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Egypt national team savefile. Winter Update.

3 Screenshots

It's been awhile since the last time I made these, can't seem to remember how fun it was. Oh well, at least I still remember how to make them.

With 23 players (including some with Egypt as second nation) in squad, the national team is, at the very least, playable. It's not going to be easy though, with the limited national pool (only has one keeper), but evogens will appear soon after awhile, and the team's reputation and rankings is decent enough to have good ones. 

More of these savefiles will come (depending on my schedule and/or mood, but I sometimes do requests), so enjoy the game!


- Move your original fm_save1.dat elsewhere, then copy the downloaded save to /storage/emulated/0/documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 Mobile/normal/games.


- Both Japan and Germany national teams have full functional squads with 23 players also, and their U21s squad have players too. Some players were un-retired to expand the national pool. Egypt's current manager is managing Japan.

- There are some half-Egyptians in this savefile: Sami El-Abd (England), Abdallah Yaisien (France), Mohammed Samara (Palestine), Mohammed Abdelmotaal (Qatar), Omar Thali (Switzerland) and Aly Hassan (America). Due to the limited national pool, don't remove this players, play them at least once for them to gain nationality first.

- The manager's nation and DOB are changable, the info from this post might help: 

Name can be changed too, but it's a bit complicated. 

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On 20/01/2022 at 08:23, Ledo said:

I need it for 22

Please wait patiently. I've just got back from military services, I'd need some rest first before doing anything.

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Welcome back safely, I know the feeling, I've been in the military before I want the file in my name is Walid Rashidi, the nationality is Egyptian, the date of birth is 9/5/1993 I wish you a happy holiday, thank you

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2 hours ago, Alikhodier75644 said:

I need it for 22 


You can make that yourself by loading South Africa, England, France, Australia and Turkey.

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