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5 Premiership players to avoid in FMH16


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With FMH16 just around the corner we are all getting excited thinking about the teams and players we are going to use.

However for every young star that has burst onto the scene there multiple players whose careers have nose dived. Here we celebrate those players and look at why they should be avoided in FMH16. At first glance it might not be so obvious....


Super Mario



Looking for a striker to lead your attack in FMH16? This guy will pop up somewhere at the top of your transfer search. With his good attributes he will seem like a bargain. He will start on Loan at Ac Milan and may even be transfer listed. I'm going to predict a figure of £10-£15 million could buy you Mario. You may think that given his likely good attributes that he will be a great signing, he won't. His hidden stats are going to ruin him and his personality will cause squad disharmony. 

Avoid rating 8/10



The future of English football. Our Jack



Poor Jack Wilshire. Tipped as the great bright hope for England, the lad just can not string a run of games together. Thinking of building your team around Jack? Better think again! A high hidden stat for injury proness is guaranteed for this young talent meaning you would be crazy to buy him or pin your hopes on him if you play as Arsenal. 

Avoid rating 7/10



Where to start with the next player.



Whilst it's unlikely that you are counting down the days until you can sign Joey, he may pop into your consideration in future. He will be on a short contract at Burnly and may be the ideal free signing for promoted lower league managers looking to add experience to their squad. Joey will deny any wrongdoing but the facts show that controversy has followed Joey wherever he has gone. If Mr Barton is in your squad then you are going to earn your money as a manager. Expect squad disharmony and a player that constantly speaks out in the media.

Avoid rating 9/10



The Chelsea flop




Cuadrado had what can only be described as a nightmare during his time at Chelsea. 5 minutes into his debut he had fans looking at each other wondering what the hell was going on. Described as a Sunday league player by some he made zero impact in London and has been loaned back to an Italian club in Juve. He may well keep a lot of his good attributes but again expect those hidden stats to take a hammering. Adaptability for certain which will make him a hindrance at a new club. I predict a player who will be constantly homesick and requesting to leave your club. That will stop him reaching the potential his attributes suggest he could. From FMH15 top 5 wingers to an average Joe in the space of 1 season

Avoid rating 7/10



Now for a little controversy. 



Raheem could easily make your list of players you can't wait to use. I'm not saying you are wrong but I will point out the reasons for making my list of players to avoid. First the elephant in the room, his price. He is young and English and the money it will take to prize him away from Man City will be out of this world. If you can scrape together the budget for him then good luck in affording his wages. Raheem is without doubt a budget buster and buying him may make you sacrifice the quality of players you have in other positions. Money aside there is another more important reason to avoid this young starlet. Anyone who has managed in England during FMH15 would have seen Raheem constantly asking for better contracts which got tirering if you were managing Liverpool. Add in the the way Sterling forced a move away from Liverpool and I worry how SI are going to reflect this in game.



Here we can see he has a hardworking personality. I would like that to change to 'ambitious' my fear though is it will actually change to 'Selfish' or 'Greedy'. This will have an impact on his off the field behaviour but will cost you during games. A selfish or greedy player will be less inclined to supply his teammate's and given his poor finishing skills, where does that leave an attacking player?

Avoid rating 8/10



Who are you going to avoid like the plague in FMH16?

Edited by billy2shots
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Raheem Sterling is already overrated in IRL and in FMH as well which particularly bums me out, Juan Cuadrado well you gotta feel bad for the lad I mean I didn't thought he would end up in that condition in Stamford Bridge. Nice write up Billy :)

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Fantastic read Billy, really fun and unique! I have to agree on all the players mentioned and I think I'll stay away from them all! Balo as ever will be an interesting one though, it all depends how the game views him but after such a high profile failing I can see him being destroyed. 

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If Mario doesnt produce in the next few months then cant see how he can avoid getting hit even harder with his hidden attributes. Shame as he has always done well for me in game and I think he was a lot better than given credit for at Liverpool. He had a valid point when he said he wasnt played to his strengths by Rodgers (doesnt mean Rodgers was wrong but more that they were an ill fated marriage)

But yes will be avoiding the others for sure.

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