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potential upgrades in the eredivisie


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Hey guys,

The eredivisie is my favorite competition to play in as they have a lot of great talent and some great players.

Here are some players i think should get a upgrade.


Luuk de Jong.

After a few dissapointing year in Germany and England he came back to holland to help PSV to a eredivisie titel.

Luuk played 32 games last season and scored 20 goals becoming second in the topscorers list.

So he had a succesfull year and after a decent start this year scoring 6 in 6 i think he should get a upgrade in fmm 16.


Jaïro Riedewald.

Jaïro Riedewald is one of the most exciting players for the futher in holland as he is only 19 years old.

He played 19 games for Ajax last season and he has now already the most completed passes.

He also made his debut for holland against turkey where he played pretty good and he is only 19.

Right now he is a starter at Ajax and one of the most consistent players in the eredivisie.


Riechedly Bazoer.

Riechedly was one of the best players at Ajax after a dissepointing team preformance.

After not breaking true at PSV he went to Ajax where he is a starter.

The 18 year old played 17 games last season and being a big part in the team.



So this were the first 3 players if you have any tips please say, its only my first topic.

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Hi, this isn't a bad effort at all for your first topic. I would say instead of doing bullet points I would do paragraphs and try and add a bit of colour and mention current FMH attributes, maybe say which should be improved.


I have also moved this to the FMM section, it is really good for a first effort though. I think you have a nice plan, just needs to be more "article wise. You should also capitalise the letters on the title and maybe include more than 3. 10 is a good number I find.

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