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2015 There's Been A Murder!

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Angry fan after the match shouting up to the board room window outside the ground. 

It's the Assistant Manager I tell you he was once a "wonderkid" some say he was the next Pele but injury cut him down in his prime. Now any time one of our lad show the slightest bit of potential he takes their life. 

I have no proof to back these wide aligations just look in to it. 

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There's Been A Murder!

The fans are understandably angry and annoyed at the events unfolding at FMHVibe FC and things look to be getting worse as it was a revealed a few days ago that the owner of the club has decided to change the clubs name! The owner is in the process of changing the teams name to FMMVibe and the fans are outraged, apparently this change will give the club a fresh image while also being less confusing to the fan base, as you can tell the fans believe this to be nonsense but are powerless to stop the change. 

This is just another added problem to the club as they battle to survive not only on the pitch as teammates are dropping like fly's. Fortunately the club had an important game coming up against relegation rivals Colchester in a game described as a real six pointer. 


The FMHVibe FC fans and players knew a win would help them out of trouble while a defeat would leave them adrift deep in the mix, it was a big day for the club even though it was early in the season and the fans didn't make life easier for anyone. 

Before kick off a group of dedicated supports marched on the clubs boardroom and protests for change with many fans worried about the well being of their players. One fan even accused the assistant manager of being the murder! You could see the shock on the board members faces and they released a statement just before kick off saying the following.

"Our assistant manager is doing the best job he can considering everything going on around the club and the lengths the fans will sink to to see him dismissed is sickening. We have faith in our assistant and we believe he will see the club to safety, i'm sure if he was guilty the police would have arrested him by now. Let's stop this hearsay and focus on finding the killer while getting results on the pitch!"

The whispering's continued around the ground until the fans had the team sheets to moan about.


The squad was looking thin and the reserve team players called up were untested, this could have disaster written all over it! 

The Match


FMHVibe FC were soundly beaten by Colchester as it looks like there season is continuing to get worse. All the drama before kick off obviously effected the players as they failed to turn up when the fans and club needed them most.

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I'm surprised that even until now the killer is still not yet found! Wow! I don't think the authority gives a crap anymore really! 

Justice for those lives that was lost! JUSTICE!!

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There's Been A Murder

November 18 2014

The board members of FMHVibe FC have been hit by a double blow as during a fan protest about the proposed name change to FMMVibe FC a car swerved into the crowd! Amazingly there was only one fatality as star forward Lee Cutler took the brunt of the impact! Cutler wasn't protesting but was discussing the situation with the crowd when the black BWM came racing around the corner swiping the young striker who had three goals in fifteen games from behind. 

The fans acted quickly as half tried to help the wounded Cutler who died shortly after while the others tried to stop the car from driving off, they new instantly this was the work of the serial killer and they were out to stop him! The fans climbed on the car and tried to block it's path but the driver showed no mercy as he ploughed through them at speed treating the members of the public like pins at bowling. The car vanished into the night and CCTV pictures showed the number plate was covered, the police gave chase once they made the scene of the crime but all they found was the sports car burnt out on the edge of town. 

Today was another dark day in the world of football. 

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This killer is getting a little too brave for my liking now - just driving through people?!?!!

I think he's taking a few more risks now. Maybe he knows the end is near.

Maybe he wants to get caught.

Or maybe he's just a lunatic....

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There's Been A Murder


The loss of star striker Lee Cutler was hard to take as the doom and gloom continued to surround the club but as always the football must go on and next up for FMHVibe FC was Walsall. The similar pattern continued as FMHVibe FC went into this fixture as the underdogs but could they earn something in memory of Cutler?


The Remaining Squad And Formation


The current squad makes depressive viewing as only eight members remain from the team that started the season. With so many deaths and limited options available the manager selected this eleven for the Walsall match. Fans had noticed the change in shape and they hoped the manager had seen something which could transform the teams form.


The Match


The players should be down on moral and belief but they somehow battled on to secure an incredible draw! The late goal by Dako 1991 has restored some hope into the fans as every point helps at this stage of the season. 

Next up for the walking wounded was Scunthorpe and once again FMHVibe FC were seen as the outsiders.


The Formation


The set up stayed the same as the fans hoped the club could build on last weeks impressive draw.

The Match


Unfortunately that wasn't the case as FMHVibe FC lost an incredibly even match, it could have gone either way but as always the luck wasn't on Vibe's side.

December First

League Table


FMHVibe FC look in a lot of trouble as they've been cut adrift from the pack!

November Results


A tough month for everyone involved.

December was a fresh start for the club however as they looked to turn their fortunes around, first up was Preston in front of the home crowd.


The Formation


The Match


Dako 1991 has done it again as FMHVibe FC claim a massive win! Dutch Tony was also on the score sheet! Next up for the club was a tricky trip to Rochdale, could they maintain this form?


It seems a good time to face Rochdale and moral is high within the FMHVibe squad.

The Match


Dreamland! The club pick up back to back wins with two fantastic first half goals, the teams ability to hold on during the second half is a massive positive! 

