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Round Logos Premier League 1.0.0

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This is our Vibe Round Logos Premier League pack for Football Manager 2020 Mobile, custom, new and exclusive for FMMVibe.com!

  Pack Contents

The pack contains 20 club logos and 1 competition logos for the English Premier League. 

If you find a missing, bugged, or incorrect logo, please let us know in the comments below, and we'll make sure to have it sorted for the next update.

  How to Download?

This pack is freely available for all our members to download from our high-speed download servers, without torrents! Any future packs of this style will require a torrent download for all non-Premium members as usual.

Simply click the big green Download button above and follow the instructions below to install the logos on your device.

  Installation Instructions

  iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

You need to download these files on your computer with iTunes installed on it. Extract the files using your file manager, or a program like 7Zip.

Once your pack is extracted, rename it to Logos. Create a new folder called Pictures and move the Logos folder into it.

Open iTunes, and go to File Sharing on the section for your iOS device (you can connect through USB or WiFi, but keep in mind that USB will be quicker). Click on FM 2020 Mobile on the panel in the middle of the screen to open the file browser. If the file browser that appears is not empty, then you do not have a clean installation of the game and need to read the red box above.

Click and drag the Pictures folder you created earlier into this file browser and wait a while until iTunes has completed the copying - this will probably take a minute or two!

Go back onto your iOS device, and open the game. It will take a minute for the graphics cache to build.

Check if the graphics are visible for you. If they're not, then go into Settings, then to the User Interface section. You should scroll to the bottom of the settings list, and press the Reload Skin button.

  Android Devices

If you downloaded on your computer, extract the files using your file manager, or a program like 7Zip. To copy the files to your device, use an application like AirDroid or connect your device via USB, and copy the folder structure into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 Mobile/normal/graphics/logos directory. You might need to create this directory. Once finished, you should see a folder with 3 folders inside, each containing lots of logos and a config.xml file. Transferring these files will take a minute or two!

At this stage, you should open the game, and go into Settings, then to the User Interface section. You should scroll to the bottom of the settings list, and press the Reload Skin button.

If your logos are still not appearing correctly in the game, you should go to the Android/data/com.sega.soccer/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 Mobile/normal/Caches folder on your device and delete any files in there. You should then restart your device.

NOTE: If you downloaded on your Android device directly, then when you extract it on-device, make sure you select the correct folder mentioned above as the extraction location.

IMPORTANT: There is currently a small bug with FM 2020 Mobile that logos do not appear for West Ham United in all cases.

For iOS devices, we have found a solution which means you MUST have a clean installation of FM 2020 Mobile on your iOS device to install this pack successfully. This means you should not have ever opened the game on your device. If this is the case, copy your save files to the Cloud or your computer first, and then uninstall and reinstall the game before continuing with these instructions.

For Android devices, please follow the instructions in the green box above to delete the skin cache files, and then restart your device and check the game again. If you still have issues with the graphics, then uninstall and reinstall the game from the Play Store. This will resync your graphics within your Documents folder as soon as the game opens for the first time!


If something seems wrong, please post in the comments below!

Our installation instructions are fully complete and we won't be able to help you with installation issues on your own device however. Every device works a little bit differently, and we can't test on everything.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I haven't downloaded this pack yet but I really like the look of them. The designs are top notch 👌

Would be amazing to see this expanded to the other leagues but I would dread to think how long it would take to design.

Fair play.

Edited by Lillywhite Dean
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1 minute ago, daveo1972 said:

All logos working for the Premier League except the West Ham logo, can this be fixed. As I recall this happened in FMM19 too

Make sure you follow these extra instructions and you should get the West Ham logo as well.


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HI, Ive tried this on my S10 plus, followed all proceses including un-intalling and re-installing and WHU is still missing on Android. Also tried on my IPad and this has worked thanks. Going to try Android again from scratch.

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Everything works fine except Aston Villas badge have done as described in op. None the less thanks these are really good and easy on the eye. Thank you

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This is some great work! I found the full real logo pack elsewhere, and loved these designs so much that I went with just these for my current saves. Thanks for putting these together and sharing!

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