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10 Premier League Players to Upgrade in FMM16


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Aaron Cresswell - West Ham United

On the fringes of the Premier League team of the season last year and with a solid start to the new season, Aaron Cresswell is really pushing for an upgrade in FMM16. His attributes are disappointing to say the least and make him a prime candidate to upgrade in West Ham's first team though in reality he is one of the strongest players in the squad. Good in attack and defence the Englishman has been a brilliant player for the Hammers and looks to show no signs of slowing down and therefore warrants attributes that reflect this in the game.


Callum Wilson - AFC Bournemouth

Callum Wilson had a great Championship campaign which he scored 20 goals in 45 games. He has followed this up with a smashing start to the Premier League with 5 goals in 6 games. With just 15 shooting and 15 movement these do not represent a striker with so many goals in two competitive leagues. Given that rivals in the Championship have similar attributes but haven't possessed the results Wilson has, then he will get an update to reflect this.


Chris Smalling - Manchester United

Everyone was saying Chris Smalling was Manchester United's weak link last season but he proved the doubters wrong with some decent performances for the Manchester club. Probably one of the first names on the team sheet, Smalling doesn't have bad attributes at all, however his current ability doesn't reflect his stature at the club being only classed as "back up" at the start of the game. I imagine his profile will be raised a fair bit thanks to his regular starts over the past year.


Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur

Originally on loan at MK Dons in the game Dele Alli has started to now step up from League 1 to the Premier League. Initially he is a good youngster for the future but with game time under his belt in England's top division this should see him gain attributes all over the board. Tottenham are rating him very highly and are allowing him to show his worth, he is living up to this pressure well. This bodes well for a great upgrade for the young midfielder.


Hector Bellerin - Arsenal

An impressive emergence into the first team has seen Hector Bellerin become a consistent performer for Arsenal. Replacing Debuchy after his transfer then injury Bellerin proved his quality over the French wing back and with only dribbling and pace over 18 and a measly 10 for tackling he is sure to fire up with his new found fame in a Champions League side.


Jack Grealish - Aston Villa

The young Irishman managed to break his way into the Aston Villa squad last season and in doing so started to earn plaudits for his dribbling ability. At the start of the 2015/16 season Jack Grealish has featured in more games than it was originally thought he would and he played the full 90 minutes of the FA Cup Final. The underwhelming ability he possesses in FMH2015 will mean that the now 19 year old is in line for better attributes.


Jamie Vardy - Leicester City

Jamie Vardy made a bright start to the season after finishing with a flourish last season. His goals single handedly kept Leicester City in the Premier League and he is really starting to enjoy playing in the Premier League. For a player who has already scored 4 goals this season in 6 games 16 shooting is very low, and with only 11 for passing and 13 for dribbling it wouldn't be a surprise if all three of these go up a couple or more.


Joe Gomez - Liverpool

A big move from Charlton to Liverpool was bound to get him better attributes on FMM16. However with consistent and impressive performances under Brendan Rodgers; in which no one expected, the new signing will be a regular for most Premier League teams once the SI researchers give him his deserved attributes, and you better believe they won't hold back when upgrading him after the start he has had to the season.


John Stones - Everton

Chelsea don't go in with four offers for a player if he isn't worth chasing and John Stones has proved just this. Comfortable on and off the ball he is a clever young defender with plenty of ability already despite being just 21 years old. It will be shocking to hear though that the Everton player only has 15 in tackling and passing as well as a measly 14 in positioning. Given the high offers Chelsea put in for him and how well he is doing with Jagielka in the heart of Everton's defence then a 17/18 in tackling is merited.


Russell Martin - Norwich City

For a defender Martin has soared out of the blocks for Norwich City with 3 huge goals in their return to the Premier League. Add into that his good work defensively against vastly better players and the fact he has NO green attributes at the start of the game it makes for a player who is very worthy of having his attributes bumped up and extremely likely that it will happen. He has adjusted to life in the Premier League well and in FMM16 should be able to do the same as in FMH2015 he wouldn't be able to.

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Great list and I agree with them all, personally Gomez has me rather excited, I just hope he hasn't performed too late to get a nice boost. 

@FastFurious I've used Alli loads this year, while he's average at best in a top league he can be a real beast in the smaller leagues like Scotland and Portugal. 

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Excellent work.

Nicely chosen and yeah. I'm actually hyped about this  Joe Gomez.

I bought him this year tho he isn't that great in fmh.  Lets hope fmm has some decent wonder kids especially after big clubs have snapped up some



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On 24 September 2015 at 20:28, Ashez said:

Great list and I agree with them all, personally Gomez has me rather excited, I just hope he hasn't performed too late to get a nice boost. 

@FastFurious I've used Alli loads this year, while he's average at best in a top league he can be a real beast in the smaller leagues like Scotland and Portugal. 

Gomez is one of the best defenders period... no boost needed:

image.jpegTop defender can play the whole backline.

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On 24 September 2015 at 19:27, FastFurious said:

Awesome work! Really hoping Dele Alli gets a PA boost. I've used him a few times now but he's never become a great player.

@Ashez @FastFurious @Dec

Dele Alli also doesn't need a boost he's a top quality midfielder:

image.jpegWhat more? OK creativity could be a bit higher but hes BEAST!

On a side-note Ward-Prowse... class.

image.pngAs you can see TOP... and he could have been better. I left him at a club I was managing where he did not play when I left, got sold where he played a bit more but still got a bit stiffled in my opinion and I went on involving myself in 2 other clubs. Then I got to this club and snapped him up. Still worldclass after being stiffled... shooting could go slightly up strength too, otherwise top of the top.

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