*Breaking News*
And Then There Was Seven

The police have announced that on the 14th of December the body of Dutch Tony was found at one of the towns local party warehouses. The player was apparently head of the Christmas Party and was out looking at supplies when a stack of plastic Christmas trees fell and crushed the player. Tony suffered head injuries as well as a broken shoulder from the falling trees but his death was drawn out and slow, when the shops owner managed to pull Tony out of the wreckage he managed to muster these final words "I saw a shadowy figure behind the boxes, the next thing i knew i was under the pile" before passing on. 

The FMHVibe killer has struck again!

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There's Been A Murder!
No Holiday Cheer This Year
The Rest Of December

FMHVIbe FC have had a horrid time of late but things didn't improve during the rest of December as the teams form continued to be poor. With everything going on around the club this was acceptable but it made for a very depressing Christmas for the fans, the players and the community in general. 

How December Unfolded.

The first game after the death of one time suspect Dutch Tony was Peterborough away.


A tight match but Peterborough did enough to secure the points. Next up was a chance for FMHVibe FC to lift the spirits of the crowd with a home fixture against Gillingham.


Dako continued his fine goal scoring form but it wasn't enough. Only having one shot on target is enough to worry the fans even more, not only do they have to deal with all the death around the City but the club also looks relegation bound. 


Surely Mr Derry has better things to be doing on Xmas eve than sticking the knife in? The FMHVibe fans didn't take kindly to the managers words with many people wondering why he decided to stick his nose in now?

The Boxing Day fixture saw FMHVibe FC face Leyton Orient away, the media suggested the club needed a Christmas miracle to get anything from this match, but did they get one?


Unfortunately not as Orient run riot putting five past the battered relegation contenders, Dako remains the only positive as his fantastic form continues but the doom and gloom is getting very real. Maybe a fixture against Swindon could see the sides luck change?


FMHVibe FC are in serious trouble now and they have Barnsley awaiting them in the next round!



The last day of the year sees FMHVibe FC suffer another stuffing, can the New Year bring a change of fate for the club?

League Standings


Survival is still possible but the team needs to come back strong in 2015.



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This was my all time favourite thread on Vibe. What a great idea and it played out really well.

I wasn't over the moon that my death was "drawn out and slow" though lol.

I only have 1 question and I think you know what it is....

Who was the killer?

And why was he/she/they doing this?

Ok 2 questions :-D

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I'll whip together a final update, I did start to do it then I had PC problems, then the imgur App issues and I just got frustrated and then I forgot :P 

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

I'll whip together a final update, I did start to do it then I had PC problems, then the imgur App issues and I just got frustrated and then I forgot :P 

OK cool,just read this,didn't bother to before due to the amount of comments on this thread :P 

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There's Been A Murder!
After almost half a season of deaths at FMHVibe FC the FA have finally stepped in and suspended the league. The fans and players are relieved but questions have to be asked why it took so long. 
With the football taking a back seat the players finally started to settle down and relax as they hoped this would be the end of the killing spree. In an attempt to rebuild team spirit the owners of the club had arranged for the players to attend a televised one night special of "Come Dine With Me" sponsored and hosted by Alari of SI fame. 
The idea of the TV show was each player would make a dish for his teammates but instead of doing it night by night they'd be doing it all in one evening. The players were obviously excited and the rumours of Alari preparing them a "bug" based "bushtuker trail" type meal didn't faze them. 
The squad arrived and one by one they disappeared into the kitchen of the posh hotel the event was hosted in to prepare their meals. With seven squad members and the bug fest from Alari each meal was small and none took too long to prepare with Dirt Boy's Australian cuisine taking the longest. 
The players enjoyed the meals and when the last bite was eaten they all started to laugh and joke, spirits were indeed improving which is likely due to the flow of alcohol. 
As the conversation turned rather raunchy there was a bang at the end of the table, to everyone's dismay Dan TheStripe had passed out! The team mocked their team mate for not being able to handle his beer and champagne but when Dirt Boy also hit the ground with a thud the panic was clear to see on everyone's eyes. 
What was going on? Squad members were dropping like flies! The clubs doctor was soon on the scene and he declared both players as deceased! The killer is back! The doctor continued his examination of the players bodies and concluded both had been poisoned! It appears someone spiked their meal and attempted to kill the rest of the squad in one go! 
Dako 1991 ran for the exit to find every door bolted from the outside! Alari had also disappeared, he must have snuck out as he volunteered to let the doctor in! Dako stumbled back to his seat but he didn't make it has he fell to the ground gasping for air, the doctor acted but it was once again too late, the dose of poison was too strong! 
The final four members of the squad stared at each other with eyes of judgement, fear and nervousness as they knew the killer was in this room, one of these teammates was responsible for all of this! 
The question remains, who is the killer!!!!

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As the end comes near,I'm thinking it wasn't any of the players who was the killer,but I can't figure who else was responsible though. 

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I liked your idea of making a completely new team ash(usually just upgrade a team like gillingham) so i took over mansfield and renamed them iron maiden

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