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2015 Around the World in 800 BatiGoals

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Hey Bat to achieve this with the new ME is quite amazing,cause I once tried the new ME for the 2nd time the other day and gosh it was really frustrating.Nice job

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This sort of performance at such an advanced age. God damn! Hats off, BG!

Thanks a lot.

I have to say I'm fortunate he didn't decide to retire during his 3 years on the sidelines.



Hey Bat to achieve this with the new ME is quite amazing,cause I once tried the new ME for the 2nd time the other day and gosh it was really frustrating.Nice job

it's 3 min. per game and once you have a couple formations that work and the right combo of player roles etc half the work is done. If time was an issue I'd divert back to the original engine.

Thanks big!

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Unbelievable scenes!! Well in mate

Thanks man.


Feed me more!

Hopefully in a couple days. Season's almost completed but got a busy weekend ahead.


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Congrats BatiGoal for completing the 1K goals! :)

Thank you!



Malcom's 20th season


After scoring his incredible 1000th goal in all competitions in September Malcom was still 78 goals short of the needed 200 in Holland. With the side challenge (1KC) completed there was still a huge task ahead of us getting the remaining 78 in order to complete the main challenge Around The World In 800 Goals.

As of September 2033 Malcom had netted 7 goals in 9 games bringing his total goals in Holland to 122.


78 goals remain





After scoring 1000 goals Malcom suddenly dropped his form for the next 3-4 months. Other than his age I wasn't quite sure what caused this.





Still not scoring much other than penalties this is starting to get me worried as he may not have more than 1-2 seasons in him left.





With a measly 8-9 goals in 20+ games I definitely need to change something. With this rate I'm not getting the 200 goals before his retirement. Trying to balance out the team with an extra DM (I think the team was too offensive) I wanted more ball possession and play without pressing and without attacking as this would wear Malcom out too quickly. He was doing 50-60min tops.


I needed to find a way to keep him as long as possible on the pitch to give him more minutes thus more opportunities for goals. It made a huge huge difference with a striking partner, no pressing, balanced style of play he did 80-90min!!! at age 37.





His average rating and goals are increasing. More minutes -> more goals





This was the result of injuries and suspensions coupled with a horrible off-day.





Wham!! How's that for a return leg. Amazing response from the team and Malcom just turned 37 scored his first brace in almost 10 months. Way to go for a birthday present.





Craziest game in a longgg time. No explanation for this.

Both great attack versus leaky defences. Malcom nets one so it's all good.





Wonderful winner in De Kuip. Ajax are the Champions !!!


Unfortunately Malcom's major dip mid-season hit him hard in his goal tally and av. rating so for the very first time in his career

he failed to pick up the individual award for best player of the season both domestically and internationally.

It's no disgrace at his age.


Best Manager




Malcom's goals in his 20th season



TBH I would've signed for this. It was tough but figuring out a way to get him on the pitch for nearly the entire match proved essential.


Malcom's Form



An outstanding end to the season!


Malcom's Profile



I know you're thinking this is impossible but believe me with 10 topclass players around him as well as the perfect formation, tactics and match settings he can still score the odd goal. And that's what I'm hoping for for 2 more seasons. Hopefully.

Altho I must admit..at the start of season 21!! his physique looks slightly worse. He has 60min per game tops I think.


- 1006 games - 1029 goals -

(excl. 8 games not under my management)


Road to 800 goals:


Chapter 1: Malcom in Brasil (completed)

- 1st season: 45 goals (Corinthians)

- 2nd season: 62 goals (Corinthians)

- 3rd season: 63 goals (Corinthians)

- 4th season: 74 goals (Corinthians) +

total of 244 goals in Brazil


Chapter 2: Malcom in Spain (completed)

- 5th (1/2-)season: 46 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 6th season: 55 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 7th season: 81 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 8th season: 72 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 9th season: 57 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 10th season: 85 goals (Atletico Madrid)

- 11th (1/2)season: 38 goals (Atletico Madrid) +

total of 434 goals in Spain


Chapter 3: Malcom in England (completed)

-11th (1/2)season: 35 goals (Manchester United)

- 12th season: 65 goals (Manchester United)

- 13th season: 63 goals (Manchester United)

- 14th season: 37 goals (Manchester United)

- 15th season: 0 goals (Manchester United)

- 16th season: 0 goals (Manchester United)

- 17th(1/2)season: 0 goals (Manchester United) +

total of 200 goals in England


Chapter 4: Malcom in Holland (in progress)

- 17th(1/2)season: 23 goals (Ajax)

- 18th season: 52 goals (Ajax)

- 19th season: 40 goals (Ajax)

- 20th season: 36 goals (Ajax)

- 21st season: ..... goals (Ajax) +

total of 151 goals (..in progress)






49 goals remaining!!!


This is definitely not going to happen in a single season so I need to squeeze 2 more out of him. Well, or one and a half.

If he retires and rejects an extra season I'm screwed and so is this challenge. I would hate to come so close and die with the finish line in plain sight. This challenge has really tested me in ways I couldn't have imagined. Will Malcom bring it home???


Thoughts, Suggestions, Prayers, Love, welcome.



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I hope Malcolm is still scoring regularly.

I have a player on 950 goals and 2 years left on his contract. He was still scoring at least a goal a game until this season where he has completely stopped. 3 in his first 20!

Suddenl those lady 50 goals seem impossible.

Hope Malcolm doesn't just switch off.

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Thanks for the comments and support guys. Appreciate it a lot.



Season 21





Malcom considers retirement at last..




And reconsiders moments afterwards :)


Yes!!! Delighted with this news that was all I could think about.

It's official now. I've got 2 seasons left to score 49 goals with a 37-year-old.

He'll be 39 by the time he retires and that I must admit is really old for a striker.

If it wasn't for that this challenge would be over long ago.


The countdown has begun..




48 to go..


(more later..)




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I must confess I'm quite lucky I picked Malcom for this challenge as I can't see many players pulling off a 23-year football career. Astonishing.

I'm hoping to wrap this up as soon as possible.

Thanks biggie guys!


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