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Players that could make good Coaches on FMM2016


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Hey guys! 

Here I have made a little list of players on FMH2015 that I feel will make good Coaches on the FMM2016!

Firstly I'll show you how I searched for these players, I started an unemployed save and did a player search with the following parameters:

Age: 30+

Communication: 15+

Leadership: 15+

Teamwork: 15+


Thats all that I wanted to go down to. I then sorted that search by age and started checking for future Coaches!

 1. Anatoliy Tymoschuk



This legend is a great servant for Ukrainian International Football with his 132 Caps equaling to bags of experience at all levels of the game, including multiple Euro Champ and World Cup Appearances.

His personality shines through as a 'Model Professional which will show off onto your players while hes in and around your club. This makes him a fantastic choice for a Coach.




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2. Frank Lampard



The Englishman will surely be a top notch Coach for any BPL team, mainly due to the fact hes English himself but also due to his HUGE amount of experience at, like Tymoschuk, all levels of top end football. 

A different personality to Antoliy though as hes a 'Strict Professional' this will ensure that no players will be let off the hook during training. 

His very high Leadership stat, 19, will be a massive help to any new manager in the dressing room to get any point across that can make the difference in a title race or a relagation fight! 


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3. Kelvin DavisScreenshot_2015-09-18-21-05-42.thumb.png


As far as the Coaches on FMM2016 goes we don't know for sure if we can have specific position Coaches but if we can then the former BPL Goalkeeper Kelvin Davis will be a decent shout for a very probable second season former player coach!

With that Hardworking personality you'll know for sure he will be always pushing the Goalkeepers to perfection and will most likely be a cheaper option than most of the available bigger names around.

4. Kevin Nolan


This current free agent will be another who will most likely retire early or tempt into becoming a coach at your club. 

The aggression stat stands out to me as it shows his passion for the game. He was a player who always had shown he has a great footballing brain and that would be a vital weapon for a coach, knowledge of the game.

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5. Daniele Conti



Although he is 35 years of age he still has great stats for his position. This would surely translate into decent stats for a Coach with his incredible mental stats especially.

The fact he has stayed at Siena for the majority of his career and not gone elsewhere shows his loyalty and you should be able to trust him not to move on when bigger clubs come knocking for a new coach

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Conti has some pretty good stats for a 35yo :O

although he doesn't have the pace he has crazy positioning and tackling! So for a DM he'd be a perfect signing to then make a coach

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