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FMM Vibe

Hala's Menubar Icons (HDTV/Retina Only) 1.0.0

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Hala's Menubar Icons (For HDTV/Retina only) 

This zip file contains a set of Menubar (or sidebar)  icons designed by myself. 

It's Menubar Icons,but not the way you know it. 


To Install: 

This is Android only, please don't install on iOS


Download the file then...


 Then either using a PC/Mac extract the file using 7Zip then:

  • Plug your device in
  • OR use the AirDroid app for wireless transferring


 Or use the ES File Explorer App.



Android > data > com.sigames.fmh2016 > files > com.sigames.fmh2016  > Data > fmhi_hdtv_skin / fmhi_retina_skin > gui_images > Menubar icons

  • Then copy and paste the 7 images there
  • Click yes to overwrite
  • Make sure to backup your original files 
  • Start the game and enjoy 


Halamadrid ®