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2013 How to create a changes.txt


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Creating a changes.txt is the only way to edit Football Manager Handheld 2013 on PSP and Android. Sports Interactive have provided us with four set codes to change four different areas of the game - players, managers, clubs and competitions (you can identify what they change by the beginning).
Each section has different rules which can lead to mistakes being made and codes not working so please make sure you are aware of each one.

The way to create a changes.txt is with a program that allows you to create .txt files (Notepad, Wordpad etc...) and then using the following to do the changes you want before saving it as changes.
Please note you can only effect new games, any save games aren't effected by a changes.txt.

Player changes:

"PLAYER" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"PLAYER" "First name" "Surname" "Club" "New first name" "New surname" "Common name" "Year of birth" "New CA" "New PA" "New club"

If you do not want to change any fields please leave it blank ("") however First name, surname and club must be filled in.

First name/Surname: The players first name/surname or what you want to change it to. If a player has multiple names you may want to do a few codes to determine where the third word is meant to go.
Club: The club is the one at the start of the game which the player belongs to, if they are on loan this does not count. If they are a free agent or want them to be simply type 'free' into the area. The club name must be the full name - one on the club page not the league.
Common name: The common name is the players' short name (if any) this is used mainly in South America with the prime example Ronaldinho. Please note you can add a common name to a player but cannot delete one.
Year of birth: The year you want the player to be born, it must be a minimum of 1995 so they are older than 15.
Current ability/Potential ability: Out of 200, the current is the level they are playing at. Potential is what they can achieve (past or future). Standard level for a Premier League player is 155.

Player changes must be before club changes, this means you must transfer Terry to Manchester United before changing Manchester United to English Superstars.
You cannot create new players, you must edit old players with similar attributes, nationality and positions as your new desired player.
The game only allows a certain number of new first names, surnames and nicknames. This is 100 of each so for example Terry will not count as John Terry uses it but Dumbledore would count as a new surname as no one is called John Dumbledore in the game.

Manager changes:
"MANAGER" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"MANAGER" "First name" "Surname" "Club" "New first name" "New surname" "Year of birth" "New CA" "New PA" "New club"

Manager changes are the same as player changes apart from the following.
Year of birth: Must be greater than 1980.

It must be before club changes.
Managers must be released from their club before doing being put to an international team and vica versa or they will be managing both.

Club changes:
"CLUB" "" "" "" "" "" ""

"CLUB" "Full club name" "Nation" "New club name" New short name" "Reputation" "New league"

Club name and nation must be filled in, the rest can be left blank.

Full club name: The club name which appears on their profile.
Nation: The nation the club is in.
Short name: What you want to appear on the table (good for clubs with long names).
Reputation: Out of 10000, the higher the reputation the more expectation and money. Also allows you to buy better players.
New league: What league you want to transfer them into (the clubs' current nation only).

Must be done before competition changes.
Leagues must be balanced (Premier League has to have 20 teams etc...), if you transfer one to a different league you MUST replace them or errors occur such as the league not having any games.

Competition changes:
"COMPETITION" "" "" "" ""

"COMPETITION" "Full name" "New name" "New short name" "Abbreviation"

Full name: The full competition name found before picking a team or on the fixtures.
Short Name: What it is called in news items and in lists.
Abbreviation: The name on fixtures, limit to 3 characters (all caps).

Other tips:
Try and save regularly and test it, things can go wrong for any reason.
Lines with a hash (#) at the start are ignored - useful for grouping certain codes together.
Host it on FMHVibe! If you think people would want to play it then upload it so people can share their careers on it.
To install you place the changes into PSP > COMMON > FMH2013 (you may have to create this).

Or to install on Android

1. Make sure that the 'Quick Start' option is set to 'off' in preferences.

2. Download or Make your own Changes.txt.

3.Open the 'Fmh_Data' folder in the sd card using a file explorer on the device or on a pc.

4.Add the changes.txt to the folder (fmh2013_data).

5. Open FMH on device, then start a new game and enjoy!

Thanks to rseven for finding this out and for JPlummz for making the guide.

Don't forget you can use FMHVibe's changes generator which makes it easy - Link.
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Oh my, I still cannot change a player with umlaut letters on my Android.



sigh, only need to change the text encode & everything just fine right now.

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