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FMM24 Real Name Fix (Turkish Version) 2.0.0

5 Screenshots

Hello everyone, I know that a lot of Turkish users use FMMVIBE

And for this reason, I decided to issue a Real Name Fix

I have @Putzy's  managed to translate the real name fix a little bit, this is just the first version, there may be a lot of errors, if you notice errors and report them, I can fix them

Android Setup


After throwing the file in it, enter the game and Reload Skin

The new version will come in the coming days, have a good day.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


- Yazım hatası düzeltmeleri

- Bazı yeni çeviriler ve eklemeler

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24 minutes ago, Leonidas21 said:

Napoli Roma ve diğer klüplerin isimleri düzeltildi mi? Sadece organizasyon isimleri mi değiştirildi?

There are also club fixs

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1 hour ago, Frann Andrèas da silva said:

broh can you unlock real name player for germany and japan national team?  

I can actually do save data, but I don't know if it will work 

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