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Preview of Robin Van Persie in FMM2016


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Name: Robin Van Persie

Age: 31 years old

Position: SC

Nation: Holland

Club: Fenerbache


Predicted Attributes for FMM2016


Why he deserves these Attributes


For the first time since his injury in 2009 Robin Van Persie ended up with only 10 goals in a season despite playing 29 games. The prolific striker went from being a hero at Old Trafford to a zero as his lack of form gave manager Louis Van Gaal problems up front. This has since led to him being transferred for a minimal fee to Fenebache as they look to reclaim the Turkish Super Lig title with fellow ex-Manchester United player Nani. It was in the end a disappointing year for the striker and with hardly any goals to boot he will be looking at downgrades more than upgrades. In FMH2015 he had 20 shooting so expect a large drop in that respect and at 31, nearly 32 his physical attributes will not be where they used to be. As expected from such a poor season he will have downgrades all around in his technical and physical sets. Being an older player though his mental attributes should mostly stay put.  There is a case for his crossing to go down too, but as he used to be a quality player I don't see him being chopped too much. Though 13 for Aerial and Crossing would also be fair, despite his impressive goal in the World Cup he missed a lot of chances for Manchester United with his head so a larger downgrade of his Aerial would be more realistic, even more so considering Van Persie didn't show off his crossing ability but made a fair bit of link up play while up front for the Red Devils.

What will this mean in FMM2016?

In 2015 he was one of the only players to have 20 shooting, he was also one of Manchester United's top players. Neither of these will be the case any more though he will be one of Fenerbache's best players and could be a good addition to a Europa League squad. The transfer will certainly make him more affordable and his new attributes while are disappointing for fans of the player, will mean he is still a consistent goal scorer if given the chance. Van Persie was the 9th best forward in the game according to his current ability, he may be in the top 50 but I certainly wouldn't put him near the top 20. The massive downgrade of one of the mainstay best strikers could shake up the list of players to sign when a big club and bring forward Jackson Martinez, Gonzalo Higuain and Carlos Bacca as potential strikers to sign.

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He'll become what Wesley Sneijder became when he moved to Turkey. A class player but valued too high by the league due to his name. Due to still having a high buying price I can see him only being used as a coach or regen from here on out. 

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@Dec- What's the difference between FMM and FMT? 

Which one is playable on IPoI nede to play for androids .

Can you rephrase the last part please? It doesn't make much sense.

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