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2015 The Transfers Guide


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The Transfer Guide

Hi guys,it's Halamadrid here and today I'll be bringing you an interesting guide on how to master your transfer hierarchy on FMH like a pro.

Transfer-The action taken when a player under contract moves between clubs.

Signing Players

If you tend to choose teams with the highest starting transfer fees(read the guide by FastFurious which I'll give you the link to it at the end of this article),you may be able to bring in a few quality players,but not too many as you can't make too many dramatical changes to your squad as your players can't gel together in a short period of time,that's why you should always analyse your team before making the move.You must check on your squad to see which position needs strengtening,let's say if you only have 2-3 SC's at the club,it may be ideal to bring in another SC to fill in as backup,unless you're only playing one striker upfront.Once you've picked the positions,don't directly make a bid for a player you've chosen,he may not ne a success at the club.You'll need to make a scout report for him,however scout reports are not very accurate sometimes,so that's when your transfer ability comes into play,as you prepare to launch a bid for a player without assurance of will he help the club or not,if you're very familiar with the handling of transfers,then you're good to go,but if you're still a rookie,then you must trust your scout and learn more about the player you're bidding for,that way you'll know how he performs in real-life and be able to get an idea of how he'll perform in the game.

The next thing to consider is the attributes of the players,although you might love the players with well-rounded stats and has a lot of green and blues,some players who are only specialized in one position might only have lower ratings on their weaker attributes,but they're still top players if they have high ratings on their stronger attributes.

My advice for you is that you shouldn't be too active in the market in your first season as your players had only started to work together under your leadership and not cooperate smoothly if there are many new additions to the squad.Instead,try to buy more young players for future purposes.When the new season arrives,that's the perfect time to start spending.But you should always have your own transfer policy to stick to,like I can only buy 2 players above the value of 20m(for richer clubs of course).

Selling Players

If there are transfers in,then there must be transfers out,when new players come,then it almost certainly spells the end for the deadwood at the club.However,those deadwood shouldn't be easily snatched away by other clubs especially rival teams unless you receive offers which meets the stated valuation of the player.

First,you should consider why you want a player to be transfer listed.There must be a certain factor.Are his services no longer required?Is he involved in a rift with his teammates?Is he underperforming?These are just a few reasons,I didn't state a few others because if I did it would make a very long article,but you should be able to identify at least one factor you're transfer listing a player.

If you have a player whose contract is expiring but rejected to having it renewed,then you must sell him immediately especially if he only has a few months left,to prevent him leaving on a freebie.

Or do you have a veteran who is no longer needed and could end up retiring at the club?If you do then please sell him if you think he's useless.Although the money you'll receive after selling him may not be mouth-watering,it's better to have some little money instead of letting him retire for absolutely nothing.

During some points of your career,there might be a team that will make a giant offer for your star player for an amount that is too hard to resist.That is a moment when you'll be having problems making up your mind,so you must always consider these few aspects:does he prove to be helpful to the team or is he just an average player?Second,what will you do with the money you'll receive by selling him?Are you going to look for a replacement?Or are you going to store it in the bank?You must make your decisions very carefully as one wrong move can cost you trophies or a fight against the drop.

Loaning In Players

This is more used for LLM instead of top division teams.As a lower league team isn't very rich,you should always be looking in the loan market,to find a top player to come to your club temporarily and help your club to gain promotion.Of course not every player wants to come to your club,so don't forget to switch the 'interested' filter on.

Loaning Out Players

This is a good method for wonderkids you've bought or young players already in the team.Due to their young age,it's very unlikely for them to break into the first team(unless they have superb talent),so you should loan them out to other clubs to let them gain vital experience for the sake of their respective futures.

Free Transfers

For the lower league teams who are often below their wage budget and in an insecure financial status,the free market is made for them(as you'll seldom see top-flight clubs searching in the free market,right?).In some occasions,you can even find some hidden gems in the market who can become a beast for your team.But finding hidden gems is not a simple task,as the free market contains a lot of players who are already past their peak,so you must keep your eyes peeled.

Tips & Tricks

  • After making a bid for a player,once the club has accepted the offer and you're about to offer a contract to the player,go to Club Finances>Adjust Budgets then raise your wage budget to the highest possible,then select 'Offer Contract',offer him the highest wage the board would allow then 'Confirm'.After that,go to Club Finances>Adjust Budget then raise your transfer budget until it reaches the amount of the bid you made,then wait for the player to accept the offer.
  • When you're selling a player,you should raise the sell-on percentage to the highest possible so that you can get extra profit once that player is sold once again to a different club.
  • When you're involved in a tense transfer battle,try to make an enormous bid that exceeds your opponent's amount offered by a mile,and when the club accepts,withdraw that offer and bid again for a lower amount.This way you can easily sign a player without having to be stuck in a transfer battle.
  • If you're doing a LLM,always try to disable the 'Big Club Release Clause' when bidding for a player.

How to maximize your transfer budget by FastFurious:  http://community.fmhvibe.co.uk/forums/topic/29236-how-to-maximize-your-transfer-budget/

This is the end of the guide,thanks for reading and wish everyone have a good time signing players.

Comments are appreciated.

Till then,bye.

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I agree with Hashtag. A good explanation of each type of transfer and who is ideal for them - though you forgot Bosman, but when I think of transfer guide I normally think of how to play the market.


Very well written though.

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Thanks for the tips and tricks but I still get denied by the player (Martin Ødegraad &, Alyma Muric) even after his club has accepted the offer, saying "I'm not interested in moving to your club"😞Pls help. 

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