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2014 Peely's Travelling Goal Machine - A 1K Challenge

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17-0-0... Thats insane :D! What tac was that?

Nice update too, 18 goals in 18 games might not be so bad considering he was new to the squad :)

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17-0-0... Thats insane :D! What tac was that?

Nice update too, 18 goals in 18 games might not be so bad considering he was new to the squad :)


It was my 4-2-1-3. Sadly it doesn't work quite as well in the Premier League.


Should be interesting :)


Let's hope so :)

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It just doesn't seem to create the same number of chances against the big sides and is a bit leaky at the back. It wasn't disastrous, but results were mixed.


I tried a couple of tactics at United in my first half season, but settled on a 4-4-1-1, which is reliable, but a bit unexciting. I'm still trying to come up with something that can really tear up the Premier League.

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Season 6




The start of my first full season in the Premier League saw me bring in a familiar face from Ajax: none other than French wingback wonder Sebastien Corchia. He had been a major provider of assists to Origi at Ajax and I hoped he could do the same in England. In addition, Jurgen Klopp seemed to have an obsession with forwards and central defenders, but had neglected the wings, so I brought back United veteran, Nani, for a very reasonable fee (he was rather old :) )


After a great deal of chopping and changing in my first few months I'd settled on a classic 4-4-1-1 for my tactic and it did okay:



A close one, but Divock and Shinji won through in the end.



I love the Club World Cup. We went on to win it, but I seem to have forgotten to take a screenshot.



More silverware won under stressful circumstances.



Arsenal are becomming a bit of a bogey team for me.



An injury time goal dumped me out of the Champions League at a depressingly early stage. I was rather annoyed.



A comfortable victory. Chelsea were leading for most of the season, but fell apart in the last couple of months.


Origi's season:







I wonder if Origi had a good game. If only there was something in the coach report to let me know...



Three in a row.



Romelu Lukak-who?


And this is me:






A rather disappointing season for Origi, but not unexpected, given the move to a tough league. He certainly needs to pick things up if he's going to score 1,000.


As a side note here's the board confidence at the end of the season:



Hmm, may be some slight issues with the players.




Games Played: 263

Goals Scored: 378

Goals Required: 622


The Bernard Voorhoof Challenge


International Goals: 21/30

Goals scored in World Cup: 0/2

Goals scored at club level: 378/350


One of my four targets complete and closing in on the international goals, too. The other two are going to be a lot trickier, though.


As always, all comments are welcome.

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A decent return IMO and you're well on track :)


Thanks. I've got another season ready to update, but that probably won't be until tomorrow at the earliest. I have to say that I'm having some doubts about completing the challenge, particularly given recent events...

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Thanks. I've not exactly been quick on the updates myself :)


I should get one done this evening, but I wouldn't worry too much about the challenge if I were you, things are looking a bit shaky for Divock...

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Season 7




Another season at Manchester United. It wasn't were I really wanted to be and I was keeping an eye out for a big job in Spain, but the managers of Real Madrid (Mourinho, again) and Barcelona steadfastly refused to mess up, so I had no option but to get on with my assault on the Premier League.


My squad had degenerated into a squabling mess by the end of the season, largely due to the insane number of central defenders and strikers that my predecessor had brought in. The board weren't happy with my lack of big signings in the previous season, either, and were peculiarly irritated at a young Portuguese player that I had signed for pocket change. I needed to work some transfer window magic to kill both birds with a single stone (wrapped in obscene amounts of money).




That image doesn't show all of my signings. Together with a bunch of promising youngsters, I also brought in some serious experience in the form of Jack Rodwell for £14.75 million and Nicusor Stanciu for a cool £35 million. The latter was another Ajax old boy and another assist machine, The bargain of the window was the capture of Alex Sandro on a bosman. The board soon stopped moaning about my transfer activities.


I was keen to see how my new look squad would do:


I won the Community Shield, but forgot to take a picture.



My adventures in the Capital One Cup almost ended in tragedy and embarassment in the quarter final:


But luck in the penalty shoot out saw me through.



A nervy and closely fought final.


