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2012 Roland's Vanilla Careers - The World is a Hell and in this Hell..

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Liverpool First Season FMHVibe Challenge.


Aston Villa First Season FMHVibe Challenge.


Nuno Gomes Regen 100 International Goal Aim.

114 goals reached before of a injury blow: 8 months

M'baye Niang 1282 Goal Challenge. and 255 ICgoals


Arsenal First Season FMHVibe Challenge.


Wolverhampton First Season FMHVibe Challenge.


Tacklin' The Iberian Peninsula Challenge.

Work In progress

Wigan First Season FMHVibe Challenge.

To begin.

7th Seasons Domination England Challenge by Lewiitom.

AFC Telford, ex BSN squad

Glascow Rangers Champion's League Cup Challenge with "No" signings. See Nikica Jelavic Iscout.

truely, one signing, but only because i had some players injured.

The Cup was not my real aim, but I won it, so I added

because he was a vanilla career.


Hy guys, my aim is to have fun with some squads because sometimes Long careers are boring.

I will try to play only 1 year, or two, maybe, to reach the best objectives i can obtain.

So, without further ado, here's my first attempt to this vanilla challenge.

First Season FMHVibe Challenges.http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/8448-the-first-season-fmhvibe-challenge/page__view__getnewpost


I'll use The ex-mighty Liverpool the win the premier League during the first season.

A little Liverpool Analysis:

Liverpool will make only Premier and the England Cups.

I'm lucky, because I have no need to buy great champions to maintain an in-depth squad

to save my form durin the season.

It's the same with Juventus. They bought Vidal and Pirlo. They won.

I'll use my 4-3-2-1 run tactic, and i'll change only if the results will be bad.

At first the squad seems really crap, except for some players.

Reina, Luiz Suarez, Glen Johnson, Skrtel and Andy Carroll will be my key players.

The defence is decent

The attack is almost good.. well i have andy carroll and dyrk kuyt.

The midfield is poor... expect for some young prospects. I have no time to grow them..

I have only 22M, because i Set the expectations to

Winners. of course.

So I'm obliged to buy 1-2 real and strong midfielders players.

Pjanic and Moutinho.

After some difficult affairs i decide to buy only one player to make "real" signings.


Joao Moutinho - 13M



Suso - Loan

Johan Flanagan - Loan

Jack Robinson - Loan

Andre Wisdom - Loan

Doni - 657K to Frankfurt

Stewart Downing - 5.25M to Malaga (wtf-3)

David Amoo - 300k to Crawley wtf-2?!

Raheem Sterling and Nathan Ecclestone 1.2 and 1.4 to Crystal Palace wtf-1?!?!?!

I wanted to sell others players, but it's a good start.

WTF-1 explaining: crystal sold 2 players for 3,5M.

WTF-2/3 explaining: I don't know how a npower league 2 offered me 300k, but it's happened, so it's ok.

And even if they offered me less than usual for downing, i accepted... little unreal? I don't know but..

it's happened again. let's go on..

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Let's Start!

Friendly Matches:

Some friendly matches got cancelled, So I could play only with:

A - Colcester - 5-0

An easy FR went smoothly with a double of gerrard, the first seasonal goal for andy carroll, dyrk kuyt, and lucas leiva.

Moutinho made a good match and gained, obviously,

the Starting XI.


A- Newcastle - 3-1

Uoo! Hat trick of Andy Carroll, while i'm trying to understand what defenders to use in my Starting XI.

A- Chelsea - 0-0

A good draw, the two squads fighted all the game.. but they missed some easy shots, imho.

I'm makin' some experiments, again..

H- Q.P.R - 5-0

It's the first Home game, and Liverpool made his fans proud!

Suarez is the MoM with a double and with an assist to Carroll, while Moutinho dominates the midfield. Kuyt seems also in good form, scorin' a goal..

League Cup - 2nd round

H- Torquay - 3-0

I'm really disappointed, because I wanted to score more. At least Andy Carroll made a double..

