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South East Asia Super League 1.0.0

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South East Asia Super League! The great clubs of this soccer-mad corner of the world have combined to grow the game in the region. Play as a club from one of the ten ASEAN countries plus Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

With thanks to @NguyenDucAnh !


Cautionthis is my first database in a new game. SI have changed the format and modding is harder than before. So please backup your files! I take no responsibility for errors or issues. Only works on Android. Turn off "Auto Update" in the Play Store as an update will brick this mod.

  • Close FMM23.
  • Download the two files attached - database.zip and changes.txt
  • Go to android/ data/ com.sega.soccer.eleven/ files/ Application_Support/ Sports Interactive/ FM 2023 Mobile/ Caches and delete the two files in there.
  • Copy changes.txt to android/data/com.sega.soccer.eleven/files/
  • Go to sigames/documents/sports interactive/FM2023 Mobile and create a new folder called "database"
  • Extract the contents of database.zip to this new folder.
  • Open FMM23. Go to Settings and User Interface and reload skin.
  • Start a new game as Australia and any other leagues you want. 
  • Enjoy!

Just to repeat that modding is harder again and the creation of a database does odd stuff to the sigames folder, with lots of new little folders appearing. S load at your own risk as I have no idea if there will be any knock on effects. I'll continue to test but it seems to work fine for now. If it all keeps working I'll make a Global Mega Hyper League after the first update. 


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I don't think you'd need to backup anything (though you should backup savefiles regularly, just in case). If anything goes wrong, simply delete the database folder, then Reload skin. That should do it.

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20 hours ago, ChowYunFat said:

Mate can you help me I couldn't find this folder mate sigames/documents/sports interactive/FM2023 Mobile  I'm using android btw

It might have a longer name or look different depending on your installation. Do you have sigames/documents/sportsinteractive ?

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10 hours ago, Andraos said:

How did you do that? I mean creating a new Cup/League. Is it hard and can someone with no experience do that too?

It requires hex editing. If you google Fmmvibe hex editing  you will find some guides.

I didn't create a new league, I just swapped clubs around - so in this case I swapped a dozen clubs from the region into the Australian league. That's pretty easy. Other edits with hex are possible but are a lot harder. 

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On 01/12/2022 at 10:14, Maraxxus said:

Can i request to add clubs from philippines to the league thanks and i really appreciate it

United City are from the Philippines. 

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On 19/03/2023 at 09:05, Joggl said:



does the database also work with the FMM23 version 14.2.1.?

It probably will not work. However my latest database includes a South East Asian league and works with 14.2.1.

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