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Intercity League - Something Different This Way Comes 1.0.0

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The Intercity League is a new European Football League designed to protect and expand the game.

It features great heritage clubs like Corinthians, Sheffield, Kjøbenhavns, and First Vienna, as well as community clubs from more recent times such as BX Brussels and FC Lyon. All clubs are fan-owned and operated and revenue is split fairly across strict wage caps.

Ticket prices are limited to encourage growing attendances and enable young fans to see their heroes. A new app shows all the games, with a range of packages starting from €5 per month for one team's games up to €20 per month to get all matches. This revenue funds the league - indeed it would only take 25m subscribers for the league to have a higher revenue than the Premier League!

Like any startup, money will be tight in the first season or two, so managers will have to budget carefully. However, projections suggest the money available to teams will grow rapidly in seasons to come as the challenge and competition grows.

To help the smallest clubs, the second flight will be split into an East and West division of twelve teams each for the first season, but beware - six of these clubs will be relegated as the league switches to a twenty-team Challengers League in the second season, with less chance of promotion. So if your team starts in the second flight there will be immense pressure to get promoted at the first attempt!

Terrified of losing its primacy, UEFA has invited the winner of the Intercity League to compete in the Champions League, but that trophy may have lost its lustre in comparison.

Most of the clubs which have formed the league have been playing amateur or lower-league football up to now, so managers will have to be quick to assemble a squad - competing for free transfers or to prise interested players away from the old leagues.



Close FMM24

Go to Android\data\com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile\files\application_support\SportsInteractive\FootballManager2024Mobile\Caches and delete the two files in there.

Download the .zip file and changes.txt in this post.

From the .zip file extract the folder db_archive_2405 and copy it to Android\data\com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile\files\documents (you may have to create this folder).

Paste the changes.txt file to Android\data\com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile\files

Open FMM24 and hit reload skin in the options

Start a new game with Greece and Ireland. It will probably work with other leagues too.

Note if you start with "Automatic" you will get a tiny budget. I recommend you start on "Greece 10 July" and then play until 26 July, which is when the board will give you your budget and expectations for the season - this will be much more realistic.

Thanks to the brilliant @NguyenDucAnh for the database and figuring out how to work it!



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On 09/01/2024 at 20:25, Emmanuel24 said:

This did not work  

It will if you follow the steps correctly, and have a valid version of the game.

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The game was updated on 25 January, so I guess this doesn't work anymore. I'll make a new one once we figure out the new database name.

Edit - never mind, it seems to be working for me. Did you reload skin etc?

Edited by Pete123
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