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2014 Peely's Travelling Goal Machine - A 1K Challenge

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I think it's about time that I start an FMH2014 career and have decided to ease myself into things with that old classic, the 1,000 goal challenge.


Having finally been granted the ability to load multiple leagues, I'm hoping to make this a bit of a journey around Europe and have loaded England (all), Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands.


I'm starting in the Eredivisie, because it's fairly easy to score in and I just like playing there, and have taken control of good old Ajax. This way I have a club wealthy enough to buy my chosen player, but will almost certainly be forced to move if I want to keep my goal-scoring protege happy in the long-term.


My chosen striker is a young Belgian player with a rather un-Belgian sounding name. I will award a glistening nugget of rep to the first person to guess who it is :)


It seems to be fashionable these days to try to emulate the achievments of a notable player, so, as a sub-challenge, I hope to beat the scoring record of Belgium's top striker at international level:



Bernard Voorhoof


International Goals: 30

Goals scored in World Cup: 2

Goals scored at club level: 350


Okay... If I can't beat that I'm in trouble :D


All comments (and guesses) are welcome. I'm out tomorrow, but hope to get the first update done on Saturday.

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Maxime Lestienne?


No, but I did sign him as well :)


@Hazard8 and Jens - Both incorrect as well, I'm afraid.


I should probably give a bit of a clue, since as far as I'm aware he's not very well known (although if FMH is accurate as to his ability, he certainly should be).


The player in question comes from a footballing family and has joint Belgian/Kenyan nationality.


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I've used a couple of tactics so far, both of them my own. Mostly my 4-2-1-3 with a bit of tweaking, but also a 4-1-1-3-1 that I've been experimenting with, on and off, since FMH2013. Still not totally happy with either for 2014, but they've done okay.

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Apologies that this is a little later than intended. Unfortunately I fell asleep straight after dinner last night. It was a tiring day :)


Season 1 - The Challenge Begins




I truned up for my first day at Ajax with a spring in my step. I've always enjoyed managing in the Eredivisie and Ajax has been my Dutch club of choice since my first and rather short attempt at the 1K Challenge (curse you Ongenda!). There had been a few notable changes to the playing staff since I last took the helm at Ajax, but there were still plenty of familiar faces to welcome me and plenty of quality, too.


I promptly blew the majority of my transer budget on a Belgian wonderkid:



Yes, I think you'll do nicely.


I brought in a few other player's too, although I can't remember too much about my dealings. I know I did bring in Premier League "Legend" Carlton Cole on a free. Perhaps he could take Divock under his wing and pass on some of his imense experience.


I also brought in creative mastermind, Jadson and veteran German defender Alexander Madlung. Jadson is always a great signing, but Madlung surprised me: he's a very solid defender for an old guy on a free transfer.


Origi's debut came in the Dutch Super Cup clash against AZ:



What a debut!


The rest of the season went something like this:


The Champions League didn't go to well, I think I got through the group stages, but not much further.



Look at the match overview. How did I lose! Origi was absent, so perhaps that was the problem.



A good solid season.


And here's how my young goal botherer did:



Developing nicely.






This is how I looked at the end of my first season in charge:




So a reasonable season for the club, although I was gutted by the loss in the Dutch Cup final, and a solid start for Origi. He'll obviously need to go up a gear if he's to make the 1K target, but things always pick up after the first season. He's already passed my first test of a great striker by averaging more than a goal per game. If he can play like this at 18 I'm confident that he will be a monster when he hits his prime.


As you can see, Origi also made his international debut and did very well indeed.


I'd love to know what you think about my progress so far, so please leave comments.

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I was looking to try a 1k like this but you beat me to the punch :P Great start though Peely :)

It's a fairly standard 1k challenge, really. I'll have to move at least once, but if I get settled at a big side it could be tricky to drag Origi away from them until he's getting old.


Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I hope to do another update this evening.

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