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Vibe Winter Transfer Update Preview 3 .0

15 Screenshots


What is the Vibe Winter Transfer Update Preview 3?

A database update for Football Manager Mobile 2016 that includes all the latest transfers, loans and more. This is the file dated to 02/02/2016 with all completed transfers contained on the database. Please note this isn't the final version and things are yet to be completed. If there are any transfers please comment below. Thanks.


Over 850 changes including...

  • 471 transfers/loans/releases/retirements (+129 on Preview 2)
  • 255 Player/Club/Nation Edits including kit colours and contracts  (+6)
  • 57 New Players to the database (+9)
  • 49 Manager Changes (+3)
  • 17 Backroom Staff Changes (+0)

Please note...

This is just a preview and may contain bugs. The full version will be out in the future. Please consider buying a PREMIUM account to support the site and our files, which will grant you access to this file immediately. This is a timed exclusive.



Included in the full version will be...

  • Manager/Backroom staff creations
  • Newly created clubs
  • Player ability changes
  • Graphics for newly created players


Current Issues are...

  • Some loans not working, we are working on a fix
  • Staff teams can have duplicate positions, old coaches or no coaches
  • Maizga is internationally retired
  • Players whose club is not in the game are still at old clubs (e.g. Ramires)


How to Install:


  • Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs
  • Place the database folder in: Android > data > com.sigames.fmh2016 > files > com.sigames.fmh2016 > data
  • Select yes to overwrite
  • Disable Quick Start in Preferences > Starting Configuration
  • Start a new career with England as the primary league



You can only install iOS by a PC/Mac or Linux computer due to the way the devices are made. There are NO direct installs onto a device.


  • Install the Save Editor on your PC or through Winebottler on Mac.
  • Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or iZip so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs.
  • Select which match engine you want to load then the number on the save corresponds with the following leagues loaded:
  1. England (primary), Germany, Italy, Spain
  2. England (primary), France, Holland, Portugal
  3. England (primary), Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  4. England (primary), Belgium, N. Ireland


  • Load one into the Save Editor then go to Manager > Vibe Community and change the firstname/surname (note it can only be changed to the ones in the drop down menu).
  • Then go to Clubs > Find the club you want to manager > Edit > Swap the manager with "unemployed" then swap again with yourself.
  • Go on iTunes, then select your device. Go to apps and scroll down to "Sharing Area". Select FMH 2015 and drag and drop your modified save into right section with the files. Select yes to replace.
  • Load the save from the available save slots.



  • The update is dated on 02/02/16, any transfers or changes after this are not made.
  • If you spot any errors, bugs or missing transfers please comment. Thanks.
  • With thanks to Jaymarvels' Pre-Editor