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2014 Winning Methods - Fmh 2014 tips,tricks and walkthrough


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Winning Methods

may 2017 tottenham vs swansea

my team was down by a goal and so was their morale, I initiated a tactical change to use to equalise so I brought in halilovic a backup with high morale and took off Lennon who had seen no space throughout the game, the roles switched from wng to inf and the adjacent striker was asked to drop deep as dlf so halilovic could cut in, 3 mins later halilovic was put through by the striker Kane and he rounded a quick finish, my opponent didn't make a tactical change quick enough halilovic was at it again as he intercepted a pass and scored from outside the box, 'always works' I said. with this I introduce you to the winning methods, tips and tricks for sucess.

  • Start - choosing a team
  • forming a system that works
  • transfers
  • players
  • on matchday
  • how to get rich quick
  • coercing the board
  • much more
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  • Start - choosing a team

when people press the career button they have different, some want to do a challenge, others want to play from fun some just want to see what happens when they holiday, some use a random method to choose a club.

Clubs for those who want to build a legacy Cardiff,qpr,nottingham, celta vigo,sevilla, Valencia,gladbach, hsv,Bremen,Lyon,Lille,St ettiene, psv, Zulte waregem, fiorentina etc are teams that have no specific style of play so you can build them as you desire

clubs for challenge I would say Santos,athletico,Ajax,real Madrid and Porto are favourites for goal challenges, for lower league based challenge start from skrill I suggest stockport, wycombe,Halifax and afc telford as they are quality at this level,

rich clubs the billionaires of the game, man city,real Madrid,Chelsea,psg,barca,Monaco,Sao Paulo,vitesse,ac Milan,napoli,bayern,hsv etc. get chunks especially after good first seasons.

poor clubs when you feel you are a top Gaffer these clubs we put you down, e.g portsmouth,Bolton,real vallecano,raec Mons etc

wonderkid zones teams packed with youth are psv,schalke, hoffenheim,Norwich,everton, castilla,barca b,Ajax,sociedad, saint ettiene.

clubs for nice regens banfield, and all non playable teams.

average teams Newcastle, everton,Aston Villa,athletic club,Valencia,Roma,vitesse etc.

setting game

you should large database as it adds more players except when you have low memory,I also personally like to load all 4 leagues, challenges in game are recommended if you are new or can't get a hang of the game.




or you can start unemployed.

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  • forming a style that works


style of play

you should have a style of play in mind such as counterattack,long ball etc to know how to represent your style on fmh 2014 see dec's tactic guide, if that still doesn't work then you can coin it from a match scout report e.g playing against guadiola often gives you the chance to coin his tiki-taka.


one of the most important part of any tactic is the midfield,I recommend using 3 players or even 4 in a pivot here, woe and doom to those who would dare use one (you can prove me wrong though), role combinations like dlm,bwm,dlm or apm,bwm,apm, or bbm,apm,bbm with the bbm just in front of the defense works, a rule of thumb is to have at least one defensive minded player here.

team style

now you have your style of play and tactic, but what about the players,are you playing a short passing and pressing then you need a player with good passing and stamina.

do you want defenders who are fast enough to go after strikers like messi etc players like balanta,abdennour, or experienced ones who are slow and act as fortress e.g pupil,mertesacker, pairing a slow defender with good decision as ctr with a bpd is a nice decision in my opinion, also the use of slow bpds is one easy way to lose a game

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So that's it for now, the transfer section is going to be the best as i'm going to reveal how to keep your big boys who want to leave, how and when to scout, how to get rid of competition for players, how to make bargains and top free signings, how to get rid of trash, when to do business and sell good players, how to ensure your player has a good loan season, how to sign players who you loan easily, when to loan players etc would love to see your comments

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  • Transfers

part one

keeping your big guns


some players come to a stage in their careers, when they think they have grown bigger than the club that signed them and need to leave to bolster their career and its your job as gaffer to keep them in line.

before doing this you have to take note of their personality, you don't want to mess around by negatively interacting with players like Balotelli,here are some methods.

  • Demoting the player especially if he's ruthless or ambitious for some time, this also works when a player is angry with you,give 'em chill out time in the reserve,did this to Diego costa and he forgot about moving to a new club when i promoted him.
  • increasing their Wage when they are thinking of leaving, this works but i would recommend keeping this as a last resort.
  • loan him out and recall after a few games on loan,he will feel happy to be back in the first team.
  • stop playing them,transferlist them but don't sell for a long time so their complaints switch to being left out of the team, angry at being transferlisted etc then start playing them and they will be glad to be back in the first team.
there's an exception though when other players get angry with the big fish in a small pond or the player wants a bigger wage which you can't offer etc then its no longer in your hands they have to go and be sure to make a profit.
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It is better but the grammar is still very bad. You need to capitalise starting letters in sentences. Also I think that is a very strange place to start, you should do transfers to improve your side and how to find these, selling players then upset players who want to leave in my opinion.

