes.txt" into Android / data / com.sega.soccer / files / installed / 
    Go to Android / data / com.sega.soccer / files /installed/ application_support / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2021 Mobile /caches   and delete the fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc 
    If you want to go back to original leagues,removes “club.dat ”,“ competition.dat ”,“ changes.txt ”  and cache file(Android / data / com.sega.soccer / files /installed/ application_support / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2021 Mobile /caches)
    Level Club Nation World Challenger Division Manchester City England World Challenger Division Liverpool England World Challenger Division Chelsea England World Challenger Division Manchester United England World Challenger Division Tottenham Hotspur England World Challenger Division Arsenal England World Challenger Division Paris Saint-Germain France World Challenger Division FC Bayern München Germany World Challenger Division Borussia Dortmund Germany World Challenger Division Zebre Italy World Challenger Division FC Internazionale Milano Italy World Challenger Division Napoli Italy World Challenger Division A.C. Milan Italy World Challenger Division Futebol Clube do Porto - SAD Portugal World Challenger Division Sport Lisboa e Benfica - SAD Portugal World Challenger Division Barcelona Spain World Challenger Division R. Madrid Spain World Challenger Division A. Madrid Spain World Challenger Division Sevilla Spain World Challenger Division Valencia Spain World Diamond Division Club Atlético River Plate Argentina World Diamond Division Clube de Regatas do Flamengo Brazil World Diamond Division Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras Brazil World Diamond Division Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense Brazil World Diamond Division Leicester City England World Diamond Division Olympique Lyonnais France World Diamond Division Olympique de Marseille France World Diamond Division AS Monaco France World Diamond Division LOSC Lille France World Diamond Division Bayer 04 Leverkusen Germany World Diamond Division Borussia Mönchengladbach Germany World Diamond Division RB Leipzig Germany World Diamond Division VfL Wolfsburg Germany World Diamond Division TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Germany World Diamond Division FC Schalke 04 Germany World Diamond Division AFC Ajax Holland World Diamond Division AS Roma Italy World Diamond Division S.S. Lazio Italy World Diamond Division Atalanta Italy World Diamond Division Zenit St. Petersburg Russia World Diamond Division A. Bilbao Spain World Diamond Division Villarreal Spain World Diamond Division Real San Sebastián Spain World Diamond Division Shakhtar Donetsk Ukraine World Platnum Division Club Atlético Boca Juniors Argentina World Platnum Division Club Brugge KV Belgium World Platnum Division Sport Club Corinthians Paulista Brazil World Platnum Division Sport Club Internacional Brazil World Platnum Division Santos Futebol Clube Brazil World Platnum Division Clube Atlético Mineiro Brazil World Platnum Division Stade Rennais FC France World Platnum Division Hertha Berlin Germany World Platnum Division Eintracht Frankfurt Germany World Platnum Division 1. FC Köln Germany World Platnum Division 1. FSV Mainz 05 Germany World Platnum Division PSV Eindhoven Holland World Platnum Division ACF Fiorentina Italy World Platnum Division CF América Mexico World Platnum Division CD Guadalajara Mexico World Platnum Division CD Cruz Azul Mexico World Platnum Division CSKA Moscow Russia World Platnum Division Lokomotiv Moscow Russia World Platnum Division FC Krasnodar Russia World Platnum Division Real Hispalis Spain World Platnum Division Getafe Spain World Platnum Division Galatasaray A.Ş. Turkey World Platnum Division Beşiktaş A.