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Off Topic The poster below me


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True, but once again, I don't play Fifa, I own fifa :lol: Damn, edit - I hate Newcastle :P TPBM kills spiders and immediately feels bad about it

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True, been playing it since 2009 when teams got ridculous transfers budgets e.g. Manchester City with £211m.


TPBM prefers coffee over tea.

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Yes! Btw you need to tell me the website you watch ppv's on, I payed for TLC like a fool.

The poster above me doesn't reply to PM's

And the poster below me isn't sentimental when it comes to FMH

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False, it's not the shortest but certainly not long.

TPBM owns a Sony item (PS, Headphones, Phones etc)

True, I own a PS2 (never use it anymore :P) and a pair of Sony headphones. 


The person below me hates Brussels sprouts.

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