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Update League of Leagues - Africa/Al-Arabi/Asia/ASEAN/Europe 1.1.0

10 Screenshots

Five Super Leagues in One!

Euopean Super League - 48 teams in 4 divisions

Al-Arabi League - 77 teams in 3 levels

African Super League - 32 teams in 2 flights

Asia Super League - 36 teams in two divisions

ASEAN League - 23 teams in 2 leagues


Caution - as always with modding, backup your files!

  • Close FMM23.
  • Go to android/ data/ com.sega.soccer.eleven/ files/ Application_Support/ Sports Interactive/ FM 2023 Mobile/ Caches and delete the two files in there.
  • Download the two files attached - dn_archive_2330.zip and changes.txt
  • Copy changes.txt to android/data/com.sega.soccer.eleven/files/
  • Copy the folder db_archive_2330 to sigames/documents/sports interactive/FM2023 Mobile
  • This folder might have a different name depending on your system, such as under the documents folder in your phone.
  • What you want is for the db_archive_2330 folder to be in the same place as the folders for "games" and "matches" and "selections" and "shortlists" and "tactics" - there might also be a few other folders.
  • Open FMM23. Go to Settings and User Interface and reload skin.
  • Start a new game as China, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, and Turkey. (You need to do them all).
  • Enjoy!


This is the biggest database I've ever done, so despite testing there might be issues. Just let me know if you get one.

I know there are no western hemisphere leagues but they don't really work and I wanted to split up Asia a bit too.

I used the term "Al-Arabi" because a Viber used it. If it's not right, let me know and I'll change it.



What's New in Version 1.1.0


Changed to fix the issue with using A-League as a base. Database is now China, Denmark, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey. Also changed league reputations.

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4 hours ago, Rehans said:

can this work on the latest version?

No, and I don't know how to update it. Every new version of the game changes the database requirements. You could start a topic in the forum and see if anyone can help you. 

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