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New features vs new leagues

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Hey there, let's talk about the upcoming FMM 16 right now, something I would like to discuss today is the decision by sports interactive to not add any leagues but did they make it up in the features  ? Let's discuss -

New leagues 

New leagues would have been a fine addition to the FMM series and leagues like the TURKISH SUPER LEAGUE and the RUSSIAN LEAGUE are attracting stars like Hulk and Van persie along with several others with which the TURKISH league have exploded with. So playing with at least one new league would have been great and would definitely be better than playing without new leagues but leagues like the MLS who people to crave on the go will have to wait at least another year to play it . However the MLS might have been not added due to its format including the draft and a complete different structure than any European league. 

New Features

Okays so this is a default for any game with an yearly release like FMM. Every year new features have to be added and they make or break any game and FMM 16 will have major additions to the game like  ENHANCED TACTICS , COACHES and others but the greatest feature I would like is no bugs , FMH 15 was a bug filled mess , the bugs ranged from stamina bug to match engine issues . There were more bugs than new features in FMH 15 !!!! Okay now let's not get carried away here , let's assume that FMM 16 has no major bugs , and SI get it absolutely right , still are the new features attractive enough to over come the absence of new leagues ?

In my opinion yes they are , the new features like enhanced tactics and coaches along with match engine fixes and a bug free game would almost definitely be a major breakthrough to bigger things for SI and FMM 16. So yes everyone will have an opinion but I certainly would take new features over new leagues any day. New features make the game play feel refined whether they range from UI enhancement to a new match engine , they are certainly what FMM 16 need instead of new leagues.

Thanks for reading and please comment if you like this.

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See I disagree with this I'd have taken the exact same game but with a new league over the features added tbh 

Whilst the enhanced tactics are great or at least they seem great a month after realise when you've had a play around with the new features and there not a novelty anymore you'd want the new leagues to play with but they just arent there

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New leagues all day long! 

Manage Madrid on 2015, then manage them on 2016. Once the gimmicks of coaches and the engine get old what are you left with? Managing Madrid will also be managing Madrid. Once the excitement of having Raul as a coach has gone you're left with 2015 and little else. 

Whereas if a new country is added to the game you could have 80 odd new teams to play as? While a four tier new league is unlikely even a two tier one would add 40 odd new experiences, now add that for say three new leagues! It doesn't end their though as there are plenty of interesting and fresh leagues out there like the MLS or ISL which would be a totally new experience. Brazil has always stood out compared to the other small leagues because of different and unique it is. 

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How long did people's interest last with the latest bunch of features? 

NME - Tore the community in half yet I expect this to be the only updated engine on 2016.  I'm 99% sure they're going to force our hand this year or next, the OME might be included but I think it's dead to them already, hopefully I'm wrong. 

Myclub - Never took off, was poorly implemented for the first year. 

Scrapbook - An interesting idea yet pointless 

IGE - More trouble than it's worth for various reasons and stupidly expensive targeting weak players IMO. 

Player trading - I'd say this is the last feature to really take off, however it's still bugged to hell.

Will 2016 be bug free? No chance! As revealed recently they're still having issues with unresolved bugs from 2015 and a new game/engine will always create more. 



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New Leagues don't lose interest whereas the new features will simple as that really 

Its a no brainer for me

Even if the Coaches is what we hope it will be then we'll still forget about it after 2-3 months of the game being out

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Features were implemented very poorly in 15 , new engine is better but slower than the original . There will always be bugs but they can always avoid the major ones.

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Features and Leagues go hand in hand. I always start as Chelsea but would love to manage in Argentina and Russia so in my first career then features prevail, after that new leagues are good. There needs to be a balance. With the limited amount currently in the game new leagues that are obvious - MLS, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine etc..., are in my opinion must haves but there needs to be progress elsewhere else managing Liverpool will always be managing Liverpool if no new features are added.

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