A - Aston Villa - 1-0

Aston put a good fight and his gk made me crazy, until Suarez scored a goal with a fluid action.

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H- Norwich- 4-0

Andy Carroll is really a beast, with a double... meanwhile lucas leiva and dyrk kuyt

closed the game.

A-Swansea - 3-1

Another great game, even if my midfield seems to have a little dip of form..

This time jonjo made his first seasonal goal, while lucas and andy scored again.

Man U is First, and I'm second.. with Chelsea and Man C close to me..

It's a really good start!

League Cup 3rd round

H- West Ham - 5-1

Luis Suarez seems a god with a double and with some assists.. to

Andy Carroll! Hat trick. while Moutinho slowly confirms to be a great sign ^_^

Let's go Liverpool! :D

H- Fulham - 3-1

Strangely Enough Andy didn't score and Fulhm put a good fight, even if Suarez is in great form.. Skrtel made his first seasonal goal..

We are first in the league with 2 points of advantage..

even if Man U needs another game to play

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A- Everton - 0-3

What a Delusion... Everton destroyed my dreams..

Andy Carroll... where are you?!?!?

Osman, Saha and Straqualursi gave us an headache :(

whilke Moutinho took an avr of 4 :O

Only Suarez out a good fight, together with reina..

My armony decreased..

A-Sunderland - 3-0

But it's not the end. Yes, we can!

Moutinho confirm that the last game was a little tired, scoring with a powerful shot, while suarez and carroll closed the game

A- Arsenal - 1-1

Ouch! Arsenal was 17th and I thought to win easily after the first Andy Carroll goal..

Then Arsenal grew and my midfield made a good draw... oh well..

League Cup 3rd round

H- Man City - 1-2

Joe Hart, I hate you..

Andy Carroll dribbled him and scored a goal, then Balotelli..



made a double.. playin alone..

We have lost. again. What a terrible month :(

Make sure you bring shame to Anfield, and get relegated :P

you are a vulture :wacko: :lol:

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H- Man U - 4-1

Yeah Right, the last game..

I decided to rotate my squad to win this important match. ;)

We dominate this game and the flipper first position is again ours. :)

Leiva, Suarez, Carroll, And Srktel ridiculize the mighty Man U.

A-Wolves - 0-2

Thrillin' season...

My players are tired i have a few defenders..

and wolves not. Fortunately Reina saved the match..

And Man U lost .. we are again first..

H- Blackburn - 3-0

What a player Moutinho.

he, together with suarez, destroyed blackburn.

We are running again.. Only one month.. and i can recover all my players..

H- Wigan- 5-1

Andy Carroll Hat trick..

Injury Crisis! I lost Glen Johnson for 9 month

and I have a few defenders..

A- Stoke- 1-1

The Damned ex-Crouch is the MoM with a powerful headin' goal,

but Suarez draw the game with a dribbling and a powerful goal.

.. Man U is always near us, even if i have alwyas 2 points of advantage..

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H- Bolton - 3-2

Strange Game. Probably my players relaxed too much after the first 3 goals.

Bolton tried to draw the game.. and they could make it..

A-Tottenham - 0-1

Gosh.. i understood that i'll have great difficulties away.. sometimes..

it's a false result.. because i dominate the encounter..

H- West Brom - 3-2

Luis Suarez beat West Brom. Hat trick with a penalty while my midfield suffers a little..

because.. i have two important matches

Andy Carroll is tired, I decided to play with dirk kuyt as a forward

H- Chelsea- 3-1

It seems another perfect draw game, but the goals are scored during the last minutes.

Dirk Kuyt, Carragher and Adam made Anfield fans proud.

H- Man City- 3-1

Thirty minutes to score a double and we made another giant killing..

Dirk Kuyt is in great form..

H- Newcastle- 2-0

Newcastle put a good fight, defending the game, but my defenders unlocked this match..

Yes we are mighty, again. Man U is always behind us, with the same matches.

2 points of advantage.

First Half the the Season is closed..


