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FMM24 Facepack config file

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Hello everyone

in this config file, most face UIDs in FMM24 and FM24 were written. you can use this file to make a facepack, all you have to do is name the gamerpic with the correct UID. you can find the correct UIDs of the players on other FM sites

Have a good day.

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On 07/12/2023 at 15:34, YapeQdm said:

hello. I cant find no website with list of uid for the players on the game. anyone can help with that please.?


Hello, Type FM24 Database into Google and the site you need will appear. 

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How do i get the faces into the game? I used to be able to do it with older versions but forgot how to get them. All players like haaland and others are just blank faces 

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On 16.12.2023 at 02:36, rhyslucas said:

Yüzleri oyuna nasıl dahil edebilirim? Eski sürümlerde bunu yapabiliyordum ama nasıl edineceğimi unuttum. Haaland ve diğerleri gibi tüm oyuncular yalnızca boş yüzlerdir 

Type FM24 Database on google, click on the site, type the name of the player you want, download the image and install it as if you were installing a normal facepack with the file I gave

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