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How AI should be implemented in FMM 16

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Hey there , FMM 16 is coming baby ! It's nearly here and today I will discuss how Artificial intelligence in the game should be implemented .

What is Artificial intelligence ?

In video gamesartificial intelligence is used to generate intelligent behaviors primarily innon-player characters (NPCs), often simulating human-like intelligence. The techniques used typically draw upon existing methods from the field of artificial intelligence (AI). However, the term game AI is often used to refer to a broad set of algorithms that also include techniques from control theoryroboticscomputer graphics and computer sciencein general.

For further reading about artificial intelligence in games go here -


Artificial Intelligence in FMM -

Artificial intelligence in FMM comprises of any decesion taken by the computer like sacking of a manager or buying a player by other teams or retirement of other managers. These decisions are taken on basis of random calculations by the game . These decisions are what the game is based upon and they basically run the football world around you. These calculations need to be as realistic as possible to keep the gamers interested in the game as long as possible without losing their authenticity. While the AI of the game has come amazingly far from what it was in the first FMH game and will definitely only get better in the future it is currently facing some major issues that need to addressed .

Current problems with the AI -

The current  decesion making system is currently facing lots of problems with the most often complained about being the randomness feeling in the game which makes the game revolving around luck specially during the matches on the original engine when the AI crosses the limit of screwing up and drives us into a whole new level of frustration with so many bullshit last minute goals by the opposition being one of the most frustrating elements of the original engine. Other problems include  the same repetitive purchases of players again and again in different saves with borja valero to bayern , Chelsea or city and pjanic to real Madrid , Barcelona , etc being deserving of honourable mentions. Their need to be more fresh transfers and not the same again and again with no exceptions. FMH 15 according to SI had better AI decesions but I failed to see the difference in it from FMH 14 . 

What SI should do to improve the AI  -

Sports iinteractive sure are facing criticsm for not introducing any new leagues and with many fans criticising the newly formed FMC/T franchise for android / ios , FMM 16 better run smooth as butter providing the best possible experience to people on both high end and low end devices. Here's what SI should do to improve the AI in the game -

Si should first of all make the decisions taken by the SI feel less random so no more repetitive news screens with the same players demanding new contracts or the same transfers happening over and over again. If their is an original match engine in the game it definitely needs some work with the bullshit goals and match results and all with the opposition scoring with their only shot on goal as our team fails to score from any of their 10 shots and this happens so many times , it really gets on your nerves. Their definitely needs to be improvement on decisions by the AI managers in the game as most managers just trying the same 4-4-1-1 against more advanced formations and most of the time it works which shows us what's basically wrong in the game . Their needs to improvement in the board decisions in the game too , more sackings need to happen when needed , I have seen in one of my saves pep guardiola being the spain manager despite being knocked out of the first round 3 times in a row of the international tournaments.

So that's just my opinion of the AI , comment your views below and thanks for reading.

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The repetitive purchases are annoying, especially if you want to use a player that happens with. I've stopped using players like Garmash and Kono as they always end up in bidding wars which is frustrating, especially if you're a smaller side. 

I don't think it's anything SI can control though, the AI must view those signings as ideal so they sign them, as they would later in the save. 

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I agree with your opinions @hardikchawla6, especially during the times I would see Perisic moving to Atletico and Rooney moving to Man. City(talk about madness :P),these should be fixed to increase the level of attractiveness of the game before the game runs out of interesting elements.The randomness of the AI should imo be looked upon,whilst the results of the game should be based on a manager's tactical utilisation,and not just plain luck(coz if u depend on that it looks almost like the Russian Roulette :laugh:).Other than that,the AI should look promising in next years' game.

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How can they change it though? The AI is designed to buy the players they need, if that player meets the AI requirements they'll go for him. If the AI goes for lesser players the challenge will disappear. 

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How can they change it though? The AI is designed to buy the players they need, if that player meets the AI requirements they'll go for him. If the AI goes for lesser players the challenge will disappear. 

There is literally no consideration of derbies and rivalries in the game , Rooney could freely be sold to city and no one would care , busquets and Rooney are the players that are guaranteed to be unhappy in the game no matter what happens elsewhere.

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