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review stats..

where is arsenal?! 11th..


An Unlucky Man


I'm very happy.

We Can win, obviously.

I knew I have needed of another midfielder..

Some of my midfielders are too young.. but it seems that they began to grow..

i'm Crossing the fingers..

It seems that my tactic is not so great for andy carroll and for some midfielders..

but... this pic resume my sensation..


Should I change for Andy? No. The squad went smoothly with some shaming results..

So.. let's go with the transfers..

I want to sell Craig Bellamy.. and to buy the cheap

Thiago Neves...

Is it a good sign? I want to use him in the Starting XI..

Maybe I need another back.. due to Glen Johnson injury....

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Should have got him on a free at the start. Amazing Treq.

yep -_-

i tried to sell my players insted of buying some replacement.

oh well what it's done.. it's done..

i think that i'll buy also grygera.. and butland..

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Not good enough to be on the bench until he's been loaned out for at least a season and has had one season on IT! Imo

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Let's start again, uh? I tried to take many players with some cheap offers, but they rejected me. Strange, they were unhappy, and mertesacker was on transfer market for 2M :blink:



Thiago Neves - 3.6M

it's real.. I have bought Neves insted of taking for free.

Real Liverpool management :ph34r:


Butland - 1.5MI like to think that Liverpool chose a great prospect for the future instead of other gks.

Bostock - Loan From Tottenham

He will be the backup.. of my centre midfielder backups.

I signed also using bosman rules muniesa and montolivo.. yeah, for the next year.

I tried to make real contracts and so on..


Danny Wilson on LoanDarby - 1.1M to Derby

Gulacsi - 650k to Norwich

Doni is a worthy back up IMO.

i know, but i hate too much having too oldies in my squad...

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A- Man U - 3-0

Finally Andy Carroll, after some relaxin' games..

gave a serious beat to the premiership!

Hat trick!

7 points of advantage.

FA Cup qtr finals

H-Leeds - 3-0 A double of Andy and the first seasonal goal for Neves send us to the semifinals!

H- Wolves - 3-1

There's glory also for Gerrard, who is too old to play with my runs, while andy carroll scored a double..


FA Cup Semifinals

A- Blackburn - 3-1

We are in good form, we played well, and lucas leiva scored a double.. go go go liverpool!!!!!!

H- Tottenham - 3-0

Great, Sweet, Revenge.. lucas leiva is in good form, scorin' one goal..

i have 10 points of advantage

A- Blackburn - e2-1

Disaster! I have just lost Moutinho for 2 months :blink: It's the End of his season :(

I have just made the subs when I look at his form decrease..

It slowly decreased.. and I played 10 vs 11 during the overtimes.. a pain, really..

Fortunately Maxy Rodriguez scored the winnin' goal..

at 120°... Final!

What a luck.. wait.. uhmm.. adam got a bookin card against Tottenham..

in the meantime.. i have 10 points of advantage, and Bostock gained the Starting XI... -_-

A- Wigan - 0-1

Shame on Liverpool! We could have the match point next game, but wigan made a great game, expecially his goalkeeper..

7 points of advantage..

H- Stoke - 2-0

Another, great, sweet revenge!

Wilkinson got a booking card at 3°. easy game?

Not at all, Liverpool scored only during the last minutes..

We have a dip of form..

But now We have some Matching points..

We Must win one of the next games, because the last game

Liverpool will play against... Man City :O

7 points of advantage..

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We did it! What a game!

A- Bolton - 4-0

Andy Carroll went crazy scorin' a double, while all the fans celebratin' the squad.


Suarez made a powerful shot that nearly broke the net, while shelvey closed this match point game.

It's party time!!!!!!!


Fans celebrate Q Q name


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I made uninterested the other two games, to save the form of my players,

liverpool gained

a victory

and the last loss against Man City.. .. shame?! we will see..


We must play the

FA Cup Final against Chelsea!!!!!!!!

Can we ?!

Yes, We can! Revenge! And What a Revenge!