Ş. Turkey World Platnum Division Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine World Gold Division Racing Club de Avellaneda Argentina World Gold Division Fussballclub RB Salzburg Austria World Gold Division RSC Anderlecht Belgium World Gold Division ATP Brazil World Gold Division Football Club København Denmark World Gold Division Everton England World Gold Division Wolverhampton Wanderers England World Gold Division AS Saint-Etienne France World Gold Division Olympiakos SF Piraeus Greece World Gold Division AS PAOK Salonika Greece World Gold Division AEK Greece World Gold Division Feyenoord Rotterdam Holland World Gold Division AZ Alkmaar Holland World Gold Division Torino Italy World Gold Division Sampdoria Italy World Gold Division Pumas de la UNAM Mexico World Gold Division Tigres Mexico World Gold Division Pachuca Mexico World Gold Division Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD Portugal World Gold Division Celtic Scotland World Gold Division Rangers Scotland World Gold Division Vigo Spain World Gold Division Eibar Spain World Gold Division Fenerbahçe A.Ş. Turkey World Silver Division San Lorenzo Argentina World Silver Division Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub Austria World Silver Division SK Rapid Vienna Austria World Silver Division K Racing Club Genk Belgium World Silver Division KAA Gent Belgium World Silver Division Ludogorets Razgrad Bulgaria World Silver Division Club Social y Deportivo Colo Colo Chile World Silver Division GNK Dinamo Croatia World Silver Division Slavia Prague Czech World Silver Division Viktoria Plzen Czech World Silver Division Sparta Prague Czech World Silver Division Newcastle United England World Silver Division FK Astana Kazakhstan World Silver Division Legia Warszawa Poland World Silver Division Sporting Clube de Braga Portugal World Silver Division Red Star Serbia World Silver Division BSC Young Boys Switzerland World Silver Division FC Basel Switzerland World Silver Division Trabzonspor A.Ş. Turkey World Silver Division Zorya Ukraine World Silver Division LA Galaxy USA World Silver Division LAFC USA World Silver Division New York City FC USA World Bronze Division A Atlético Nacional S.A. Colombia World Bronze Division A Club Universidad de Chile Chile World Bronze Division A Qarabağ FK Ağdam Azerbaijan World Bronze Division A St. Gallen Switzerland World Bronze Division A FC CFR 1907 Cluj Romania World Bronze Division A SK Slovan Bratislava Slovakia World Bronze Division A Molde Norway World Bronze Division A Osaka AC Japan World Bronze Division A Rijeka Croatia World Bronze Division A FK Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina World Bronze Division A Djurgårdens IF Sweden World Bronze Division A Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao China World Bronze Division A Jiangsu Suning China World Bronze Division A Al-Sadd Sports Club Qatar World Bronze Division A Persepolis Tehran Iran World Bronze Division A Ulsan Hyundai Korea World Bronze Division A Sydney FC Australia World Bronze Division A Shabab Al-Ahli U.A.E.  World Bronze Division A BG Pathum United Thailand World Bronze Division A Tamoines Rovers FC Singapor World Bronze Division A Celje Slovenia World Bronze Division A Auckland City FC New Zealand World Bronze Division B Ferencvárosi Torna Club Hungary World Bronze Division B ES Tunis Tunisia World Bronze Division B Nacional Uruguay World Bronze Division B Al-Ahly Sporting Club Egypt World Bronze Division B Higashiosaka Rosa Japan World Bronze Division B APOEL Nicosia Cyprus World Bronze Division B BATE Borisov Belarus World Bronze Division B Al-Ahli (KSA) Saudi Arabia World Bronze Division B Al-Duhail Sports Club Qatar World Bronze Division B Al-Nassr (KSA) Saudi Arabia World Bronze Division B Beijing Sinobo Guo'an China World Bronze Division B Shandong Luneng Taishan China World Bronze Division B Esteghlal Tehran Iran World Bronze Division B Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Korea World Bronze Division B Melbourne Victory FC Australia World Bronze Division B Al-Ain Football Club U.A.E.  World Bronze Division B Paxtakor Toshkent Uzbekistan World Bronze Division B Johor Darul Ta'zim Malaysia World Bronze Division B Wydad Casablanca Morocco World Bronze Division B Forge Football Club Canada World Bronze Division B CS Fola Esch-Alzette Luxembourg

