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Databases English Premier Division Update 1.0.0

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A transfer and league update for the Premier League. Only a couple of non-English transfers are included. Some players are not in the database, but I've created the key ones. 

All leagues updated in terms of promotions and relegations.

The changes.txt is the licence fix.

With thanks to the JayMarvels PGE, which is linked below.



Use "Solid Explorer" or a similar file manager app.

Go to Android -> Data -> com.sigames.fmm2017 -> Files -> Installed -> Database. In this folder you will see a folder called "englandsolo". Take this out and put it somewhere else (e.g. your "Documents" folder). 

Then download my file. In it you will find an "englandsolo" folder. Put this in the Fmm2017 database folder to replace the one you removed.

In my download you will also see a "changes.txt" file. Put this in the folder called "Files" (Android -> Data -> com.sigames.fmm2017 -> Files).

Then start a game, choosing England only.

If you want to return to the standard game, just delete my files and put the old "englandsolo" folder back where you found it. Then start a new game and it will all be as before.

Link to the brilliant Pre Game Editor


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On 13/10/2017 at 17:12, shawn said:

Hey solid explorer said it is not a ZIP file what's happend?

That happens with Solid Explorer sometimes, I'm not sure why. I tested it last night and it worked. Just transfer straight across from the folder which downloads. 

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