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2013 FMHVibe's 2013 Updates 15/07/2013


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Great update guys, just having a little issue trying to start a new game unemployed and automatically get appointed chelsea manager after update, any ides why?


Has anybody had this issue or is just because i'm trying to start a new game unemployed with the update?

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Will there be a patch for this with updated transfers?

Off-topic but it saves another post: Have the face megapack been updated to the larger version yet? :)

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I already get fmh 4.3, and nothing changes after I replace the old changes.txt in fmh_data with your changes.txt


What should I do?


I already try this :


How to add Changes.txt files (Credit to RSeven and JPlummz):
1. Make sure that the 'Quick Start' option is set to 'off' in preferences.

2. Download or Make your own Changes.txt.

3.Open the 'Fmh_Data' folder in the sd card using a file explorer on the device or on a pc.

4.Add the changes.txt to the folder (fmh_data).

5. Open FMH on device, then start a new game and enjoy!


but nothing change

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hey I've just tried to add some transfers in like Nacer Chadli and Soldado to Spurs but Chadli doesn't appear in the squad and Soldado does but none of the original updates appear?? help please? it works great when I leave as is though great job!

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I dont think he is when loading England so that would be the issue then? what about the other players that are originally on the update is it because I've edited it?

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