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2014 FMHVibe's FMH2014 2014/15 Update - FINAL [Fixed]


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Thank you everyone for supporting us this year with our updates, we've had over 50,000 downloads for our updates. This will be the final update and sorry it took so long however things got in the way but we hope you will see why with the amount of work put it.

What does this update include?
The latest transfers as of 29th October for Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and the major others including in Brazil, Russia and India
Over 800 New Players (less than 200 difference between the large database and this one!)
Retired Players
Manager Changes
Over 100 New Managers
Over 150 New Clubs
New Club Logos
Under 21 clubs for big clubs throughout Europe
Player and Manager Name Fixes
Loan Cancellations
Player International Retirements
Club/National Colour Changes
Competition Name updates
Competition Promotions/Relegations
Competition Colour Updates for more realism
6 new playable national teams!
Other Realistic Updates



Extract the file using Winzip, 7zip or any other file extraction. Please note the logos are new clubs ONLY and not Premier League, this file is here

To Install on iOS-
Save 1 = England, Germany, Italy, Spain
Save 2 = England, France, Holland, Portugal
Save 3 = England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Save 4 = England, Belgium, Northern Ireland

Save numbers can be edited so they go into a different slot by changing them to any number between 1 and 4.

Afterwards get the save and load the Save Editor editing your manager name, nationality and club (Original is FMH Vibe) by going to manager, searching for FMH Vibe and then selecting your details from the drop downs.
Please note manager name is restricted to database names.

Afterwards go to your club you want to manage, click edit then swap manager with "unemployed" then save and repeat swapping to your manager.

Install by adding in to iTunes by connecting to your PC and on iTunes clicking your device name or symbol (depending on iTunes version - it will be on the top bar next to music). Go to Apps then scroll down to File Sharing.

To Install on Android (via PC)-
Connect your device via Airdroid or USB to the computer. Transfer the folders to FMH2014_Data > Data > Databases and overwrite all.

To Install on Android (direct from device)-
Extract the file via ES File Explorer and transfer to FMH2014_Data > Data > Databases and overwrite all.

Installation Notes-
Turn quick start off in preferences and disable extended database.
Load England or England and another league.

Logo Installations-
Select your logo SD skins run SD, WVGA run WVGA and the rest run HD. To find out yours check in credits in the top bar such as "Football Manager Handheld 2014 (HDTV)" is HDTV.

As with the save but place in FMH2014_Data > Data then Logos, Logos_iPad or Logos_WVGA.

Please remember to back up your saves and other data. We take no responsibility for anything that is lost.
If there is anything missing please let us know Here.
Special thanks to Niall_McGinn for his amazing changes, Jay Marvels for the support with the Pre-Game Editor, SG11 for feedback and Adam Croxford for testing.
Do not distribute without permission.

How can I say thank you?
Please Donate to the site to help cover hosting costs.

Edit: 06/11/2014 00:58 - Fixed Reserve Team Issue - Please Feedback if it occurs

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once again great work to all of you i enyoid playing the last one im gona enyoin this one thnx :)

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I dont know why dont work in my SGS4 :/

I change files england and england solo in data/database , in game im choice database - February 2014 or November 2013, quick start - on, large database - off.

But when im start new game only england league, i have old teams


Sorry for my english :)

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Quick Start needs to be off.

Edit; It appears Barcelona B youngster Seung Lee Woo should be 1998 in his date of birth, if you wish to edit this you can do this on the Pre-Editor or Save Editor.

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Very nice...!

Adding karim ansarifard is very good (but his main position is Striker  ;) )

And Reza ghoochannejhad is no longer playing for Charlton (Moved to al kuwait this summer)

Gyan is still missing for me  :unsure:

BTW very good update .... going to sign Robert Piers!  :lol:

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Not according to the FM researchers. Thanks, we won't be updating again and Gyan wasn't considered that important. Sorry.

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Is it right that the wage budget is 0


Yes, unfortunately its a side effect of not editing the finances while increasing payroll by adding players.

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Hey guys. I have a question , since my android only support one league , there's no chance i can play play with FcPorto with the actual team? Brahimi, Tello and so on ..

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You could give this a try,

Yes, but im a bit scared of rooting my device , i think i'm just going to play with v5.3 and wait for fmh2015 , thanks for the quick answer.

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Be aware redoing this file for every league wouldn't just take hours it would take weeks and months.

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Sorry if I am being stupid, I have installed the file for the update,there was was no option to over rite, also do I need to use the save editor?

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Yeah on Android, Extracted the so file to the data/database folder, there was the eng solo folder and eng folder,do I then put these into the database folder?

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Need some help here. I'm trying to swap manager for chelsea and i'm getting a message saying "Can not swap international manager, swap failed"

What am I doing wrong?

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Sorry Dec can you give me a step by step. Sorry I know it's probably blaringly obvious but I cant figure it out!

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Select unemployed then click save then swap with your manager. A full detailed installation is on the first post

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