Once again, Arsenal stiffed me out of the FA Cup:


The winning scorer was another former Ajax player (and Del Piero's regen). True to form he spent 90% of his time at Ajax injured.


I got sweet revenge over Real Madrid in the Champions League:



And made it through to the final:


Torture, but it turned out alright in the end.



Too close for comfort, but a win is a win.


Origi's season:



Curses. That ruined his chances in the World Player of the Year.







Always the bridesmaid, Romelu.


And this is me:







That looks a whole lot better than last season.


This is how my big name signings did:



Very impressive, if a bit goal hungry.



Decent enough.



Okay for a freebie.


And Seb Corchia was still doing his bit:



I'm starting to get more than a little worried about this challenge. Origi just isn't scoring enough in the Premier League and is now in his prime. If he doesn't pick up significantly I haven't got a hope in hell.




Games Played: 317

Goals Scored: 432

Goals Required: 568


The Bernard Voorhoof Challenge


International Goals: 30/30

Goals scored in World Cup: 0/2

Goals scored at club level: 432/350


At least Origi managed to match Bernard Voorhoof's international goal record this year. Technically I'm half way to completing my challenge, but the last two are going to be tough.


I'd welcome, comments, encouragement and so forth :)

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He's definitely a great player, just not scoring as much as I need him to. Averaging a goal a game in the Premier League is still pretty impressive by most standards, though.

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Season 8 - The Curse of Origi's Groin




Last season had been pretty good from a club perspective. While I was still hankering after a move to Spain for the sake of Origi's goal-scoring, I was starting to feel a bit more settled at United.


I carried on my work of strengthening the squad and ridding myself of malcontents during the summer:




All regens, except for Cillensen. I needed a backup keeper (even though De Gea seems to be made of titanium) and took the chance to bring another Ajax old boy to United. The departure of Zaha was a bit disappointing, but he wanted a new challenge and I got a good offer. Bamba and Meira would make decent replacements for him.


The season started off pretty poorly, which left me playing catch up in the league. Here's how it progressed:



Beating the Gunners is always a pleasure.



A poor performance.


Another scare in the early stages of the Capital One Cup:





This time the final was much more clear cut, though.


I defeated PSG easily in both group stage matches in the Champions League, so was feeling confident when I was drawn against them in the Quarter Final:


Damn you!



The Club World Championship saw an ex-Ajax master class from Origi and Stanciu.


This time it was Chelsea that cheated me out of the FA Cup:


Scoring with both of their two chances on goal. It's a fix!




Horrified that I didn't win the league. It was actually much worse with about ten games to go, but both Chelsea and Man City fell apart a bit, letting me scrape into second on the last day of the season.


You can probably guess from the title of this update that Origi had a bit of a problem downstairs this season. Here's the story:



He'd been going really well up to then and, once again, injury cost him WPoTY. It did give his team mates a chance to shine, though:




It seemed like he'd barely been back for any time at all when:


Three serious groin injuries in two seasons. I think his girlfriend needs to take it easy on him for a while.


Those injuries really took their toll on Origi's tally for the season:





Decent scoring rate, but a bit of a disaster for the challenge.


Here's Peely:








If I was worried before I'm really starting to lose hope now. I'm probably about half way through Origi's playing career and less than halfway through the challenge. Given that the last few years will probably not be high scoring, he'll need a lot of goals over the next four years to have any sort of chance.




Games Played: 349

Goals Scored: 471

Goals Required: 529


The Bernard Voorhoof Challenge


International Goals: 31/30

Goals scored in World Cup: 0/2

Goals scored at club level: 471/350


I'm disheartened, but I'm not going to give up yet. A bit of feedback would be nice ;)

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another twist in the plot !..... I think if you can get to Spain you will complete it surely....but in BPL......could be difficult.....keeping fingers crossed :):D

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Thanks. The problem is that the managers of Real Madrid and Barcelona never seem to mess up enough to get sacked. My best bet is one of them resigning to take on an international job or moving to another big club. I could always try resigning and seeing if one goes to United, but that would be pretty high risk :P

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Season 9 - Not as bad as Season 8




A little bit later than I intended, but hopefully worth the wait. After the disappointment of last Season I really needed Origi to up his game if there was to be any hope of completing the challenge.


