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Kits for the Tactic Screen instead of circles.
There are Top Leagues clubs (Apart from 3 Leagues) and country home kits to add to your user interface.

  • Australia (A-League)
  • Belgium (Jupiler Pro League, Proximus League)
  • England (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, National, North, South)
  • France (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National)
  • Holland (Eredivisie)
  • Italy (Serie A)
  • Poland (Lotto Ekstraklasa, 1. Liga)
  • Rep. of Ireland (SSE Airtricity League)
  • Scotland (Premiership, Championship)
  • Spain (La Liga Santander, Liga 1|2|3, Segunda Division B Group 1,2,3,4)
  • Turkey (Spor Toto Super League, TFF 1 Lig)
  • Wales (Dafabet Welsh Premier League)
  • Playerable Nations (European)
  • + more coming soon hopefully Germany & Portugal


Note : Please be aware this file doesn't replace individual clubs' tactics screen but the single logos from the base game. This is due to the design of the game.


How to install:

Please note this is for Android users only, please don't install on iOS as they won't work.

  • Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HDTV).
  • Select your file (HVGA = SD)
  • Extract your file using: 7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent OR ES FIle Explorer App (Personally i use AndroZip App)
  • Use AirDroid/USB or ES File Explorer and navigate  into Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/com.sigames.com/installed/
  • Find your skin which will be labelled FMHi_?_skin
  • Go into GUI_Images/formation_pitch
  • Pick your club and go into their folder. Copy the icons.
  • Select Yes to Overwrite


With thanks to @Dec, Hammer9 and the Guys at Sortitoutsi.

What's New in Version 17.0.1   See changelog


Added Proximus League (Belgium)
Added SkyBet League 1, SkyBet League 2 (England)
Added Vanarama National,North,South (England)
Added Ligue 2, National (France)
Added 1. Liga (Poland)
Added Ladbrokes Championship (Scotland)
Added Liga 1|2|3 (Spain)
Added Segunda Division B Groups 1,2,3,4 (Spain)
Added TFF 1 Lig (Turkey)
Adjusted to Names
+ More to be Added Soon (Hopefully with Germany & Portugal)

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So are we saying that once this Tactics pack for the strips has been downloaded, it will only apply to the team I am Managing and quite possibly effect all of my opponents strips to look like mine? I guess unless you go one by one copying each one at nauseum. There's so much improvement that this community is bringing to the FM Series that SI clearly don't give a rats ass about. Do they bother to read thks site and see the imput from die hard fans that make this Game 10x better than what they make it? I'm sure if we all can keep brainstorming we can come up with some more realistic and revolutionary improvements to this Mobile version of the game. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't have added more media/player/Manager interaction. Or how about having a training regime for players coming back from injury or being able to have input into their rehab. Why they couldn't add more filters to the Scout Assignments on Mobile has got me buggered. Instead of coming back with a niche type of player you're looling for, they come back with 100+ results, it's the complete opposite of what a Scouts job is. Also, why is there no sound during the game? I used to love listening to the crowd chant, cheer a goal or hear the whistle go, but it's total silence, apart from the sound of my roars as we go 1-0 up, it's like like crowd are all sat reading the Saturday Paper. Anyway, my rant is over for now until I think of more things to complain about, which is ironic seeing I played the game for 8 hours strait today, so it can't be that bad. I just wish SI and SEGA would put some more love and thought into something that can be truly epic, for FM2018 the main goal should be; 'How do we make this as realistic as Humanly possible". Include every nuance that a Football manager goes through so that the player is virtually completely immersed in the experience. I've got it!!! Virtual Reality Football Manager, you're wearing your headset about to play the first game of the season and your virtually pitch side, calling out or processing instructions as the game goes on, surrounded  by your own fans or a dispising opposition. Calling out to refs for what should have been a foul or a Penalty, then after the game sit down and have press conference with the Media and be as smug or as nice as you like..VR is the future, AI is becoming exponentially more advanced, actually hold training sessions. This is doable now, with todays technology and  I'd fork out $1000+ to play VR Football Manager.


Why can't we get pictures of the youth players at teams like Coventry and other Championship and League 1 and 2 teams etc? It just takes away from the overall experience again and the pics lf the Coventry under 18's is online.

Ok, now it's done!




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Does this work with fmh16 as I have tried downloading and followed instructions and copied to right folder over write files but no luck the tactic page still shows green icons. Any help?

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On 22/03/2017 at 22:23, Ed said:

Have you got any German kits?  Looking for Stuttgart if possible.


Germain kits for Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga & 3liga along with Portugal and northern ireland premier division. scottish league 1 and 2 and more is in the works. there are coming in next update but no time frame as of yet.

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