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Databases The Great British Playoff 1.0.1

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The Great British Playoff  (with extra Dundalk)

Pretty simple, the Scottish league structure with English clubs added, plus TNS, Linfield, and Dundalk.

League reputation etc. has been fixed so it should work pretty smoothly. TNS, Linfield, and Dundalk have no players, I might try to fix this in future, or you can do a "best of" approach and only sign players from those three countries.

Made using the great iScout PGE.

Update if desired using changes.txt attached to this post - taken from @Suceska's post here but with a very minor adjustment so Scottish competitions names change.



Use "Solid Explorer" or a similar file manager app.

Go to Android -> Data -> com.sigames.fmm2017 -> Files -> Installed -> Database. In this folder you will see a folder called "scotlandsolo". Take this out and put it somewhere else (e.g. your "Documents" folder). 

Then download and unzip my file. In it you will find an "scotlandsolo" folder. Put this in the Fmm2017 database folder to replace the one you removed.

In this post will also see a "changes.txt" file. Put this in the folder called "Files" (Android -> Data -> com.sigames.fmm2017 -> Files).

Then start a game, choosing Scotland only.

If you want to return to the standard game, just delete my files and put the old "scotlandsolo" folder back where you found it. Then start a new game and it will all be as before.


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