    By hege18




  14. Other Crimea solved

    Crimea is the only flag that doesnt appear in the game, beyond political discussions, I simply put the flag of the nation since I suppose it will remain, whether it is recognized as sovereign territory of Ukraine, Russia or whoever. the flag was downloaded, edited and resized by me and the xml file its from @Lav50 and edited by me.
    it goes in files>installed>graphics>pictures.

    By MatiasDFS




  15. Databases 3-1-2-3-1

    Put this in.
    Internal storage - Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2021 Mobile - Normal - Tactics

    By MooseSweden83




  16. Other FMM21 Lower League Tactic

    Very good lower league tactic

    By SeanySeemS




  17. Databases New national team savefiles

    Due to licensing issues and database limit, we can't normally manage Germany, Japan and many other teams (we did get Germany once last year though). So here are the savefiles for them, with the usual quality.
    Here are their features:
    - In all savefiles, the two unlicensed teams have full 23-man squad. All half-Japanese had been naturalized to expand the nation pool.
    - Most of the national (in these savefile individually) players who retired internationally are unretired (Müller, Hummels, Hasebe, Honda, etc), adding more choice to strengthen the squad. Some other players (Zlatan, Vardy, Rafinha, etc) also get unretired. 
    Here's how to use these savefiles:
    - For Android users, paste the downloaded file here: /storage/emulated/0/documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal/games. Backup your savefiles, then load the games.
    - For iOS users, you can use File Sharing feature from iTunes to move these files to your device. Also make sure you have backed up your savefiles.
    I don't take request (for now), but I had made quite a few more savefiles (other than these two). Depending on my mood, I'll upload the rest.

    By NguyenDucAnh




  18. Other Greatest Teams- Barcelona 10/11' Pep Guardiola Treble Tactic

    Good Evening All
    To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager
    please see previous years post below:
    This updated version of this Tactic is succeeding and winning. These images are from the 1st Season I introduced this updated tactic.

    By SSolas




  19. Databases Football Manager 2021 Mobile License Fix

    This small changes.txt contains many name changes for people, competitions and clubs. Many of these competitions and clubs are not even playable ones, but I think at least it would be better if the game got their names right.
    Noted that due to SI changed many stuff this year, some of these changes might not work as intended. And besides, this is just an unofficial one I modified, while waiting for Vibe to make theirs.
    Copy the downloaded changes.txt file into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal. This can be used on existing savefile, you don't have to make a new savefile to use it.
    Note: This file is only intended to work for English language of the game. This only changes clubs and competitions' names, and is intended to use for the "legit" version of the game. If the players' name are fake, then please, buy the game, as this won't help you got real names (don't bother asking). Piracy is not welcomed here.

    By NguyenDucAnh




  20. Other FMMS2021

    This is a basic scout tool for Football Manager 2021 Mobile.
    Simply click 'Open' and select a .fms file.
    Future function (maybe): connecting to an iOS device and load save files automatically.
    Please let me know if there is any bug. Thanks.

    By WalterWong




  21. Skins Ubuntu Font

    Hello Vibe🛡️ back with another font for FMM21
    Font installation process 👇
    unzip the font in android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed
    after unzipping go to 
    android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal/Caches                          and delete the fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc 
    then restart your game👍

    By iRonnybest




  22. Skins San Francisco Pro Font

    Hello guys new font for FMM21 
    Font installation process 👇
    unzip the font in android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed
    after unzipping go to 
    android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal/Caches                          and delete the fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc 
    then restart your game👍

    By iRonnybest




  23. Databases Azerbaijan National Savefile

    First downloadable stuff for FMM21 from me. Not very much to proud of (it still lacks the quality of most of my earlier stuff), but it still somewhat works in the end.
    Don't remove any half-Azeris that I called, due to the limited national pool. Those are mostly half-Russians and half-Germans. There is only one keeper too, and things would become more challenging later on.
    A better version of this will come soon (along with other good stuff) after I finished getting the unlockables, and get my hands on the game's database. 

    By NguyenDucAnh




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