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User interface in FMM

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Hello, I assume like me most people on this site are eagerly waiting for FMM 16, the re branded version of the Sports Interactive's mobile  franchise FMH .With the host of new features announced, there is definitely going to be a new user interface or some sort of update on the one present in FMH 15.So let's discuss the user interface in FMH 15 first .

User interface in FMH 15

So the user interface in FMH 15 was not vastly different from its predecessor and it didn't try to be, but the menu screen had a new tweak and was changed to keep things fresh in the other wise repetitive and irritating experience that was FMH 15. The whole game was a disappointment  and the user interface did not do much to help. The new menu system was very good imo , it was certainly  better than  the  one  in  FMH 15 and helped access  the entire  menu from anywhere on the game,  but the touch issue was still there and the menus were one too many. 

Current pros and cons of the user interface 


  • Easy navigational menu system  
  • Enhanced menu system

That is pretty  much  it,  not much else to cheer  about in the current . 

Cons - 

  • Too many menus
  • Still can't go to players info screen directly without opening another menu
  • Overswiping issues when changing menus
  • Drag & Drop issues in the team selection screen
  • Very unpolished and ugly looking interface
  • No one search bar to search all players , managers , etc like the pc version.


Ok so let's discuss the cons , of which there are many , firstly the interface and menus are very ugly and do not look attractive at all. The game also lacks the search bar present in its place counterpart from which you can search all teams , all players , etc . There is no manager search option in the game at all. The drag and drop element of the team selection screen is very irritating , sometimes you can try to select the player and the game wouldn't register it or the game registers it as a swipe and the menu changes. The game still doesn't allow us to open the player information screen directly by tapping the player's name from the news screen instead you have to open another menu , menus which the game has too many .

So we can just hope that si make a host of ui improvements to boost the potential of the FMM franchise.Thanks for reading anyways and comment below if I missed something and express your opinions.Thanks again for reading.


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Good topic choice mate but I feel what you've put is just stating the obvious really how would you likw it on FMM2016 instead of just stating what was bad about the fmh2015 interface share how you think they should do it on FMM

But it still gets a like from me

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Good topic choice mate but I feel what you've put is just stating the obvious really how would you likw it on FMM2016 instead of just stating what was bad about the fmh2015 interface share how you think they should do it on FMM

But it still gets a like from me

Thanks but this post was more about covering how the ui is now rather than how it should be in the future. Still thanks a lot.

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It's not the interface design that bothers me, though I think hardikchawla has identified a lot of problems very well - it's what happens within them. The email, for example, is clogged with unnecessary information. Once you've taken a lower league side to the Championship or the Premiership, you don't want to wade through lots of email about the Vanarama conference. Likewise internationals. Do we really need ten emails about who has qualified for a tournament when it has little bearing on the game? And why, btw, if a GK has kept a clean sheet in an international does he have a low rating and a diminished morale?

Why is the player ratings screen so laughably unbalanced and inconsistent? Are we not supposed to take it seriously when we look at how our team's doing, and picking the side?

The competitions pane on the home page is unnecessary. Better to be able to see group placings in European competitions after the group stage.

If a player's tactical role means anything, make the option to call it up in the international team work. If you have a player who is getting poor ratings in your games and he always manages an 8 or a 9 in the same position for his country, what are they playing him as? This is especially true of the DM position.

The scouting agency is a great idea but the player rankings is useless. I don't need to know that Sergio Aguero is a very good forward thanks - better too expand the form hot and cold lists to tell us more. And update the rumours more frequently. Maybe not just make every scout report generate a rumour - make it something you can use in the game. Otherwise there's no point to it.

We should have a save email option. The scout report never includes whether a player is going to have work permit probe, and if you want to refer back to the email referring to that report after more than a couple of weeks, it's usually gone.

I know this all refers to 15, but I can't see them putting these things right in 16. Or will they, eh? There's not a lot of point in changing the interface, when the one they have has so much which is cosmetic and doesn't actually impact on the game.

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If you take the match and tactic engine out the game you're left with a power point presentation. 

I'm still not used to 2015's UI and 2016 will be here in around 4-8 weeks (hopefully). I don't like the formation screen compared to 2013, dragging subs is a pain aswell. 

Many important features are hidden behind menus yet the news is a mess and could do with them. Why not have an openable menu for ITN info? If you care who played etc you can look, if you don't you could skip one screen compared to loads. 

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One more thing that I will like to cover is why do we have to open another menu to see the player's preferred role , why can't we just see it at the team selection screen without having to open the player's tactical role screen ? We can still select player roles from the team selection screen but for seeing which roles they prefer we have to open another screen.

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I know what you're saying, as far as team selection goes, but I'd argue that the information you need in the player profile is all i the front page anyway -so an extra screen for preferred position seems a bit of a waste t me. I'd rather the history page expanded to include passing accuracy, tackling, etc.

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