The two squads fighted together until the end of the game even if Liverpool dominated.

We did the overtimes.. but we were too much tired to score the winnin' goal.

I used Craig Bellamy, for the first time after months..

Got a risk , but I have need of experience.. He didn't played very good..

Agger made us proud scoring an header goal, but after 2 minutes anelka draw the game with a powerful shot.

Carroll then made a beatiful long assist to Jonjo who score near the gk, then..

at 90° Lampard equalized the game w ith a fluid action.

The penalties well.. Reina made the greatest game of all the season.








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;) here's my second attempt to :

First Season FMHVibe Challenges.http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/8448-the-first-season-fmhvibe-challenge/page__view__getnewpost

I'll use Aston Villa the win the premier League during the first season.

Remember the Old Days?


Be ...


A little Aston Villa Analysis:

Aston Villa will play only Premier and the England Cups. I'll search to buy

solid players to beat the Premier. It's difficult, I know, But Aston Villa seems doable.

Shay Given







and expecially Darren Bent will be my key players.

I need only AMCS. At first I was thinkin' to play some good england prospects..

then.. an idea comes to me.

Russian Squads.




I'll use my 4-3-2-1 run tactic, and i'll change only if the results will be bad.

The defence is decent

The attack is good with darren bent and delfouneso I'm Set,..

The midfield is solid, even if there isn't greater players...

I have a few millions, because i Set the expectations to

Winners. of course.

I'm obliged to sell some oldies and some other players..

I'm sending on loan too much players. I have no time to grow them.


Diogo, Ryan France, Friedrich for free

Grindheim - 1.8M

Jadson - 3.1M

Bocanegra - 1.5M.

Willian - 3.5M

Fernandinho - 3.2M

Bullard - 1.6M

Honda - 4M

Butland - 950k

Bostock - 2.6M

Frimpong - 2.6M


Marc Albrighton - 4.7M to Arsenal. Good player, but useless for a 4-3-2-1.

Carlos Cuellar - 1.8M to Everton. Imho is good, but i took diogo for free. so.. :lol:

Habib Beye - 550k to Leicester

Brad Guzan - 1.8M to Leicester

Doni - 657K to Frankfurt

Emile Heskey - 1.5M to EA Guingamp

Stylian Petrov - 2.4. He's a great player, but with fernandinho I'm set. And no injuries of course.

Andy Marshall - 1k to Tamworth :lol: oh please..

Gabby Agbonlahor - 6.75M to OGC Nice. He wasn't transfer lister, and with this offer, i was obliged to sell..

(value 8,5 ok, but with 6 M i bought some decent subs

Jordan Graham 180k to Peterborough

As you saw I changed my midfield, to have a good in-depth squad.

And I have now also Great young prospects.

I wanted to sell other useless players (imho) but i'm very happy with this market, so.. let's begin.

Who damned manager made the season matches?!

After the first match against Q.P.R...

Man City


Man Utd




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Shockin' Results for Aston Villa!


Fortunately I made all the friendly Matches and my players seems well mixed altogether

I'ts a Pity that my free transfers got injured.. :(

Obviously my newbie experienced players gained the Starting XI and Made some good matches..

grindheim and willian are beasts

and darren bent is a monster..

strangely enough jadson stole the Starting XI to Honda.. who will be a good sub, I hope..

I'm first.. and I have 2 points of advantage.

Chelsea is the runner up....


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Be Really



Aston Villa Has 10 points of advantage

Man U is the new opposing second squad in the league.

even if..

Arsenal beated Aston Villa so Badly in the qtr cup finals.. what a shame..

while Stoke seems really unbeatable at home. Easy game my "$£$£ ...


Aston Villa fans began to phone to the new winnin' manager...

and several pundits began to predict a season of glory


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Aston Villa end The first parth of the season


it's a miracle.


17 points of advantage!



Meanwhile.. after some games.. Honda stole the position to Jadson!

What a player!






We have some tough consecutive matches.. can Aston Villa win?! Uh?!

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