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Analysing 2 major features that could be in Fmm 16


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Hey there since Fmm 16 is on its way I thought I would discuss 2 major features that couple included by SI in their upcoming installment FMM 16.These 2 features are

  • Larger database - The database in fmh has been the same in the last 2 installments and it is nowhere near as large as the pc database due to smartphone limitations in the current market.Despite enabling large database the number of players in the current database pales in comparison to the Fm touch and the pc database.While SI could increase the database size they have to find the right balance between a too large database and the current primitive one, as too large a database will cause much larger loading times defeating the current pick and play aspect of the game. While adding a larger database also needs to be commercially viable for si , the current generation of smartphones also need to able the new database. The possibility of a larger database is low as no announcements have been made by si but it would be a very nice addition to the game.
  • More customisation in the League loading system - Currently the game allows players to load 4 countries  at max. when starting a  save and one country is the primary one while others only load their top league. While the system allows us to more than one country which was not possible 2 years ago, the system still need to be more customizable like the occasion version and I am sure devices in the current generation could load more countries if players to eliminate lower leagues like the conference and more leagues like the top tier of other countries could be loaded. While the current system works well for most  low end devices as they ccould load one or two countries , the power of high end devices lies unused and is wasted, so if si allows more league loading customisation , the is move will surely go well down with the gamers and only help football manager mobile establish itself as a major franchise in the football manager chainThis feature will increase loading time though but if game allows us to eliminate lower leagues of countries , this should balance the leagues out and the game should run as usual. But again no announcements have been made by SI regarding this feature and it's still doubtful whether it will be featured in Fmm 16.

So thanks for reading , please comment if I missed anything and I hope you liked it.Also Lookout for a weekly Fmm series created by me and halamadrid coming soon called Fmm weekly.

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Good write up. Although I think the core issue with larger databases and countries relates to the intended users of FMM. 

SI could easily implement those features but they may rather spend that time elsewhere since FMM is targeted at mobiles rather than high end tablets like FMT. So they might not see a need to implement since they could be of the opinion that FMM shouldnt have too many features reminiscent of FM given its only supposed to be a 'mobile' game. 

Personally I hope not but it could be one of their views. 

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I'd like to be able to do more loading options, the amount of times I wanted a certain player at a certain club yet they weren't  compatible league wise was a joke lol. Being able to load two lower divisions would be brilliant, I'd happily be restricted to only loading two nations if it meant I could load the entirety of both.  

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Addition of UEFA coefficients, IMHO, is another important addition that can be easily implemented.

Currently, there is League Standards, but it doesn't change the number of teams participating in European competitions...

I found it very annoying when I played Welsh club (Carmarthen) and despite winning Champions League, I still had to start from first qualifying round two seasons later... And I lost at second qualifying round (bad GK + amazing opposition GK in both matches), shit happens, I know, but IRL I could start from 3rd round if the coefficients were present in the game (or even straight at group stage)...

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