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FMM2016 Management Styles


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FMM2016 Management Style

Hey guys I want to go over what I think and speculate about what the new Management Styles feature could mean for the FMM/FMH series.


Above you'll see how its implemented on FM15 on PC. It works by you selecting a type of Coaching Badge and from that selection you can edit your own stats and decide where you are best Coaching, The same goes for your Past Playing Experience and again whatever you choose leaves you more leaway on your stats.

I dont think you'll be able to select your exact stats but hopefully this will at least give you an opportunity to make your save personal to yourself. How much this will change a save will depend on how much this will change the game and what else it brings.

That should mean you will be a 'Coach' along with the other coaches at your club just like FM15 again. I can definitely see alot of similarities with the PC version and its implemented very well on there and isnt overly time consuming either with is massive for this game really. 


Above is a screenshot of the training page from FM15 and as you can see you as the manager are included along with all the other staff so I think you as the manager will be included on FMM aswell hopefully alongside 3-4 other Coaches. Each Coach can be set to work on seperate areas which help contribute to a better star rating or if they arent great in that area, ie a Goalkeeping Coach wont be good at Attack Coaching, they will make that section worse so they all have to have a balance in that sense.

At the moment we dont have a selection for what past experience we have but I certainly hope we do on FMM as this will serve as a kind of difficulty setting which will be good for the series and again make each save more personal which I for one love. 

Cheers guys hope this helped explain what I think the new Manager Styles will look and feel like.



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Past experience would be so good as a tweak for game difficulty. Even more so when you are a journeyman, it would help with getting jobs when your nation isn't as reputable either. However for me I believe it will be the coach list and a rank in which would work the same as coaches. Bronze, Silver and Gold is mentioned so maybe this will tweak difficulty but it mentions how your style is, which makes me feel it will be training only.

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Nice work, certainly interesting. 

Out of the two new coaching style additions to FMM this is the one I'm less interested in as it seems pointless. I know nothing about FM apart from what's been said here and I'd be lying if I said it's sold me on the idea. 

The coach points looks like a forced attempt at adding RPG like elements and while I like the idea in theory it just doesn't excite me. All of these additions sound similar to RPGs tbh, think about it. In this direction you'll have a management team or "party" with stats you can control to edit your squad. The problem with this route is there is always one direction that is easier/better than the others and when it comes down to us as the manager and how it effects results only the best option is viable.

look at the Pokemon meta game for example, the Pokemon are the players where you can use what you want but there is a tier list, yet its the breeding and EV training that makes the Pokemon worthwhile and unique but again there is always one option that is better than the rest. In FMM terms the coaches will be the EV training/breeding, the players will only be worthwhile if we do things correctly and once that method is discovered why would you try anything else? It sounds like something else that will be used the same way as IT. 

While the game can be easy being able to set that due to past experiences just won't work. It'll result in another community divide which isn't good for the series. If you're doing a 1kc or something do you "set the game to easy?" How can the game be more difficult without feeling cheap? I can think of very few examples of when I found the core game challenge, most times if it feels difficult it also feels cheap. 

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I'd have been much happier with a broken down and more in depth version of IT than this stuff. I've never hated IT but I've never liked it either tbh as I've always found it frustrating and somewhat wasteful, obviously my favourite example is heading being a defensive only stat. 

I'll just wait for FMM 2017's massive new feature....."The Personal Trainer."

I'm only vaguely interested in the coaches as it could be a massive deal but I have doubts of how it will be implemented. 

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