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FMM 2016 - Coaches, What can we expect?


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What can we expect from Coaches?

Firstly I'll say this should be a decent additional feature for FMM, Previously known as FMH. We've asked alot for this kind of feature including backroom staff and this will be a good start.

My hope is they stop here with it we don't need to be hiring physios and scouts etc… Coaches is fine though


This is where it will be make or break for me to be honest, will each club have its own coaches at the club already and how many would you be allowed, because if its only one then its pretty pointless in my opinion as it wont be any different than it is now really so it must have an option to have 3-4 coaches per club.

That would mean there would have to be another database worth of Coaches on the game which will surely slow this game down a tad with new menus and new personel which, I'm talking for us all here, could have been a new league easily if I'm honest.


How much will these Coaches cost for budgets will it be a case of the club sacrificing players to have better coaches or will the budget be seperate completely meaning say each club depending on rep would have a certain amount to play with.


Will the Club Facilities finally make a difference when it comes to hiring a new coach as surely a Coach would want to work at the best facilities around.


Positions are a MASSIVE part of a Management game/simulator so surely the Coaches will have specific positions to train like having a Goalkeeper Coach, Attacking Coach, Defensively Coach, Fitness Coach. If it is infact just general Coaches then it wont be nearly as immersive enough for sure, and be rendered pointless in my opinion.

How Other Games Have Dealt With Coaches

LMA Manager used to have Coaches involvef but these were fake ones had varying levels of quality and had a basic overall rating and thats all you could go by, This was a poor system that just wasted time really and something we do not want anywhere near FMH, AHEM FMM.


I'd love this feature to be what I imagine but i cant see this happening really and I'm hope I'm wrong but unless this is a fairly detailed feature that contains a shed load of Coaches and real coaches at that, and not a fake list of coaches that have different skill levels then it will be an incredibly poor decision to have it in.


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Great points UK! 

Coaches have to have a reason and an impact but my issues come with what that is. Coaches improves players and the team so let's for example compare it IT. With IT everyone and their mum uses Dec's creation as it brings the best out of the players, so with coaches you'll need the best to be the best, anything under the top CA will hinder your team. Now with players for example you can find gems and take risks but doing so on a coach will hinder your entire team or section of the team for the period you have him, which will mean everyone will gravitate to the best. 

As you've said UK the game needs a working database of coaches, if not it's pointless. I can see trying to poach someone or attempting to tempt an unemployed manager to be your coach as rather fun tbh, it would expand on the transfer window which I'd love. However the natural progression of football will see retired players being available as coaches which is where I worry we could get into regen issues, with again certain ones being over powered. The idea of keeping an old player around is fantastic though, however I'd expect more. 

The coach you bring in must be able to develope by himself and I want to have to fight to keep them. I want the coach to become his own man and in some cases to move into management, it would be fun to see a coach you've taught enter the management game! Could he make it alone and become a rival or would he come crawling back? To me that's the key, the coach should learn from your play style then after time attempt to go it alone in your image and not as an average joe. 

The thrill of a coaches transfer market is really intriguing! How will you buy them? Or would it be you can only get free agents? If you can buy them where does the fee come from? When a player announces his retirement will we have options like "stay and be a coach," or towards the end of a career could you hire them as a coach and player? Could you groom players into managers early on? 

See I'm getting carried away but that's what the system could be and it could be epic, however I see almost everything I just said as pipe dreams. 

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@Dec posted this in the other FMM16 thread - reposting for accesibility:

Marc Vaughan has provided better clarification on Coaches.

Part of the description isn't particularly clear...

Part of the coaching system is that coaches have various badges which indicate their ability and they have a style of coaching which indicates their potential effect on a team:

The coaching styles available are:

General - All around coach, effective in developing all players but not specialised
Defensive - Defensive coach, effective in developing defensive players and also helping slightly with defensive organisation
Attacking - Effective in developing attacking players and also helping slightly with defensive movement
Motivational - Good at keeping players spirits up and encouraging them when times are hard, they can also sometimes improve the character of players (ie. make players less lazy or more professional).
Goalkeeping - Effective at developing keepers
Youth - Effective at developing young players
Fitness - Effective at improving players fitness and other physical attributes

Thus what it means by 'management styles' is that this allows a manager to effectively decide on the style of team he wants to develop - you could go for the Chelsea approach and buy in experienced players and not worry so much about youth coaching, you could be Arsenal and concentrate on attacking flair at the cost perhaps of your younger defensive players not improving as much as they might otherwise etc.

PS - You as a manager can also be a coach if you so desire, this is an unlockable which is available after you've unlocked a number of other achievements in the game.

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Still a lot of uncertainty around coaches, but there's some potential here. 

Hoping for the following: 

  • Gold/silver/bronze levels are good, provided they have set CA/PAs (so there's no super OP coach everyone uses)
  • IT remains and coaches simply represent additional training on top of a player's base stats. Basically the same training as FMH15 but the coaches could influence the way your players play rather than affect the stats of the players themselves. Almost like a tactical effect (although from the sounds of it coaches replace IT in some respects)
  • Only 1 or 2 coaches at a time. This avoids similarity with IT and would give your team a more 'unique' feel with its own identity (much like what Marc Vaughan is referring to in the quote above)
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Very interesting indeed so it seems it is fairly in depth then which is very good tbh 

It will mean a more personal game as it'll be your choice what happens to certain players

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Nice write up, I think from what has been released you should be pretty happy with it which is interesting. I know it isn't my first choice of a feature, but then it could make IT pointless and training more useful which would be great. I don't believe their should be one training to fit all and this goes with the style of the club and hopefully you cannot hire one coach for every type but maybe just a few. It should help with philosophy which is great and makes the game more personal.

Edited by Dec
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I don't think SI will add much real coachs in database. I guess in FMM2016, training system will be more less like fmc. You can selecte player to be trained for position and roles and dedicated attribute.

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If the coaches or staff you have to pay money from your budget they should add in pre season tournamentso to increase your budget also to help you create tactics and also to help your team settle

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