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MENA & Europe Mega League 1.0.0

6 Screenshots

Five leagues with 30 clubs from Middle East and North Africa and 70 from Europe. Lots of fun. Install as per other leagues. Load Italy, South Africa, Australia (and others if you want but these are the best for speed and realism).

If you want to play with the transfer update, then use that changes.txt when you start the game (the one without the league moves) on 17 Jult (Italy start). Save the game, exit, reload, then go through one day, until 18 July. Save the game again, then exit. Delete the transfer changes.txt and paste in the one from this post. Then reload skin and all the league names will be correct.


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4 hours ago, NguyenDucAnh said:

For a second there, I thought this was for 2024, and that you have figured it out. Oh well, my subscription is running out soon, so back to 2023 it is

I wish! Still haven't figured it out.

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7 hours ago, Benjamin.56 said:

Can it be on FM 24? 

They seem to have made it impossible this year, @Marc Vaughan might be able to update?

added 0 minutes later
10 hours ago, FM sever biri said:

Kurulumu nasıl yapıyoruz? 

Where should I put the downloaded file? 

In your documents/sigames/fmm2023 folder. Then put the changes.txt in android/data/com.sega.score/files/

Then reload skin and it should work.

This is for FMM23.

Edited by Pete123
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