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2016 Standard Faces Megapack 16.2.0

2 Screenshots

These files include:

~27,000 faces for Players and Managers in FMM2016. With thanks to Sortitoutsi for their FM megapack and @rseven / @jaymarvels for their help.


Torrents/Server Download?

Don't want Torrent downloads? Then buy a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription to help support the site. This will give you faster downloads for your time period and other perks such as a special symbol. We thank you for your support.


If you run the Torrents make sure you have a Torrent extractor like uTorrent (available on Android) too.


How to install:

Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HVGA).


Select your file - 1080/HD (1080/Retina/TV in credits) are big phones/tablets, WVGA are mini tablets and SD (HVGA) are lower screen spec phones.


For iOS -

Extract your file using 7Zip or a Mac equivalent.

On iTunes in the top left next to the music, TV, etc... symbols click your device's icon (the little iPhone/iPad) - This is on the latest iTunes version, it may differ on previous.


Navigate to app > file sharing > FMM 2016 and drag and drop faces in there (press CTRL/CMD + A to select all in the folder). Please don't drag the folders.


For Android -

Extract your file using:

7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent.


ES FIle Explorer App


Use AirDroid or a USB and drag them into Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2016/ then logos (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for HD). Then place the players folder into this directory.


*Note* There are a lot of files, it can take a while to start and then to transfer, please give them time (especially on iTunes).

What's New in Version 16.2.0   See changelog


  • Added the new players, managers and staff in the FMM16 7.2 update
  • Updated existing players' faces to the newest images available