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How FMM Should Handle With Players

How FMM Should Handle With Players

Hi everyone,it's Halamadrid and I'm back with a simplistic approach to an article on how SI's 10th instalment of the ever popular franchise FMH(it's FMM now :'() should reconsider their method of deciding on a player's PA & CA,attributes and hidden stats.


Over the years,FMH has transformed from a pick-up and play game into a very sophisticated simulator of the football management world in real life.From monitoring transfers to analysing your team,every technical area of the game is very detailed yet not too complicated.But,how is the right way to decide on all aspects of a player's performance throughout the year and sum up a perfect rating for a player in the game?There is a good way imo to get this right to enhance FMM user's realistic feel in the game when checking on a player.


SI should take a few things into consideration when determining a player's CA,PA & attributes.First,they should look at the player's performance throughout the season.Let's say,two strikers had the same CA in the previous year,but after a season striker A has 25 goals in 30 games while striker B only got 10 in the same amount of games.Pretty obviously,striker A is deservedly going to get a boost in terms of attributes and CA without casting any doubt.Of course,it's not all doom and gloom for stiker B though,his team might have had a bad season so that must be taken into consideration in which his individual progress is taken a look at.All in all,a player's seasonal performance is a huge factor between sky high green attributes and average blue ones.


When you talk about some player who is very good at a small club and moved to a excellent club,you would often look at him in a different way as of a regular in the team.But there his name was on the scoreboard,appearing thrice to be honest,and earning the fans' standing ovation at the end of the game,and at that instance everyone (playing FMH ofc) nodded in appraisal of the player getting a certain upgrade in next years' game.Most often players who earned a big name move will get upgrades,whether it'll be extra different from the attributes they had before or some small tweak in terms of numbers of green and blues,they still would deserve upgrades at the end of the day.


If a player is injury prone or rarely appearing in the first team squad of their respective clubs,they deserve nothing less than a mere downgrade,unless that certain player appreciates his chances of playing on the pitch and excelling for the team.Think figure,if a player gets sidelined for 12 months and appeared only once for an entire year,you as a manager must think the same thing: He'll have to prove to me that he is worth to play on the field after retiring.Which in process means the player has to work extremely hard to fight for a spot in the team,which usually takes 1 year or so,meaning a downgrade is a must for a game that is released even before the player has start playing.On the other hand,being dropped by the manager frequently would also result in the player getting a downgrade as he lacks gametime.


Players get upgraded when they move to big clubs,but what happens if players move to smaller clubs? Downgrade? No,not quite----- yet.Depending on that player's performances the season before,his attributes would usually stay the same with one change or two and occasionally a small downgrade,although they might get upgraded too their attributes won't improve tremendously as moving to a smaller club means taking a step back.But hey,if they have good abilities they might excel at the club and become a key member or even a legend too! See ya in two years!


Ya,I think some points in this article has been missed out but these are the things that sprung into my mind,so feedback are welcomed.

Till then,sit back and relax,Halamadrid will be back!

*Please don't believe that :P

Halamadrid ®

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Everything you have said is exactly how the FM research team and then the game works and has done since the game's inception. Club reputation does factor into growth but a player doesn't automatically get better by signing for a big club in game and this is how it should be. I shouldn't be able to sign a Lower League player and he immediately can hit it off in the Premier League. The research team does take into moves when deciding abilities though.

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How do you know this isn't how they do it already?

Utterly pointless if they dont already do this to implement it now anyway if I'm honest its fine how it is

A player doesnt get worse just because they moved clubs do they? A player is a player at the end of the day. What would be the point in buying a player that improves your team only to find his stats gone down when he signs 

Well written but pointless

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