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2015 [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

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erm... i can't load my file for no reason. I edited the save file and i moved it back via ifunbox but when i try to load it in fmh15 it says unable to load saved data :( help pls jay TT

well ccan't really support jb idevices but if you're not from a western country make sure your Unicode settings are correct

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Do you need to use a Winetrick or something to get it to work on Winebottler? I've managed to get it downloaded and installed (it shows the right icon) but when I try to load it nothing happens.

I've also run this on a Windows computer with the new transfer update save file but every time I try to swap the manager with a club manager I get a message saying I can't swap an international manager, even though I'm not trying to swap one!

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Any fix for the jit debugging error that a couple of others have experienced? i hqve downloaded the 2015 summer window update (latest version) and on loading save slot one i cant change manager name or club with out all in the list changing to frank de boer!?  fully paid for game on ios is where im at. 

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what is this 'unhandled exception' I keep getting? I can edit my other saves but when I try to edit this one I get an error. can anyone look at my save? thnx

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Help please...

I tried to change manager name and swap Juventus manager with mine... And saved the game. but when I tried load in my iPad Air FMH2015 6.3.xx, it says Unable to load data.... Please fix this anyway..


Used Summer Transfer update 2015 as well

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any reply on the JIT debugging thing or nah?

Base on my experience, to use SE, we should change two settings . Please try.

1. Go to control panel -> Region and Language -> Format Page-> Format: -> Select "English (United Kindom)"

2. Go to control panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative Page-> Change System Locale... -> Select "English (United Kindom)"

Note: Aboves are base on win7. If your op is other version, the operation should be similar but not same.

Edited by rseven

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