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2014 The amazing 433

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I started a season with Chelsea and after few months into season developed this 433 tactic and has success with Chelsea and juventus. I will discuss transfers and training in this too and give some suggestions


1) Chelsea


Had a great season with chelsea, dominated the league and unfortunately lost champions league final cause ma goalkeeper had a poor game :(

2) Juventus




This time there was no mistake in champions league final totally dominating bayern without then having a single shot, never mind a shot in target, but stupid goalkeeper got sent off In Italian cup final when I was winning and used all substitutions!! What can ya do lol with an outfield player in net it left no chance !

The tactic





After making the tactic with Chelsea I realised I dint need to the attacking midi fel players so sold William mata and Kevin dw Bryune in January which allowed me to get Vidal a beast of a player


For juve u don't start with a lot of money and noticed at least one club will bid around 20 mil for one player, sell him and use money wisely, as u can see got rid of players that dint suit the formation, I was luky in sense that the player they bid big for was a winger which I dint need and was looking to sell. Sometime they bid for the right back which I dnt really wana sell


Since bbm have a high work rate I always look to sub them off around 65-70 min into the game.

For Chelsea a good tip is to retrain the position of hazard and can ginkel into a striker as soon as u start with then if u choose em. Hazard can play in them complete forward position.

I also recommend using secs training guide which is very good


Also when buying a player remember to alter their training guide as it goes to general training.

Strikers to attaching, the bbm and right and left backs to general and Bwm to defending etc

Hope this tactic brings u success as it did with me, enjoy :)

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A further suggestion for Chelsea is recall lukaku (adds to the goals and striking options through packed christmass period and throughout season) and romeu frm Valencia can play on bwm position for extra cover. One good player is Wallace to recall cause after ya tuning programme with decs guide he turns out really good

Wallace begining if season


End of season


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Post ur tactics in tactic forum mate if u want people to use :)

Show results u got too with it

Further fest using my tactic with athletico Madrid:

Highly successful





Enjoy! :)


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