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Atlantic League 1.0.0

4 Screenshots

Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales formed a united league. Initially they called it the Celtic League, but after complaints by cultural historians and Rangers FC, they extended the league to the Faroes and all the northern Islands and called it the Atlantic League. Iceland saw the Faroes having fun and jumped onboard, and now the league stretches across six nations.

To install follow the instructions in the European Super League. Works for version 14.2.1.

Run Scotland. Can also work with England.


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Hello, you could do the Welsh league but they are Merthyr Town, Merthyr Tylfil, Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham, Newport County Tanks

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On 09/06/2023 at 15:25, leedsunited87 said:

Wanted to do this one, tried everything but wouldn't work for the 14.4.0 update, absolutely gutted as love to manage a Icelandic team 

Sorry, I just have no idea how to update it. SI have made it really hard this year. You could try starting a topic and seeing if anyone can help.

Or you can ask someone for the database and use Nyongrand's tool to make it yourself.

Edited by Pete123
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