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Just now, Nucleus said:

Reload 😛

Theres a guy by one of the stables that tells you which moon is going to be that night. It was a case of sleep till morning, ask him about the moon, if it’s blood moon great, if not, sleep till morning and repeat. 

I can't remember what method I used, I just remember my cousin telling me he reloaded it lol. A few those shrines were clever but a damn pain lol

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2 hours ago, Nucleus said:

It was the motion control ones that pissed me off. Nearly smashed my controller because of them a few times 😅

They were annoying, that early one with the ball maze 😠

They get really bloody clever though, I remember one where you had to build an electrical circuit and I cba to jump through the games hoops to move blocks of whatever so I threw spare swords down and they worked, it was so cool! 

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On 08/03/2019 at 16:28, Ashez said:


What a daft sale on 2018! Should be dirt cheap so people try it and then hopefully get 2019 or 20. Wtf is paying £15 now for 2018? Especially with 2019 being £20? SI are jokers. 

I might have bit on 2018 for £5 as a taster but when they treat fans like this, especially considering the mess of FMM atm they can do one.

There are 100s of Indies I'd rather support than these clowns. 

Just seen it's on sale on steam for under £15

This Switch tax is an absolute joke. 


2018 on sale is more expensive on Switch than 2019 on sale on PC!

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28 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Is that SI’s fault or Nintendo’s? Every major title seems to be pricey on the switch 😕

Price is up to the developers iirc from a developer interview. 

Some titles will be more expensive, if physical it's typically because the carts cost more than discs and the eshop has to match retail to keep shops happy and stocking the games. Digitally only though is just plan shady 😛

Switch Tax - http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/09/feature_exploring_the_switch_tax_and_why_nintendo_was_right_to_use_game_cards

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Check out @NintendoUK’s Tweet:

The demo comes with a 7 day internet pass so you can play even if you've used it or don't pay for the online

Edited by Ashez

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23 minutes ago, Rob said:

Never played Splatoon. Have you guys played it much?

I had the first and I enjoyed the single player campaign but my internet and interest failed to see me stick with the online which is it's main point. 

I think I played a little of the previous Splatoon 2 demo but I'm not sure tbh, it's worth checking out either way

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