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FMM 2016 Potential Wonderkids


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What's up guys Jeffrey here and today FMM 2016 was released, I thought why not review the season of 15 and the football season 14-15 in general, and I've found some really good looking players, who's set to be a wonderkid in FMM 2016, let's look at some of them now :) 3 players will be listed each update, be sure to recommend players!

Nabil Fekir

The French Striker had a great season for Lyon at the ST/CAM spot, pairing up with the man himself Lacazette, he bagged 13 goals and 9 assist for himself and gained a name for himself. I see him to be a potential striking wonderkid.

Eder Alvarez Balanta

To keep faith in one is hard, but it looks like SI have kept the faith in Balanta throughout the years, and Balanta is set for another year with the wonderkid, as he didn't play badly, and I can see his wonderkid status being kept easily.

Adama Traore

The Spanish Winger didn't get used much last year, but he is definitely going to be this year, he's young and rapid, and although not having the greatest of seasons, he will certainly remain the wonderkid status and with his transfer to Aston Villa, usage of him will be 100%.

Thanks boys, see ya next time :)

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Nice work, some images to break up the text would be good though, looking forward to more! 

Btw 2016 wasn't released today it was announced, I'd suggest changing that to avoid confusion :) 

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