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2013 When The Squirrel Challenges The Master:

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When The Squirrel Challenges The Master:

For the past year or so Vibe has been full of jokes about a certain AnfieldSquirrel and myself but behind closed doors many of things have been said which the general public have been unaware about. We've pinged over five thousand messages to each other in our personal message thread and most of our conversations are based around FMH, we debate about players and challenges on a daily bases but one topic keeps popping up! As you've likely guessed the topic in question regards "head to heads".

For almost two years now AS and myself have been deep in discussion about facing off in the ultimate showdown on VIbe but for one reason or another things don't work out, we're tried one thousand goal challenges, more basic challenges and even fun challenges but nothing has stuck until now!

A week or so ago i inquired into what AS was up to on FMH and his response was pure magic, a challenge which made me go weak at the knees in excitement, it interested me so much that then and there i challenged him and started my save! (I know the title doesn't match this but ssh, the title sounds better this way around :P)

What On Earth Was Mr Squirrel Playing?:

The truth of the matter is whenever i ask anyone on here what save they're playing they'll always keep it secret for a little while or give slight hints (MM i'm looking at you :P) which tbh i love as it makes me think and i've even created new challenges for myself by guessing what they're playing wrong. I had a few guesses and i knew i was on the right track but at first all i knew was it involved two strikers, could it be the popular double trouble challenge?

That guess was quickly rejected so i moved on and after a while i was stumped until he slipped out what club he was playing as, the club in question was the mighty


Atletico Madrid!

So i knew the club and that it involved two strikers, surely he was doing a double trouble hybrid with my AMC (Atletico Madrid Challenge)? I was positive i was right but was uninterested in the idea right up until the point where he said i was wrong yet again! Now my interest had peaked and i was getting frustrated until it hit me! He said he was using two strikers but never mentioned playing them at the same time! I knew what he was up to and now i'll share it with you guys.

The Challenge:

To score 30 goals with a player from the start of the season until January the first, then sign a player in the January transfer window and use him to score thirty from the first of January until the last game of the season! So in simple terms we will be playing my AMC but instead of a full season we have to complete two players a year within the certain dates!


  • The player can not be signed before the window in which the players to be used
  • No regens - Unless we play far enough into the save where they are needed
  • Player one can not be used after January the first and must be demoted on this day
  • Try and use different strikers, we've kept our picks secret yet given slight hints so hopefully we wont use the same player at the same time but it is a possibility.
  • The standard AMC rules
  • All used strikers must be demoted on the final day of their turn and sold as soon as possible

How To Win:

To win this challenge one of these things needs to happen.

  • The opposition's player fails to score 30 - However we may have one life line depending on how early one of us fails and if we're enjoying the save enough to continue, but once the life line is used it's game over if a player fails again.
  • The opposition gives up
  • If we both decide we've played enough the winner will be the person who scored the most goals in total. We wont be keeping a running tally of this due to that reason so please don't ruining it for us by letting us know, if you do i will ban you!

Style and Frequency Of Updates:

The seasons will be updated twice a season, the first update will reveal how player one got on while the second update will focus on player two, the clubs performances and reveal next seasons first striker. We'll try and update the career as often as possible as playing half a season is rather quick but please bare with us as real life can get in the way. We're planning to stagger our updates so we'll be hopefully able to update on a daily bases, basically i'll post one day and AS will the next etc.

The First Player:

For anyone who doesn't know about my Atletico Madrid challenge you always start the challenge with the same player, so for the first half of season one we'll both be using:


Radamel Falcao!

Support Corner:

In this section of the career you guys can seriously show your support for AS and myself! I used this system for my Youth vs Experience challenge last year and it was a lot of fun so i've brought it back! All you need to do to show your support is comment the name of who you think will win and your name will be added underneath each of our names, whenever you feel like changing who you're supporting post again with the users colour and you'll swap sides, simple as that!










Damn, i needed a good ramble! However this opening post has come to an end and the first update will be posted shortly, as always thank you for taking the time to check this thread out and please remember to leave a comment showing your support, views and opinions.

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Cheers lads, i hope you all continue to be this involved as you'll be able to jump ship any time you like by posting :).

I don't like either competitor tbh so I'm sitting on the fence for this one :P

Such a bitch :P

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Cheers lads, i hope you all continue to be this involved as you'll be able to jump ship any time you like by posting :).

I don't like either competitor tbh so I'm sitting on the fence for this one :P

Such a bitch :P
Keep it decent lads or I'll be forced to ban you both.

J/k you can destroy each other all ypu want.

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God whys everyone going for Ash? Don't y'all like an underdog? :(

Excluding Jens, Callum98, Graveluth and J-Savage of course, you will receive one of my nuts in return :).

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I would have made it maybe 35 or 40 for the first half and 30 for the second half. I find it much easier to score in the first half of the season than the second :)

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The first half has less games if i remember correctly and 30 is somewhat challenging when you take everything into account like injuries and being cup tied etc.

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My reason : Both of you are great people on Vibe but I prefer people who support local. Sorry Ash :P

Says you :lol: .

Hahaha I ment Cork City! :lol: Chelsea.... I love them to.. But Ash isn't a local team lover :P

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