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Looking forward #2 - Top 5 DEF wonderkids in FMH16


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Hey guys!

Who doesn’t love a good FM wonderkid?

From Freddy Adu to Eder Alvarez Balanta – a good wonderkid should evoke feelings of excitement, wonder and awe at their world-class potential and their game changing performances for many years to come.

With FMH16 around the corner, let’s take a look at some players who can achieve ‘wonderkid’ status in the upcoming game.

Today, we look at the top 5 defenders of FMH16:

(All defenders on this list are 22 and under, in addition to being somewhat affordable)

Number 5

Jesus Vallejo



At just 18 years old, Jesus Vallejo is the youngest player on this list and boy does he ooze potential. 

Avid fans of FM may already be familiar with him in the current iteration of games due to his highly affordable transfer fee.

Unfortunately his cheap fee may not continue in FMH16 as Vallejo was signed by one of the biggest clubs in the world - Real Madrid, just two weeks ago. 

But, if you're willing to spend more, he will develop into a world class defender after a few seasons. 

Number 4

Leander Dendoncker



At number 4 is a player not as well known as the others on this list - Anderlecht defender Leander Dendoncker.

Anderlecht is known for hoarding young talent on FM games, and Dendoncker is no exception. 

The value of Dendoncker is not only demonstrated by this talent and skill in the game - he is also a versatile player who can fill in as a defensive or central midfielder. 

Dendocker's stock will continue to rise in the coming years, as he has recently made his debut for the Belgian national team, but he should still be quite affordable at the start of FMH 16.

Number 3

Jonathan Tah



Number 3 of my top 5 wonderkid defenders for FMH16 is Jonathan Tah

As the current captain of the German U19 squad, Jonathan has a very bright future in front of him as a German first choice international

Like Vallejo, he has also recently left his FMH15 team, Hamburger SV, and signed with German powerhouse Bayer Leverkusen. 

This means he won't be as cheap to buy in FMH 16, which does make him a less viable wonderkid. 

Nevertheless, he is still a fantastic talent should you choose to make an offer.

Number 2

Daniele Rugani


At number 2, its Juventus defender Daniele Rugani.

An experienced player in the Italian system, Rugani was pivotal in helping Empoli reach the Serie A two seasons ago, and was once again instrumental last season, scoring 3 times in 39 appearances.

At the start of FMH 16, Rugani will be suiting up for defending champions, Juventus. Although he won’t be their first choice defender, he will likely be an important rotation player as he continues to develop his skills.

The only downside to Rugani is that he won’t be cheap to pry away from Juventus. 

Number 1

Eder Alvarez Balanta



If you’ve played FMH this year, you would almost certainly know about this overpowered Columbian defensive wonderkid.

Costing around $5-8 million at the start of FMH15, Eder Alvarez Balanta can play immediately in any first team, and given a few more years, will develop into one of the best central defenders in the world.

In FMH16, Eder will remain at River Plate, which is great news for managers interesting in recruiting him for another year.

It’s hard to top how good he is in FMH15, and given he will likely be just as affordable in FMH16, it’s even harder to de-throne him as the best wonderkid defender in FMH16. 

What do you think of my predictions? Who do you think will be a proper wonderkid defender in FMH16? Is there anyone I've missed? Please leave your comments below! 

(This list is speculative and my opinion only, and isn’t in any way reflective of the upcoming FMH16)

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I've used the top four defenders! Balanta and Tah is totally god-like. Dendocker is good too, when I first found him in the game, I even thought he's Kompany's regen. Another good work. 

Cheers mate, glad you're enjoying this series of lists. Balanta has been so OP in this version I'm actually hoping he loses a bit of ability / potential in FMH16 haha.. Might encourage me to try some other defenders and not just auto bid for him every save :P 

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Vallejo is an almost automatic buy for me in England saves. Love his stats and potential and all for only 6 million pounds :-)


One not on your list is the young Argentinian Mammana - even cheaper than Vallejo but also brilliant

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Vallejo is an almost automatic buy for me in England saves. Love his stats and potential and all for only 6 million pounds :-)


One not on your list is the young Argentinian Mammana - even cheaper than Vallejo but also brilliant

Ah yep agreed - I've only used Mammana once or twice and he has been pretty solid in those teams. 

There were a few others I thought about but didn't include - Kongolo, Jose Gaya and Jonathan Silva - very expensive to buy though :( 

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Jonathan Silva is insane on the Spanish db. If i am playing as RM or Barca, then he is automatic buy for me. Generally ends up with Ronaldo like stats - kills the DL position. Worth every penny. Sadly he isnt anywhere near as good on the England db (at least not in any of the saves Ive had) - so rarely buy him on those saves

Kongolo is a bit hit and miss for me - i seem to end up with versions with poor hidden stats

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