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Databases Malaysia National Team Playable Save 1.1.0

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Hi there, here is a save file featuring Malaysia National team with real players. All players data are taken from FM17 database. I have created this save file using the MyClub feature, by adding in players with Malaysian nationality. There are two files in the zip file, which is "With IGE" and "Without IGE". The difference between both files are that the "Without IGE" save file have all the Malaysian players in a new club I have created using MyClub, you can still manage the national team, just with a little bit unrealistic, as the players are playing in Australia league. While the "With IGE" file have all the Malaysia players in their respective Malaysia club. So if you have bought IGE, then you can use the "With IGE" save, but if you don't, you can only use the "Without IGE" save which still features the national team. 

Installation instructions :

1. Extract the file. Choose your save file ( With IGE or Without IGE).

2. Rename it to "fm_save(preferred slot).dat", i.g.e. fm_save1.dat.

3. Place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>savegames

4. Start your game and load the save file. Enjoy:)


If you can't load multiple league :

1. Download the Malaysia MyClub file.

2. Extract it, place the MyClub file in it under


3. Start a new game with MyClub mode. Load the MyClub template. 

4. Edit the save using this :



What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


  • Added MyClub file

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21 minutes ago, Holaadios said:

Ehh It requires yo buy the game editor??

There are two versions, one require in game editor while one do not. 


6 minutes ago, Markcoad said:

Works fine for me ive managed England and won the world cup so now on to malaysia thanks

That will be a real challenge. :)

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5 hours ago, wendy_WJA said:

Did you use hex editor to make this?

MyClub and Hex


2 hours ago, henda666 said:

why do you make this

Cause I'm Malaysian?

Edited by Kun Aguero

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On 14/01/2017 at 20:50, kojel18 said:

File eror


This save game is in multiple league, maybe cause your file can't load multiple league.

Try using the MyClub file.

Edited by Kun Aguero

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