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Getting rid of competition for players


Ever since the feature of engaging in a transfer battle for a player was introduced,we all have been happy as it introduces more realism, but sometimes it becomes a stumbling block, following one of my careers in Ajax,i had to battle with teams like Chelsea,Real Madrid for players,signing a cheap talent like Stanciu for almost €8m, but that's almost becoming a thing of the past for me and here's a method you should use:

  • Bid for the player e.g I want to sign Lucas Romero,I then make a €5.5m bid.
  • My competition e.g Atletico madrid then arrives to join the auction by making a bigger bid say €8m.
  • Now make a huge bid that the club would always accept even though its all of your transfer budget e.g I then launch a €40m bid and Velez Sarsfield are happy to sell and i sign contract terms with the player, this helps to get rid of the competition as they can't make a new bid.
  • Cancel the transfer before it is completed.
  • Then bid for the player again at your own price and enjoy a bidding session without the influence of other clubs.
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Taking out the trash

January 2018

I'm manager of real Madrid following a brief stint at white Hart lane, my second day in charge and there are so many players, players from castilla,new signings, so many top players, the team is filled up and the board won't let me sign new players, time to take out the trash and here's a method that has always worked for me.

  • Transferlist the player and offer for free.
  • there will be bids as A.I. loves the Bowman. this is the time to act.
  • Answer the bid and reply asking for 1m especially if the players value is above 1m, for LLM, you guys can try 1k or 10k or 100k depending on the players value say 10k if Phil jevons is worth 50k, 100k if Diego de girolamo is worth 900k, 1m if Borja is worth 5m.
  • Keep increasing the bid, If Juventus agree to your 1m, then increase it to 2m,3m,4m, until you get to the players value. UNLESS you receive a bid like 3.5m or 4.8m, anything that isn't square then you have to accept it or leave it.

Trust me this works, I have gotten rid of about 15 players in just one transfer widow with this match.

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When to do business

February 2018

The bernabeu is getting tense, Shakhtar had packed the bus after scoring a goal, they had some exactly this in the first leg and it worked, Locadia our top scorer hadn't play in the first leg but here he was in the box,Coentrao made a mazy run down the wing and crossed into the box Locadia made scoring look easy with a diving header, the Dutch striker went on to score 2 more goals saving our champions league.

End of Season and I received an €85m bid from PSG for a player I bought €8m, There was no way I would sell him after all he was just 24 years and was getting into his prime, a second look and I realized that there were better strikers out there and Locadia was gone.

Sorry for the story, but here's a little tip on when for know how to do business.

  • When there's a huge amount involved, You can always find a better player or wait for a regen.
  • When the player is past his prime.
  • before his prime when there's a big amount involved
  • you could always listen to your heart.
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How to sign Players to improve your squad

A tip I learned from the world's greatest, Sir Alex Ferguson, Ferguson was a master when it came to building squads nobody ever believed that he could replace a squad of Beckham,Van nistelrooy, etc replacing Beckham with Ronaldo and Nistelrooy with Rooney and so much more, the key is planning ahead,

  • Never sign players because of sentiment unless they have a role to play.
  • Always look at player mentality.
  • Plan ahead say you have messi as your treq always be on your toes for a replacement, like I want to sell locadia and I've been watching Villa's regen, this makes replacement easy.
  • always look for the cheapest and best options by scouting.
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How to scout

Scouting in fmh can get really unsatisfying but realistic, you are at stockport and your scouts tell you that Naismith is a 5 star player, and you are at barca and your scout say Naismith is not good enough, scouting is usually affected by a players performance and his reputation, so I usually prefer to scout off Season as this creates a level playing ground for players,Also I allow my scouts to do their jobs and then rescout their scouting reports. I also take a look at a players average rating.

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How to ensure your loaned at players have a good Season

  • Always loan them out to a club with real playing fixtures
  • Always retrain them to new positions,this way they get more playing time
  • don't be afraid to recall if they are not getting enough playing time
  • Always chose poorer teams over the good ones, this way your player can be the star.

This is an easy way to unlock the remove loan widows unlockable.

I was just giving time and space for comments, now that I think of it that was a better idea.

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I disagree that it is better to loan to a club with real playing fixtures. I made an experiment loaning Anthony Martial to different clubs. French league was the only playable one. In first career, I loaned him to Metz, Lens, Genk and Vitesse. In Metz and Lens he scored 10 goals and costed 6 mil.€. In Genk and Vitesse he scored nearly in every match and returned to me costing 12 mil€.

So was with Marco van Ginkel. England was loaded only. 2 seasons of loan to Cardiff and Hull, he is still a decent youth. 2 seasons of loan to Vitesse and BVB - he is a beast, with 30 goals and 40 assists fot both seasons, costing 46 mil €.

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I meant teams like kaiserlautern and valencia that have B teams that don't simulate fixtures as they usually demote loaned players. You are completely correct, Thanks for the feedback and i hope you like my methods so far.

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