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A preview of Luis Suarez on FMM2016


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Name: Luis Suarez

Age: 28 years old

Position: AM/F RLC

Nation: Uruguay

Club: F.C. Barcelona


Predicted Attributes for FMM2016



Why he deserves these Attributes

Winning the treble last season with the League, Champions League and Cup victories at Barcelona has meant that for the first time in his career Suarez has won big silverware. Heading the deadly trio which includes one of the World's best in Lionel Messi, he has proved he can not only cope with playing at a top club but he can thrive with the big names and pressure. Averaging more than a goal per game (43 in 34 appearances) he was fluid up front and the trio were amazing to watch. With all of this in mind Suarez while having 20 shooting lacked the other attributes to perform such a technical role that he wasn't used to in Liverpool.  It should also be noted that he avoided controversy throughout the season with no biting or foul play and this should aid in his attribute growth. With his best season ever and now settled into a new club there should be no downgrades as such there are fewer question marks on Luis Suarez than there was last year and the researcher will feel more confident to make him one of the best in the World.

With all this in mind he should have the upgrades all over the board on his technical and mental abilities such as with his teamwork and movement. It is only fair to cap off a great season for the Uruguayan striker with an upgrade in FMM2016.


What will this mean in FMM2016?

A boost in his non-striking attributes and in particular his mental attributes will mean that he is a more desirable player and will merit his high price. However it will also mean that he will be a key player to Barcelona and it will take a lot of money to get them to part with him. When facing Suarez he will be more deadly than ever and you will have to be very wary to contain him. When doing so it will mean the rest of the team can have more space, making Barcelona's front 3 very deadly indeed and they shouldn't be taken lightly. The upgrade to Suarez perhaps means that "MSN" as they are dubbed will be the deadliest trio in the game and make Barcelona dominate World Football for a good 4 years.

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Omg. That's uh..  Bad news for us Madrid lads..  He's been phenomenal tho. 

Where did you get this? This is official or accurately predicted? 

Nice work. :) 

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Nice work, that front three is unreal in game as it is never mind any of them being improved! In any other period Suarez would hands down be the best player in the world, damn now you've depressed me! 

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