I didn't feel any great need to bring in huge amounts of new talent, but a few young backups joined the squad, together with a tasty looking left winger:




I'm reasonably sure Bajramovic is Edin Dzeko (how many world class Bosnian strikers are there?), but I haven't tried to identify the others. Shevchenko is the winger and, despite the high price, Digne is really just backup for Alex Sandro. What can I say, I had money to burn.


Once again, the season started off slightly shakily, with a loss and a draw in the league, but things picked up a bit quicker than in the previous season:


The Champions League saw United matched against Ajax in the first round. It was Origi's first chance to return to Amsterdam since he followed me to England. He didn't hold back, though, and neither did my other ex-Ajax players:



The home leg was a similar story. Unfortunately a poor performance away to Chelsea in the Quarter final left me with a bit of a mountain to climb, back at Old Trafford:



Absolutely gutted.



Surprising opposition in the final led to an easy victory.



About time, too.




That's better.



A nice run, shame about losing to Derby.


Origi stayed free of injury this season (hooray!). I think his girlfriend may have been playing away from home:



Dirty boy!


Without groin related mishaps, Origi had a good season:



Well deserved.





He'd been on attacking IT, but I felt he could do with a bit of a boost to his aerial skills. Moving defensive training up to medium added a point to his heading. Not much, but it could make all the difference.



Someone calll 999, my striker is on fire!


The World Cup had come around again and Belgium had qualified. This was Origi's best chance to eclipse Voorhoof and take his rightful position as Belgium's greatest striker:







Take that , Bernie.


It had been a good season all round. This is how I looked at the end of it:







Oooh, Green!


A Russian oligarch had been suitably impressed, too.



Just when I was losing hope, Origi throws me a lifeline. If he can carry on like this for another two or three years, we may just have a chance.




Games Played: 402

Goals Scored: 562

Goals Required: 438


The Bernard Voorhoof Challenge


International Goals: 35/30

Goals scored in World Cup: 3/2

Goals scored at club level: 562/350


The Bernard Voorhoof challenge is complete.


I'd love a few comments; it's been awfully quiet in here of late...

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I haven't kept up with this tbh. Looks like you've made good progress tho, seems like it's in the bag. I'll have a catch up later.

There have been a few slow seasons, but if this one is a taste of the future it should be doable.


Massive season! Over half way and he's peaked well, surely this is in the bag? KIU

The bag is open, but the challenge is still squirming around, trying to escape my grasp ;)


Great season mate Origi is doing astonishing...finish it off :) KIU

He certainly upped his game this season. I think he would have managed similar success last year, if not for the groin problems. I can only hope that he stays clear of injury in future. He'd been largely injury free up until last season, so fingers crossed.

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I'd like to finish his career in Holland, if possible. Other than that I've got Spain or Belgium to choose from. I'd be tempted to move to Spain if Barca or Real Madrid ditch their manager.

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Season 10




Feeling re-invigorated by Origi's success in the last season I ploughed happily into the next. I forgot to take a screenshot of my transfer dealings, but I don't think there was anything particularly significant: a couple of young central defenders as eventual replacements for my ageing stars.


This is how the season went:



A good start.



Devilishly close.



This one should have been far easier.





With ten games to go in the League, we were level on points with Arsenal. The stakes were high when we played host to them at Old Trafford:






That's the way to do it.


The big question was, could Origi put in a performance to equal last season:



Another one.







Not bad at all










Not quite as good as last season, but still very good indeed. The boy may just manage to complete this challenge after all.




Games Played: 460

Goals Scored: 649

Goals Required: 351


The Bernard Voorhoof Challenge


International Goals: 42/30

Goals scored in World Cup: 3/2

Goals scored at club level: 649/350


Next season van Frankenwalk takes on international management!

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Well i see that atletico sacked their manager, you dont fancy them by any chance? You probably played on already tho

Edit- you orobably went with madrid so forget what i said

Edit #2- are you sure you can buy origi considering hes worth 40 odd mil?

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