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How To Improve Marking Options In FMM 2016


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How To Improve Marking Options

Hi,it's Halamadrid here and today I'll be giving you an in-depth presentation to how the marking options can be implemented in next year's game.Former players of the PSP version(like me) will surely remember the days when you can actually do what your scout advised you to do,instead of scratching your head confusingly whenever a scout report indicates you to man-mark a potential threat on the Android/iOS versions.So without further ado,let's check out the areas of this option which hopefully SI can make better.


Zonal Marking

Zonal marking is a more commonly used strategy to mark opposition attackers by many teams(an example:15 of the 16 teams competing in Euro 2012 utilise zonal marking except for Greece).One thing SI must do is to at least add the option to use Zonal Marking,so that players can employ their defenders to mark whoever is in the area,thus meaning they won't get pulled out of position early and at the same time they can roam with more freedom inside the box and join the attack during setpieces.

On the flip side though,once the box is overloaded with opposition players,defenders will leave gaps for attackers to sneak in because marking by zones is very stiff and not flexible enough to withstand quick attacks.

In FMM terms,the option 'Zonal Marking'is a must,while it should be accompanied by choices of 'on'&'off',once it is turned on,players should be able to choose from how large their marking areas be.Of course,zonal marking is best suitable when facing easier opposition as your team would intend to attack more 



This is one of the options many Vibers had asked to be included next year as there were issues occuring when your scout tells you to man-mark someone but apparently there isn't an option to do that.If SI can't even grant this simple request from fans,then it is really hard for this game to move on.

What this basically does is to let one(or more)of your defenders to stick to a more dangerous opposition player to close him down and constantly harrass him on and off the ball.This can prove very benefitical if you have a pacy and strong defender as he can get behind the player more quicker and neutralise the threat caused by that player.

However,defending man-on-man can cause a defender to get pulled out of position by the man he's marking and thus allowing a player in the middle space to execute a shot on goal.This way of playing doesn't allow many mistakes which means the players will have no room to play with freedom and will pass to the player nearest to him,which in process means they have very few chances to attack.This style of marking is best utilised if you are defending a lead against strong opponents or if you are just playing for a draw.

It is quite simple for it to be added to FMM,you can choose which players your defender will be marking and voila!You won't need to worry about either Messi or Ronaldo roaming freely in your box.


Halamadrid ®

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